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Spruce up your space: Small toilet ideas for a stylish makeover

If you have a smaller toilet room or a cloakroom which you’d like to use to its best advantage, then there are lots of ways in which you can spruce up your space and give it a great new look.

In this blog we’ll be focusing on the more modest, compact toilet room, be it a downstairs toilet or otherwise, with ideas for creating a stylish functional space within your home. Whether you like a bold look, want to go cosy, or are open to new inspiration, read to the end to find out what we recommend – with product examples to give you a clearer idea of what’s possible.

Space-saving toilets

If you have a smaller bathroom then it can be easy to assume that you’re limited in what you can achieve with it. However, while space itself may, of course, be limited, your creativity is not – and with some inspired thinking, you can create a really interesting and practical interior.

In terms of furniture, our first top tip is to decide what you want and need in the toilet room and then see how you can achieve this. In other words – don’t be afraid to use furniture and don’t think you can’t have it because your room is too tiny.

With the toilet itself being a key item within the space, you can choose from a wide range of styles to suit your interior. Indeed, with various designs making it easy to include a top-quality, stylish toilet which doesn’t take up too much room, you can choose something which suits your individual preferences, rather than being limited to only one or two products.

Some examples of space-saving toilets include:

    • Wall-hung toilets: Elevating your bathroom furniture and taking it up off the floor will instantly create a more spacious look, allowing you to use what you have to its best advantage. Resulting in a more minimalist aesthetic, wall-hung or floating toilets are ideal for smaller spaces and will also bring a contemporary style to your home.

The Marbella Rimless Wall-hung Toilet and Soft-close Seat has a modern rimless design and a square shape which gives it a sleek aesthetic. This, combined with a hidden cistern and a flush plate, results in a space-saving toilet which won’t clutter your room. The rimless design also makes it easier to clean and more hygienic, as there are no crevices for bacteria to gather in, so it offers a practical and stylish solution for small toilets and cloakrooms.

Floating toilets like the Marbella Rimless Wall-hung Toilet and Soft-close Seat will help to save space in smaller toilet rooms.

They’re also eco-friendly, as the water used for washing your hands goes back into the cistern for flushing, so the water is recycled. It’s also just a quirky design to have in your cloakroom or toilet, while the pan itself is also sleek, with contemporary curves or square-shaped designs available.

Two-in-one toilet and basin combos like the Baltimore 2-in-1 Round Toilet & Basin Combo Pack are great space-savers.

Back-to-wall toilets: Another space-saving toilet type is the back-to-wall style, which sees the toilet positioned with its back fully against the wall. This keeps it off the floor and, if you also opt for the wall-hung style, this will enhance the space even further. The two-in-one toilet-basin combination mentioned above is also flush to the wall, while there are other styles, such as the Ari Design Talinn Rimless Back-to-wall Comfort-height Toilet and Soft-close Seat, which has a similar design.

The Ari Design Talinn Rimless Back-to-wall Comfort-height Toilet and Soft-close Seat (L and R) sits flush against the wall to save space.

Stylish small toilet room inspiration

Floating vanity units

Staying on furniture, if you don’t want to go down the toilet and basin combo route, then a wall-hung vanity unit is another option – or a cloakroom vanity which is designed to be more compact.

The Happi Wall-mounted Vanity Unit and Basin in Blue Gum is a stylish two-drawer vanity unit in a matt blue finish with integrated handles and an inset basin. Perfect for giving you that all-important storage in your toilet or cloakroom, this unit has plenty of space for storing toiletries or hand-towels. The blue gum tone is also an airy, calming colour which will create a relaxing ambience within your interior and add elegance, while also being quite easy to pair with other décor. You can then purchase your preferred tap and waste to complete the look.

The Happi Wall-mounted Vanity Unit and Basin in Gum Blue.

Cloakroom units

Cloakroom units are another way to incorporate storage into the room – if you have space to include these. For example, the Minuto Floorstanding Cloakroom Vanity Unit and Basin in Gloss Anthracite has a similar style to the toilet and basin combo units, but with storage below rather than a toilet pan.

As shown in the photo below, these can be wall-mounted or floorstanding as you prefer, depending on what room you have available, or which look you prefer. With an inset basin on top of the unit, there’s also shelf space inside where you can store all those personal items. With a sleek and modern design, these units are ideal for smaller toilet rooms, their slimline shape great for fitting into narrow spaces, under sloped ceilings and in alcoves.

There’s also the option of getting bespoke storage designed for your space if you have an awkward room layout or size. We can make certain units to order upon request, so if there’s something specific you need then just chat to our team for more information.

The Minuto Floorstanding Cloakroom Vanity Unit and Basin is good for compact spaces.

Creative toilet decorating

Looking at another aspect of your toilet or cloakroom design, when it comes to general décor, you can get creative with your walls and flooring in the form of tiles, paint, wallpaper and panelling. There’s also wall décor to think about, as you can have fun with art prints and create a cloakroom-come-gallery look.

