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Everything you need to know about bathroom taps

This guide has been designed to 'fill' you in on everything you wanted to know about bathroom taps, and quite possibly a few things that you hadn't thought you would want or need to know about them. Specifically designed to help you choose the right taps for you, to help you keep the style of your bathroom consistent.

The right taps can complement your bathroom perfectly in terms of style, and there are lots of different design styles on offer. Your own selection could be based on the number of tap holes available but we offer a wide range so you will never be left short of choices. The range of bathroom taps that are roaming the wild plains is so diverse that you can be confident that whatever you choose, your bathroom is going to look amazing.

Our range of taps bath and basin taps are a mix of separate and mixer taps are designed to fit in with either contemporary or traditional bathroom styles. Installation of taps in the ranges that we stock are straightforward and the taps themselves, of course, come with warranties. Most of the taps also come with waste components included.

There are several different tap styles and intended uses to choose from,  such as:

  • Bath taps
  • Basin taps
  • Mixer taps
  • Separate taps
  • Single lever
  • Twin lever

Whichever tap you go for, they are going to be affected by the water pressure that is available in your home. For instance, if your water pressure is particularly high then you will have your pick of the basin and bath taps. If your pressure is on the lower side, then you may find yourself a little more limited in choice. The majority of the taps in our catalogue are perfectly suitable for low-pressure systems, making this perfect place for your needs.

Choosing your tap type

If you have just the one hole for taps then you are going to need a mixer tap, similar to this one from Eliseo Ricci (which also includes waste), as opposed to separate taps like the basin pillar taps from Era.

It is also important to consider where the taps are going to be used, what we mean by this is whether they are going to be used on a bath or a basin. This is an important consideration because there are taps that are better suited to one more than the other.

Basin taps

Basin taps are usually pretty standard affairs and come in one of two main flavours – mixer or separate hot & cold. Some will also come with waste components included, such as the Nuie Hardy, which is also an excellent example of mixer taps living up to 'form meets function'. This basin separate hot & cold taps, from Era, are stylish in their own right and are also suitable for low-pressure water systems.

Bath taps

Like basin taps, there are two main flavours here – mixer and separate hot & cold taps. There is another category of bath taps though, called the bath filler. As an example, this Eliseo Ricci Porto Bath Filler is designed for a bath that has two tap holes, and it also has the option of adding a shower attachment to the underside.

Form and function

The bathroom taps mentioned here are going to meet the needs of any bathroom, but sometimes 'mere' functionality is not enough – the taps that you choose should also fit the current style of the bathroom. After all, you wouldn't wear mismatched shoes so why choose taps that do not fit in with the bathroom? It just doesn't make sense.

This where form and function should be at the forefront of your tap choosing considerations. When something looks great and also functions exactly as it should, that is the perfect place to find yourself. The taps shown on this page are the perfect examples of form meeting function, and they will fit most if not all decors and style choices. Thankfully the days of the white plastic taps are far behind us!

It is also worth noting that the taps featured here as examples are all perfectly suited for low-pressure water systems. The bath filler tap is of course better with a medium to a high-pressure system, but this is in no way a requirement.

Hopefully, you will have found this helpful, useful and it has made things easier for you when trying to decide what type of taps you require.

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