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Straight Baths


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Moods Solarna 1800 x 800mm Luxury Double Ended Bath - 14697

Supercast Available

Moods Solarna 1700 x 800mm Luxury Double Ended Bath - 14694

Supercast Available

Moods Solarna 1700 x 750mm Luxury Double Ended Bath - 14691

Supercast Available

Moods Solarna 1700 x 700mm Luxury Double Ended Bath - 14688


1 - 24 of 57 Products

Straight Baths

The straight bath is one of the most versatile options for a modern bathroom as it offers both a stylish and timeless charm. Straight baths are a common choice with good reason owing its popularity to its simple and functional design. Plus, there are styles that suit both traditional and modern bathroom settings!

Single ended baths

This would describe a bath that has a tap at one end of its body and at the other will be a slope where you can rest your head. Perfect for relaxing!

Double ended baths

The main difference between this model and the single ended bath unit is where the taps are located. The taps are in middle of the bath so you are able to relax on either side of the tub.

You may think that straight baths only come in one standard look. However, these bathtubs actually come in a diverse range of styles and lengths and are typically fitted against a wall. There are dimensional differences to consider when it comes to picking your straight bath. Some models could be wide and some may be narrow.

Discover a variety of sizes to match an array of bathroom measurements including 1600MM models. At Bathshack you will be able to find models that can accommodate small spaces as well as large spaces. We stock only the highest quality bathroom fixtures and accessories across the UK and Northern Ireland.

We also have a selection of bath panels to match our baths so you are certain to find something that fits your taste.

Feel assured that if you do choose to buy one of our straight baths it will be placed in the hands of our elite distribution network. This services not only Irish counties such as Dublin but we can also send packages across the UK.