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Nail the trend: Rustic Bathrooms

With bathroom trends for 2024 centred on spa-like vibes and nature-inspired aesthetics, rustic bathroom styles feature various elements of these, so if you like the natural look, then a rustic-themed space might be for you.

A combination of cosy and calm, rustic designs have a timeless charm which can be adapted to suit your personal style. If you want to discover more about how to bring some subtle contemporary rustic vibes to your bathroom, then read the full blog below ...

Embrace earthy tones

Deep, earthy tones are on trend for 2024 and fit perfectly into the rustic bathroom style – think warm browns, beiges, greys and greens, all of which evoke a sense of nature and have a calming vibe. Whether you opt for products such as wood-finished cabinetry and wood-effect tiling, or choose colour palettes which incorporate these tones, there’s lots of scope to pick something which reflects your individual style preferences. You can also update the look by going for more contemporary takes on classic styles.

For example, the Croft Wall-mounted Unit with Countertop Basin and Tap in Wood-effect combines a classic wood aesthetic with a black-framed design which adds a modern twist. Meanwhile, the wall-mounted style also gives this unit a contemporary look, along with the open shelf at the base of the unit and the worktop, which is designed for use with a countertop basin.

When it comes to tiling, the Garden Décor Green Wall Tileembraces this year’s trend for greenery-inspired tiles and has a pale green tone set against a white background which will complement wood-effect and other natural tones. These rectangular Spanish wall tiles also have a modern matt finish, while their large-format size helps to create a more cohesive aesthetic.

The Garden Décor Green Wall Tile features a leafy design.

Natural materials and textures

Continuing on from the nature-inspired look of earthy tones, using natural materials such as wood, stone and metals is another way to get the rustic look. These can again be incorporated into your bathroom through flooring, wall tiles, countertops and other bathroom-ware, used either as the dominant look or as accents within the space.

Natural stone-effect tiles such as onyx and marble-effect, as well as concrete-inspired tiling and wood-effect floors are all ways to get this particular look. Using brushed brass is another inspired way to add warmth and elegance to your bathroom and can be done subtly through items like taps and shower kits, as well as mirrors and other products.

For example, the Brushed Brass Round Frame Mirror with Colour-change has a circular shape and a stylish brushed brass frame which will add some luxury to your space, as well as proving ample reflection. Incorporating energy-efficient LED lighting, you can choose from a warm or cool-white effect, depending on preference, altering the ambience according to your mood.

Organic curves and shapes

Another way to get the rustic look is by incorporating organic curves and fluted features on bathroom-ware, with rounded corners and curved designs all part of this aesthetic.

The Alberto Fluted Freestanding Bath in Ember is an eye-catching freestanding bath which features an attractive fluted design on the body of the tub. This immediately draws the eye, adding visual interest as well as texture, with the rounded corners and curved shape all working together to fulfil an organic aesthetic.

With a modern matt black finish, this is contrasted by a gloss white interior, while the bath also has a luxurious deep design.

Choosing a shower enclosure with a curved front is another way to introduce organic, natural shapes into your bathroom - and they also help to save space as well. For example, the Volente Space-saver Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure in Chrome is designed to fit neatly into a corner of your bathroom and has a smooth, curved, door, complete with polished chrome frame, if you want this style for your room.

Let the light in

Natural light is another good way to embrace a rustic-style bathroom, as it evokes the feeling of being outside, so maximising this with large windows is great. However, you can also encourage more natural light by adding mirrors and reflective surfaces, such as polished chrome and gloss-finish tiles. The Viktor Benson Arabica Freestanding Bath has a smooth gloss-white finish and a sleek aesthetic which will help to enhance the light within your bathroom, allowing it to bounce off the shiny surfaces while the white tone uplifts the space.

The Viktor Benson Arabica Freestanding Bath has a smooth, sleek aesthetic and a gloss white finish.

Rustic accessories

Adding rustic accessories such as woven baskets, terracotta pots or antique jars can also contribute to creating a cohesive rustic theme, as well as using fabric and other materials to add layers and a textured look. These will further help to make your bathroom feel welcoming and cosy.

There are lots of different ways to achieve a rustic-inspired bathroom, including more subtle décor ideas as well as those which more overtly embrace the trend. How much of the look you want to use in your home is really down to personal preference.

No matter which way you want to go, we have a wide range of products at Bathshack which will let you create your ideal rustic bathroom design. Just talk to our team in-store or online if you need any assistance and we’ll be only too happy to help.

To view our full range of bathroom products, visit and if you have any queries, just email us at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.