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Electric Showers

A quick & convenient shower

Tired of waiting for your water to heat up in the morning? Look no further than an Electric Shower. Electric Showers are the perfect choice if you are looking for instant hot water at any time of the day. As they quickly heat the water, and only the water you are going to use, they are very energy efficient and economical. What’s more, Electric Showers are very easy to install, so you can enjoy your new shower sooner rather than later. However, we always recommend talking to a professional plumber before installing any bathroom fitting.

How do Electric Showers work?

Electric showers use water from your cold water supply, quickly heating it using a built-in heating element like that of a kettle. Once it gets to the right temperature, the water is pushed through the showerhead. Since they use water from your cold water supply, Electric Showers are suitable for all homes, regardless of what water system you have.

Choose your perfect shower

We sell an extensive range of high quality and affordable electric showers. These come in a huge variety of designs and finishes, from Chrome to Black. They are all easy to use and come with luxury showerheads. To view a selection of these showers up close, you can visit one of our showrooms. Or if you shop online, our nationwide distribution network will deliver right to your door no matter where you live in Mainland UK & Northern Ireland.