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Modern Toilet & Basin Suites

Modern toilet and basin suites give a contemporary and clean look to any bathroom. If you have opted for a modern bathroom over a more traditional design, then these suites are perfect for you. There’s a toilet and basin suite to suit just about any modern looking bathroom. Each piece we offer has a white glaze finish, giving it a clean and bright look which complements any modern bathroom, and can easily be wiped over to ensure ultimate hygiene in the bathroom. Premium quality ceramic is used to ensure longevity and quality - you’ll be using these toilet and basin suites for years to come. 

If you’ve been looking to create a stylish new look in your bathroom with something more up to date, then you should find something suitable in our extensive collection. Both wall mounted and freestanding designs can give a different feel to your bathroom, depending on how much space you’d like to open up. There are slightly different shapes and sizes available so that you can create the ideal look for your unique bathroom. The glossy white finish ensures an expensive look, and the robust ceramic construction ensures you won’t need to replace your toilet and basin suite again for years to come. 

Our toilet and basin suites will enable you to bring your bathroom up to modern day, but if you’re not sure what you need, we’re happy to advise you if you get in touch with us and communicate your needs. 

Daily deliveries across Northern Ireland and Mainland UK