Smaller spaces like downstairs toilets and cloakrooms lend themselves extremely well to more characterful designs – they’re a great opportunity to try out new looks and to go for something bolder than you might normally be used to. As such, you can really go to town and design an extravagant interior which is quirky and visually interesting.

Toilet tiling

If you opt for tiles in your toilet room, then it can be a good idea to use the same design on both the walls and floors, as this works well in creating a cohesive, flowing look in very compact rooms. It’s important to make sure that the tiling you choose is suitable for floors as well as walls, but you can create impactful interiors by going down this route. For example, the Jump Blue Polished Rectified Tile is a large-format tile with a white background and blue marble-effect design which has been styled in this way in the photograph below.

With rectified edges for a more precise finish, they can be laid more closely together, with minimal grouting, to give that seamless look. Meanwhile, the gloss finish is light-reflecting and the lighter colour palette also helps to create brightness within the room.

Large-format tiles are great for smaller rooms as they help to give the illusion of more space and the added benefit is that, with a tiny room, you won’t need to buy as many. Selecting lighter tones and glossy finishes will also help to brighten up the room and further enhance the spaciousness, although you can go darker, should you prefer this. Dark tiles can sometimes be avoided because of a fear of creating a claustrophobic feeling in smaller rooms, but that’s when you need to consider more carefully the surrounding décor.

Using the same wall and floor tiles in your toilet room – like the Jump Blue tiles pictured here – will create a cohesive look.

The Ebru Shiny Hexagon Tile in Black Ceramic can create a dramatic look in your toilet or cloakroom and could be used on both walls and floor for added impact.

If you do decide to go a bit darker with your tiling, then adding in good lighting is key – for example, LED mirrors or good overhead lights or wall lights. Large mirrors will reflect natural light and, together with glossy tile and other surfaces, will all help to bring lightness into the room to avoid an oppressive ambience.

The Ebru Shiny Hexagon Tile in Black Ceramic is a monochrome marble-effect tile with a large-format size and interesting hexagonal shape which can be used to create a statement look in your toilet or cloakroom. Again, you can tile both the walls and floor in this for more drama or create a statement wall and then pair it with complementing white tiles.

With a gloss finish and that visually interesting hexagonal shape and swirl marble design, these tiles will reflect light so, although they have a lot of black, they won’t overpower the room.

If you prefer something paler, however, then something like the Ainhoa Blanco Ceramic Tile in White Ceramic has a clean, smooth aesthetic and will complement any décor. Suitable for walls, this large-format Spanish tile has a plain white tone and a modern matt finish and will create a striking aesthetic in a different way. With paler tiling, you can then add boldness and a splash of colour with the artwork of your choice, which will ‘pop’ more against the neutral background, as pictured below.

Large-format pale tiles like the Ainhoa Blanco Ceramic Tile in White are great backdrops for colourful art prints.

Art prints

At Bathshack, we have our own range of art prints which will add some classic style to your toilet or cloakroom walls. Featuring a range of classic cars, painted by Adam Barsby, the official artist for RBW Electric Classic Cars, you can choose from six colourful prints, including the following:

Our rally art prints can add character to your toilet or cloakroom walls.

If you decide against art prints, however, then choosing a bold wallpaper and creating a feature wall or papering around the top of the room to create a border is another way to add texture and visual interest to your space. Wall panelling is another option, with tongue-and-groove continuing to be popular with many homeowners.

Functional small toilet and bath ideas

The Synergy Slipper Freestanding Single-ended Bath is more compact and can work well in smaller spaces.

Even if you have a very small space, if you want to include a bath in your toilet room, then there are various options for the more compact interior. You may even be able fit in a freestanding tub, depending on how much space you have – and the layout of your room – with single-ended slipper baths a good choice for more compact interiors.

The Synergy Slipper Freestanding Single-ended Bath is one example of a more compact freestanding bath which could work in a smaller space. This double-ended tub could fit into a corner of the room and has a sleek, contemporary, minimalist design which will add a little slice of luxury to your room without fuss.

Corner baths are another great option for the smaller bathroom, as these are designed specifically to fit into snug spaces and can be installed in the corner of your room quite easily. For example, the Ravak Avocado Space-saving Corner Bath and Panel is a compact corner bath which is available in both left and right-hand versions, depending on which side of the bathroom you want to fit it.

With an asymmetric design, this bath still provides a relaxing bathing experience without taking up much floor space.

The Ravak Avocado Space-saving Corner Bath and Panel is designed to fit discreetly into corners, so is great for smaller bathrooms.

Cosy little toilet ideas

Following on from corner baths, these can be combined with similarly space-saving corner sinks or toilets, which can again be fitted into the corner of the room to keep things neat and tidy. As shown in the picture above, basins can be wall-mounted, so they sit over the bathtub, keeping everything conveniently together while also creating a cohesive aesthetic.

The Paris Corner Vanity Unit and Basin is one example of a corner basin which will slot neatly into the corner of a toilet room or cloakroom and fill that space without intruding much into the room. Supplied fully assembled, all you have to do is choose where to fit it and then purchase your preferred taps and waste to complete the look.

