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Why Spring is the perfect time for a bathroom renovation

Everybody loves a good home renovation project once in a while, don’t they? Could be just us but if you are planning a home renovation, or more specifically for this post a bathroom remodel, then why does a Spring renovation make the most sense?

In a word, finances. Because of the way the UK tax is timed Spring is the best time for kind of financial outlay because of the tax threshold. In the UK, the tax year starts on the 6th of April. What does this mean? Well, the Personal Allowance for 2020/21 is £12,500. This is the amount that you can earn before you begin tax.

This alone makes Spring the logical starting time for a bathroom renovation. If you are planning some work, springtime makes the most economical sense if only for the few hundred extra pounds that will have access to because you won’t be paying income tax.

Whether you are looking for a new bath, shower enclosure, tiles, underfloor heating or just about anything else for your bathroom spring renovation then spring is the time to get cracking.

Spring renovations and positive vibes

There is a good reason why people very often choose spring to declutter their home, and it is also the same reason why this time of the year is best for DIY projects such as a bathroom remodel. People are generally just more positive during the spring, making things go that little bit smoother and with less stress.

Everyone feels better when the sun is shining, even if there may still be a slight chill in the air. It fills us with the motivation to get those odd jobs done that we have been putting off over winter. Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings so why shouldn’t this extend to bathroom remodel?

The bathroom sees some of the most foot traffic of the home so it only makes sense that it gets a facelift once in a while, and the fact that it is also almost a centre of relaxation makes it even satisfying when we give them a revitalisation. Softer lighting, a deeper bath, new pattern tiles… the possibilities are endless.

Just picture yourself lay back in a nice deep bath, a glass of ice-cold wine within easy reach and you can easily see why a bathroom remodel is possibly one of the best ideas you’ve had.

An organised bathroom equals a peaceful bathroom

A disorganised bathroom does not provide an oasis of peace that it sometimes needs to. If your bathroom needs some organisation and TLC then a spring renovation may well be the way forward. It’s hard to feel relaxed in any kind of room that is cluttered or generally untidy, poorly arranged etc.

For a relaxing bath to be relaxing, you need to be in the right frame of mind. A bathroom remodel, especially during the spring, is one of the more affordable ways that you can upgrade the look and feel of the space available.

Take a look through our range of fixtures and bathroom furniture to give yourself an idea of how you may want to revamp your bathroom.

A bathroom remodel can increase the value of your home

If you are looking to sell your home, and if you time your spring renovation in time to put your house on the market during the same period, then your chances of a sale at a higher value are going to be much higher.

The same factors that make spring an ideal time to start the bathroom remodel also make this time of year perfect for putting up that ‘For Sale’ sign. Tax breaks, positive vibes and sunshine all conspire to make this time of year perfect for the seller.

Any kind of home renovation has the potential to increase the value of a home, but kitchen and bathroom remodels can have the most impact. This is because these rooms are seen as the most important in terms of functionality. An aged or old-fashioned bathroom is not going to do the resale value of the home any favours at all.

To conclude then…

There are several reasons, as you can now see, as to why spring is the best time for a bathroom remodel. Whether it just needs jazzing up a little, reorganising, add value to the home or if you just want a brand new look – a spring renovation is easily one of the best and most fulfilling DIY projects that you can undertake this year.