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Creative small shower room ideas for your home

If you have a smaller bathroom, then it’s important to maximise the space you have by thinking more creatively about how you design it in terms of layout and the fixtures that you use. It’s also worth bearing in mind that, while you might assume there are certain things you can’t fulfil in a smaller space, with a little clever thinking, you can actually achieve more than you might think.

In this blog we’ll therefore take a look at some ways in which you can transform a smaller bathroom into your perfect relaxing space. Read to the end to find out our top tips and recommendations!

Getting creative with your shower room will help to maximise space.

Maximising style and space in your shower room

When it comes to creating a stylish shower room space, there are various things to consider. The first is to decide what you want to prioritise in the room and what’s important to you in terms of overall functionality and aesthetics. Do you want to make a feature out of the shower, or is this something which you’d rather have in the background and not take centre-stage?

Deciding this from the outset will help you shape the rest of your shower room design, as it will influence the other bathroom-ware you choose for the space, including where you position the shower and how you style it. The next thing is to decide what type of shower you want – if you enjoy bathing as well and don’t just want a shower, then a bath-shower combo might be best if there isn’t room for the two separately. Alternatively, if you’re not a bath person or would prefer not to have it taking up extra space, then opting for a shower only would be best. Whether this is a walk-in shower – which would open up the space and help make the room appear bigger – or a corner shower, is another decision ...

All of this is before you actually decide what style of shower you would like, in terms of the shower kit (for example rainfall shower, electric, power etc.) and the finish – be it brushed brass, polished chrome or a more modern matt black. Shower panels and doors are then another consideration after this.

Our free online Bathroom Planner is great for giving you an idea of how items will look in your bathroom. Simply pick the products you’re interested in – in this case, a shower – and then use the 3D Explore tool to see how a range of different shower styles and sizes would look in your space. All you have to do is pick your product, scan the room with your phone and you can view a 3D representation of it in your home.

Functional and stylish solutions for your shower room

If you’re finding it difficult to decide what way you want to lay out your room and what exactly is the best design for your specific space, then here are some top tips which should help make the process easier.

Furniture like the Happi Wall-mounted Vanity Unit and Basin can create a focal point in your room.

Create a focal point: Be it a walk-in shower, vanity unit, mirror or feature wall, think about what you’d like to make the first impression when you walk into your shower room and then go from there. If it’s the shower, then a walk-in style with feature tiling – think bold colours, quirky tile shapes or distinctive shower panels and kit (such as a matt black finish) – is one way of doing this. Keep the other furniture more neutral and position the shower (depending on your room layout) somewhere in the room where it’s more noticeable.

If you don’t want the shower to be the main focus, however, then you could choose a feature vanity unit and make that the central item, placing it more centrally and selecting one with a bold colour or design. For example, the Happi Wall-mounted Vanity Unit and Basin is available in an eye-catching yellow or pink tone, which will add instant character to your bathroom. Paired with the right tiling, you can subsequently create a feature out of your vanity area.

Choosing a floating or wall-mounted unit like this will also maximise space in the room, keeping the floor uncluttered. Meanwhile, adding a feature mirror or mirrored cabinet will add further visual interest (as well as practicality) to the vanity area – and you can combine various useful features within these to save on more space.

For example, an eco-friendly LED mirror or mirrored cabinet will provide ambient lighting, so you don’t need bulky sidelights, as well as often having demister benefits. Cabinets also combine internal storage space for toiletries and usually have shaver sockets, while both mirrors and cabinets can also have Bluetooth connectivity, depending on which style you go for. This means you can listen to your favourite tunes or podcast while you shower, enhancing your bathroom experience.

Mirrors can also be framed, which will add further embellishment, or have a more minimalist, frameless look which catches attention in a different way, by being sleek and stylish.

For example, the Brushed Brass Frame Mirror with Colour Change is a rectangular mirror which can be hung either vertically or horizontally and has an attractive brushed brass frame. With ambient LED lighting, you can choose from warm or cool white, while there’s also a demister feature to prevent the glass from steaming up.

Mirrors like the Brushed Brass Frame Mirror with Colour Change can help create a focal area in your bathroom.

Installing wall-mounted heated towel rails can help maximise space in a smaller bathroom.

