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Digital Showers


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Digital Showers

Digital showers allow you to change showering factors using a simple remote controller. The Digital shower controls are designed to make the most of your layout by hiding the mechanics out of sight.

Our range also features thermostatic shower options. This means that the water is maintained at the temperature of your choice for the entire duration of your shower.  This will stop any external actions such as the flush of a toilet or the turn of a tap switching the water temperature from one extreme to another.

A thermostatic shower valve will mix hot and cold water to match the temperature you select. This will react to any changes in the pressure or temperature of the water supply by immediately readjusting the balance of hot and cold. Should there be a failure in your water supply the thermostatic valve will automatically shut down.

Order online with confidence as your item will be in the good hands of our distribution network. We can send items not only to Irish counties such as Dublin but also to places throughout the UK. 

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