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Thermostatic showers: What are they and how do they work?

If you’re searching for a new shower then there’s plenty of choice for your bathroom, with power showers, electric, rainfall, thermostatic and more available.

An increasingly popular choice in many homes, the thermostatic shower has many core benefits and is subsequently the focus of this blog, which will share some key facts to help you decide if this is the shower for you.

So, if you’re wanting to know what all the fuss is about with thermostatic showers, then read to the end to find out what they can bring to your bathroom, along with some inspiration when it comes to different styles and finishes.

Thermostatic showers like the Eliseo Ricci Noir Curve Plus Thermostatic Rain Shower, offer a consistent water temperature.

What exactly is a thermostatic shower?

Simply put, a thermostatic shower is one which maintains a constant water temperature at all times, mixing hot and cold water via a thermostatic valve (more below on that) to deliver the perfect temperature. As a result, you can enjoy your ideal ambient shower without needing to worry about it running too hot or cold while you wash.

Unlike regular mixer showers, thermostatic showers automatically react to any fluctuations in temperature, correcting these before there’s the chance of scalding or experiencing cold water.

How do thermostatic showers work?

Thermostatic shower valves like the Hudson Reed White Topaz Twin Thermostatic Shower Valve ensure the water temperature remains consistent.

To provide water at a consistent temperature, thermostatic showers rely on three key components, which make up the thermostatic valve – an element, piston and temperature-control feature – all of which can be adjusted as required. The element is very sensitive and reactive to water temperature, increasing or decreasing in size depending on whether this is hot or cold. The piston, meanwhile, maintains a constant temperature by moving across the hot and cold-water entry points in response to this.

The temperature-control feature is then the part that you can see and manually control, allowing you to manipulate the piston to change the mix of hot and cold water and achieve your preferred temperature.

As a result, you can enjoy a consistent temperature in your shower and remove the risk of scalding or the water running too cold, as thermostatic valves will shut down instantly if the cold water fails, for example. This thermal protection provides a safety feature which is particularly ideal if children or elderly people are using the shower, as their skin in particularly sensitive.

What are the advantages of thermostatic showers?

There are various benefits to installing a thermostatic shower, not least the one mentioned above, of consistent water temperature.

The key benefits include:

  • Temperature-control: You don’t need to worry about the water cooling if someone flushes the toilet or turns on a tap elsewhere in the house.
  • Thermal protection: Because thermostatic showers adjust the temperature to maintain constancy, you don’t have to worry about getting scalded or experiencing a freezing-cold shower.
  • Energy-efficient: Thermostatic showers conserve water and save energy by regulating the waterflow, making them more eco-friendly and also reducing energy bills.
  • Easy to operate: With a convenient valve handle, thermostatic showers are very straightforward to use, so you can enjoy your preferred temperature-control and waterflow rate quickly and easily.
  • Contemporary design: Available in a variety of modern and more classic designs and finishes, thermostatic showers will complement a range of bathroom décor styles.

Shop thermostatic showers at Bathshack

The Eliseo Ricci Pro Round Thermostatic Rain Shower.

If you’re interested in acquiring a thermostatic shower for your home, then there’s lots of choice at Bathshack, such as the Eliseo Ricci Pro Round Thermostatic Rain Shower.

With a polished chrome finish, round rainfall showerhead and a separate handset and hose supplied, it has a modern style which is perfect for the contemporary bathroom. Featuring an exposed bar shower valve, you can enjoy all the benefits of a thermostatic shower along with an elegant aesthetic.

Another option is the Eliseo Ricci Curve Plus Thermostatic Rain Shower with Diverter which has a decadent brushed brass finish and luxurious rainfall showerhead with matching thermostatic valve and accessory kit.

The rainfall showerhead of the Eliseo Ricci Curve Plus Thermostatic Rain Shower with Diverter.

Easily set the temperature on your Eliseo Ricci Curve Plus Thermostatic Rain Shower.

Whether you like the brushed brass look or prefer polished chrome or matt black, there’s a thermostatic shower to suit everyone, so if you want to enjoy consistent water temperature when you shower, then they’re ideal.

At Bathshack, you’ll find a wide range of thermostatic showers for great-value prices, so if you need any assistance or further advice, then just chat to our team inline or in-store today.

Check out our full range of thermostatic showers in-store, or online at Alternatively, if you have any queries, just email our team at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.