Choose reflective materials: As well as creating a focal point in the room, mirrors can also help to make it appear more spacious, by reflecting light and maximising the natural light within the room. Large, unframed mirrors are ideal for this, while gloss tiles and finishes, along with mirrored cabinets and frameless shower screens can also help in the same way. Using good lighting is also key, especially if you don’t have much natural light in the room.

Use floating furniture and maximise vertical space: As with the vanity unit mentioned above, wall-mounted furniture like vanities and mirrored cabinets will free up floor space and help make smaller shower rooms feel bigger. For heating, installing wall-mounted heated towel rails and radiators is another top tip, while underfloor heating is completely hidden, under your floor, if you want to go for this option.

Minimising the amount of furniture you place in the room is also key – so only put in what you think you really need. If you won’t use it and it’s not essential, then don’t waste the space! Keeping furniture against one side of the room rather than scattering it around will also help to create a more spacious look and prevent the space from feeling cluttered. Using that vertical space – above the vanity area and toilet being prime areas – is also a good way to add in the storage or other features you need, without compromising on floor space.

Storage niches: Creating an alcove within the wall of your shower is great for holding toiletries and prevents the need for bulky shelving protruding out into the room or shower area.

Creating a niche/alcove in your shower for storing toiletries is a great space-saver.

Use large-format tiles: It’s always a good idea to choose larger format tiling for more compact bathroom and shower spaces, as these help to make interiors appear more spacious where smaller tiles can make them appear crowded. Rectified tiles also require less grouting, so if you choose large-format rectified tiles like the Patmos Pulido Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile, for example, then you can open up the room by creating a more seamless, flowing aesthetic.

Marble-effect tiling is also a good way to add luxury to your room, while the paler tone will add an airiness to the space. Thinking of tile colour and texture to add depth and visual interest to your shower room will also make it into a more appealing space. Matching the floor and wall tiles can further help to create a flowing, cohesive look, so this is another idea when it comes to tiling your space.

Walk-in shower vs bath-shower combo: If you want the shower experience then a walk-in shower is a great option for smaller spaces as it can actually help to open the room up. Choosing frameless shower or wet room screens and using one instead of two screens can also create an airier aesthetic.

Alternatively, if you want to keep a bath in the mix, then a bath-shower combo is another alternative although, bear in mind that, while this is a space-saver, it also does bring a bulky bathtub into the room. So, depending on the size of your space, this may or may not be a good choice for your interior.

Large-format marble-effect tiling is great for making spaces appear bigger and creates a luxury look for less.

Choose a back-to-wall toilet: Keeping bathroom-ware close to the walls will free up floor space and retain a more open-plan look to your interior. As well as using floating furniture, you can also opt for a back-to-wall toilet, which is installed right up against the wall, making it easier to clean as well as keeping the toilet back from the room.

Creating luxury in a compact space

There are lots of ways to add opulence to smaller bathrooms, with rainfall showers, for example, offering a luxury immersive showering experience reminiscent of a spa. You can also add luxury with brushed brass finishes for taps and shower kits, as well as fitting tiles with high-end looks like marble-effect and onyx.

Combining different textures and finishes will also make your space cosier, with textiles and heating further adding to the effect. With smaller shower rooms, it’s all about using what you have to its advantage – adding pops of colour to create visual interest and using bathroom-ware which is stylish and elegant.

Key ways to get that luxury look include:

  • Opting for high-gloss tiles or polished surfaces.
  • Introducing warm brushed brass tones for a timeless, gilded aesthetic.
  • Installing a rainfall shower.
  • Creating a walk-in shower space.
  • Fitting large-format tiles.
  • Using marble-effect tiling and/or countertops.
  • Choosing LED mirrors (with optional Bluetooth connectivity).
  • Adding textiles like rugs.
  • Using good lighting, be it via mirrors or the overhead light/s.
  • Not over-cluttering the space – a minimalist look exudes luxury vibes.

No matter what look you’re going for, at Bathshack we have a wide range of bathroom-ware to suit all spaces and can help you fit out your smaller shower room with everything you need. Whether you want that walk-in shower, feature tiling, floating vanity units or anything else, we have designs and finishes to suit all tastes, with great-value prices always guaranteed.

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for your interior, but if you need any more advice, just get in touch.

For more ideas on how to create your dream shower room, visit our website at Alternatively, if you have any questions, just email our team at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.