With a handy cupboard underneath the basin fitted with a soft-close door, you can combine the sink function with all-important storage for added convenience. A single shelf inside provides plenty of space above and below for toiletries and other essential items, so this is an ideal choice for your interior.

The sleek white gloss finish and chrome handle on the cupboard also give this unit a modern aesthetic which will complement a range of décor, making it a flexible option for your interior.

Corner vanities like the Paris Corner Vanity Unit and Basin are perfect for more compact rooms.

By choosing products like corner baths and vanities, the result is a much cosier and less cluttered space. This can be further enhance by wall-mounted heated towel rails – perfect for keeping towels dry and cosy while also providing heat for smaller toilet and cloakrooms. While primarily designed to warm towels, heated towel rails also heat the immediate surrounding space so, in smaller rooms, can be sufficient to warm the room without the need for an additional radiator.

For example, the Nelson Designer Towel Radiator is a stylish grey steel towel rail which will add a contemporary look to your interior while also providing everything you need practically. As a designer product, this radiator is made with aesthetics in mind just as much as function, so it can also act as a focal point within the room in addition to providing the heat you need.

The Nelson Designer Towel Radiator will add contemporary style to your interior.

Alternatively, installing underfloor heating will make the room cosy and won’t take up any additional space at all, being installed underneath the floor. You can subsequently choose from wet underfloor heating kits or electric underfloor heating, as you prefer. Wet underfloor heating heats the room via a series of pipes and therefore operates off your central heating system.

As a result, it relies on the boiler to function, whereas an electric underfloor heating system works off electric so doesn’t need the boiler system to be on to provide heating for your interior. This means they’re more flexible and energy-efficient, while also giving you enhanced control over the room temperature and general operation.

Overall, underfloor heating is a more efficient way of heating your home and is safe to use and relatively straightforward to install. While it can be more of an investment that a heated towel rail or radiator, the advantages in a smaller space are as explained, while long-term, it will give you that constant cosiness and luxury feel underfoot that can’t be found with more traditional heating solutions.

Ideal for using under most tiling, underfloor heating will keep your toilet or cloakroom cosy all-year round, regardless of which type you choose and is an inspired choice when it comes to saving on essential space.

Modern toilet room design ideas

If you want to add a touch of decadence to your small toilet room or bathroom then using brushed brass is ideal, as this will add warmth and a sense of luxury to any space. It works particularly well for smaller spaces in giving a gilded look and making what could otherwise be a non-descript room into something a bit more special.

You can incorporate brushed brass into your room in various ways, incorporating it with mirrors, lighting and accessories, such as the toilet flush button, towel rails and other items. Matching brushed brass basin taps and wastes are another great way to use brass subtly and tie the overall aesthetic together.

For example, the Eliseo Ricci Vesu Basin Mixer has a sleek, contemporary look and an easy-to-use lever-handle design, with eco-click technology to help reduce water wastage. It can subsequently be paired with wastes in a similar style, such as the Eliseo Ricci Press Top-slotted Basin Waste in Brushed Brass to keep the look consistent.

This slotted waste has a contemporary look and is easy to use – simply press down on the top to seal the basin and then press again to release it and let the water flow out.

The Eliseo Ricci Vesu Basin Mixer in Brushed Brass.

The Eliseo Ricci Press Top-slotted Basin Waste in Brushed Brass has a modern look and is very simple to operate.

Style your toilet and cloakroom at Bathshack

No matter what way you want to style your toilet or cloakroom, hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought in this blog. We’re always happy to discuss your ideas to help you achieve your vision – and our friendly team can advise on products which will work well within your space. We can also assist with suggestions on what products and tiles look well together, aesthetically, as well as what works practically.

Other ideas for small interiors include making the most of storage space like adding floating shelves or creating inset shelves or alcoves in the walls, which won’t protrude out into the room. Mirrors with storage is another great idea – mirrored cabinets are particularly useful in this regard and can include LED lighting as well as internal storage. You can even choose Bluetooth-enabled cabinets – if you want to add extra ambience to the room and enjoy listening to your favourite music or podcasts.

The Bella LED Cabinet Single-door and Shaver in Matt Silver has a sleek, contemporary finish and incorporates eco-friendly LED lighting with internal shelf storage alongside the mirror function. With double glass shelving inside, this unit is ideal for delivering multiple features in one handy package, while the sleek aesthetic will enhance your space and give it a contemporary style.

The Bella LED Cabinet Single-door and Shaver in Matt Silver.

Whether you opt for brushed brass fixtures and fittings, or go for silver, chrome, matt black or anything else, styling your toilet room to a particular look can create more impact and wow factor. These smaller rooms are ideal for getting more creative, so there’s no better opportunity to try something new, experiment with styles, or combine colours and designs which you might not normally go for.

At Bathshack, we’re here to help you every step of the way, so if redesigning your toilet room is on the horizon, hopefully we’ve inspired you with some new ideas …

For more ideas on how to create your dream toilet room, visit our website at Alternatively, if you have any questions, just email our team at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.