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Bathroom Extractor Fans


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Bathroom Extractor Fans

Many of us struggle with mold and mildew caused by continuous humidity. Whilst, there is a long list of cleaning products that can temporarily remove mold and mildew, the problem will linger if you don't take care of the root of the cause. Extractor fans are commonly installed in bathrooms to combat this.

Most natural materials wooden flooring will respond to changes in humidity. Too much moisture will produce damp and therefore the wood will become damaged over time. A small exhaust fan mounted on the ceiling or high up upon a wall will banish moist air and leave the air too dry for mold spores to grow.

A bathroom extractor fan is extremely useful for bathrooms that are constantly in use. Humidity and condensation can become a particular issue if your bathroom does not have the correct ventilation. Browse through our range of exhaust fans for bathrooms that can be found in a variety of styles and colors. If you prefer this bathroom accessory to be hidden then there are options such as our bathroom light and fan combination.