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6 Mistakes to Avoid when Tackling a Bathroom Renovation


It is important when renovating any area of your home to plan things through efficiently. You should always have a plan, even if you are preparing for minor changes. Good bathroom design will accommodate everyone's needs, make the most of the space available to you, and look aesthetically pleasing. If you do not create a plan of some sort then it is more likely that mistakes will happen. In today’s article, we will be helping you prepare for a bathroom renovation by discussing six common mistakes and how to avoid them.  


1 | Spending too much money 


One of the things that anyone will be thinking about when they take on renovation work will be the costs. A lot of the time, you may see a bathroom design on the internet or in a home décor magazine that looks incredible but it simply costs too much money. Instead of spending too much money, remember that if a feature cannot be achieved in your budget there will almost always be cheaper alternatives that are high-quality and provide a similar appeal.  


There are ways you can create your dream bathroom without draining your financial resources. Pop down to one of our showrooms with images of the bathroom designs you wish to emulate. Alternatively, if you’re not sure what design choices to make, you can always discuss thoughts with a member of our team. We have 3 showrooms located in Cork, Belfast, Ballymena, and Dublin! 


At Bathshack, we strive to supply bathroom fixtures at a selection of price points so that all of our customers can find something they love. If you aren’t able to come down to one of our showrooms, we suggest taking a look at our online bathroom planner. This tool enables you to build your own bathroom design. Once you have completed your design, there is an option for us to call you to see if we can help you with your design or to get the ball in motion. 


2 | Doing everything yourself  


As stated in our previous point, spending a lot on your bathroom renovation can be unnecessary. With that said, you may be tempted to save money by dabbling in a bit of DIY in some parts of your bathroom. However, unless you are an experienced tradesman, there are some tasks that you should not take on. Hiring a trained professional may cost more up front but it guarantees that the work done is correct and lowers the risks of mistakes that could be costly in the long term. It is imperative that you find professionals that have good reviews and experience with bathrooms to ensure your bathroom is safe and you’re getting your money’s worth.  


You can check a professional online by using sites like Check a Trade or My Builder 


3 | Booking tradesmen before receiving bathroom fixtures  


You should be shopping for your bath, toilet, shower, and cabinets weeks or even months before you start working on your bathroom. Unless you’re collecting your items from a bathroom show room, it can take weeks for your items to arrive. In some cases, it may be longer if an item is in the process of being restocked or there are problems from the courier’s side. A trade professional will need to have all of the fixtures you would like to be fitted on the site before existing fixtures are removed from the property. The best thing to do to avoid any issues is to book tradesmen after your items arrive.  


4 | Overlooking the bathroom layout 


Getting the layout of your bathroom is vital. If you don’t plan your bathroom layout correctly then a lot of things may go wrong. You may find doors clashing with one another, not being able to exit the bath without having another fixture obnoxiously close, etc. If you are having trouble planning your bathroom layout then you can seek advice from a professional. Alternatively, you can refer to our bathroom measurements guide or our bathroom planner 


Our recommendations  



Avocado 1600 Space Saving Corner Bath 


This bath is great for those who want a bath but can’t fit a freestanding or straight option into their bathroom. The Avocado Corner bath is spacious and boasts outstanding quality. It is also a great way to add a modern touch to your bathroom suite. We would also recommend this bath for awkwardly shaped bathrooms and small bathrooms such as cloakroom or en-suites.  



Happi 600mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit and Basin 


Vanity units are a bathroom fixture we would highly recommend fitting into your bathroom layout. They are essentially two fixtures combined together providing you with storage and a basin. They help to create a clutter-free environment for your bathroom and subtly conceal any pipework for a neat look. This vanity unit is compact and offers 2 drawers with ample storage space. Both of the drawers are equipped with a soft close mechanism making them family friendly.  



Rio Wall Hung Pan including Soft Close Seat 


The Rio Wall Hung Toilet Pan has a sleek, minimalistic design that would fit snuggly in many bathroom layouts. Wall hung toilets work exceptionally well in small bathrooms as they command very little space. This is because the water tank is situated behind the wall you install it on. This toilet can be installed at different heights to maximise user comfort.  


 5 | Inadequate lighting  


With a flick of a switch, good lighting can transform the atmosphere of your bathroom. Poor bathroom lighting can lead to problems such as not being able to see properly if you do not have a window or having a bathroom design that looks very gloomy.  

There are a few questions you will need to think about when selecting your lighting options. Firstly, you will need to access your needs. Do you want mood bathroom lighting? Is it harder to see in certain areas?  We advise investing in light that will illuminate your entire room well such as the LumenAir 5 Glass Spotlight Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light. As a rule of thumb, avoid placing downlights directly above the vanity or mirror. Instead, opt for task lighting around areas such as this or invest in an illuminated bathroom mirror.  


View our bathroom lighting guide for more information. Click here to view our stunning bathroom lights 



6 | Neglecting bathroom ventilation  


Ventilation is important for your bathroom. A bathroom is one of if not the most humid place in your home. When humidity levels rise in your bathroom, moisture can collect on the walls. This moisture will seep into paint, dry wall, and sealant. Mould and mildew will form on bathroom surfaces over time if the room is not ventilated. This not only taints the look of your bathroom; it also is very unhygienic. Mould and mildew may seem harmless at first but it is serious and has the potential to cause serious health problems as they release toxins into the air. To ventilate your bathroom, invest in an extractor fan. Opening your bathroom window will help too.  


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Remember that you may encounter some hiccups as you renovate your bathroom but if you follow this guide and plan ahead, renovating your bathroom won’t end up becoming a nightmare. For more bathroom-related advice return to our blog. We publish helpful guides, bathroom inspiration, and more on a weekly basis.