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Bathroom Trends for 2022

The year 2022 isn't a long way off, but it might as well be tomorrow for those of us in the design and construction industry. Therefore, we have to plan ahead to keep up with the ever-changing trends that will affect our livelihoods. In this post, we'll discuss some of the bathroom trends emerging now and will continue into 2022.

1 Flooring trends 

The most significant trend in bathroom flooring is using materials that are different from what we've always seen before. We'll see more stone, vinyl, and linoleum than ever before. Stone-like marble will be popular choices for countertop material, while tiles with exciting colours and patterns will make their way onto shower walls or floors. Vinyl looks almost like natural wood planks, but it's a durable plastic product that can last longer than natural hardwood without putting any protective coating on it either! Linoleum is an old-fashioned yet sturdy choice made out of all-natural ingredients - some people say they sink when you try walking on them, though, which makes us unsure how well this will stick around as a popular choice.

2 Wall tile trends 

Tile is still the most popular choice for bathroom walls, and it's here to stay. However, there might be a shift in style as well as color and pattern choices. We're already seeing more grey tones than ever before. Still, now it looks like an even softer blue-gray tone will emerge next year because of its association with serenity and relaxation - two things people want when they visit their bathrooms! There will also be less traditional patterns such as mosaics because those tend to look dated quickly, so designers seek modern styles instead.

3 Mirror trends 

It's not uncommon for bathrooms to have multiple mirrors, but some new styles will make their way into homes over the next few years. One of these is a frameless mirror that looks more sleek and modern than what we've seen in the past. Of course, if you're going to use one of these, it should be flush mounted, or else it might look cheap and awkward! Another trend has to do with trimming down vanity sizes because people want them as small as possible so they can free up space elsewhere in their bathroom. Unfortunately, that means many custom vanity cabinet designs since no off-the-shelf product will fit perfectly even if your measurements were accurate enough.

4 Shower trends 

We'll see a lot more frameless glass shower enclosures and the use of natural stone, which gives bathrooms an elegant and luxurious look. People are also leaning towards low-profile showers with smaller footprints since they free up space for other features in the room. Attractive tiles that mimic natural wood, slate, or marble will be popular choices, too! Glass is super tough, so it should last longer than most other materials, but if you're worried about its safety, then make sure your contractor uses tempered glass products instead of regular types - these are safer because they won't break into large pieces when broken even though it's still possible to get cut by them.

5 Bath trends    

The bathtub is another fixture that hasn't changed much over the years - most look like they were designed hundreds of years ago! However, some new styles are emerging in this category too. For example, you might see more free-standing tubs that give homes a modern yet elegant vibe because it makes them feel more significant than they are since cabinets or walls take up less space on all four sides. Another attractive style is an acrylic clawfoot tub with multiple seats so people can sit inside and still have lots of legroom even if their height doesn't allow them to stretch out fully when seated usually.

6 Vanity unit trends

Vanity units have been designed using the same styles for decades, so it's no wonder why people are looking to go with something different. There will be a continued rise in popularity of those that come with soft-close drawers and cabinets, which you can easily open by just pressing lightly on them instead of pulling them out hard enough to make all kinds of noise as they slam shut! People also want less cabinet space, but more storage options for their bathroom essentials, so narrow pedestal or wall mount designs where only one side opens up might gain traction, too, since these provide plenty of room inside while not taking up much floor area at all.

There are many different bathroom trends to watch out for in 2022. We'll most likely see more grey tones, frameless mirrors, natural stone tiles, and low-profile showers, among other things!


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