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All Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting has been seen as solely functional for far too long. This is mainly due to the general lack of design choices. Until recently that is. Lighting serves many purposes within the bathroom. Not only is it now used for practical purposes but it is also used as a decorative touch.

Both night owls and early birds will understand the problems that arise from poor lighting. Bathroom lighting is special in comparison to other areas of the house. The lighting needs to be vibrant and bright enough to provide a good amount of visibility even on the darkest of mornings. You can by install different lighting depending on what your space needs. The main source of light should come from the ceiling bathroom light and task lighting can then be used to shed light on more specific areas.

Effective lighting ultimately falls down to the quality of the bulb. At Bathshack, we stock a variety of light fixtures for bathrooms. Our range includes wall lights, LED boards, and down lighters.