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Why patterned tiles are becoming popular in the Bathroom

If you are in the middle of planning a bathroom refit, or you are at least considering it, then there is one bathroom trend that you are not going to be able to ignore for very long, if at all. Pattern tiles for the bathroom are growing in popularity and that doesn’t look likely to change any time soon.

Beautifully designed pattern tiles have the ability to add a little something unique to the design of a bathroom. These designs can be recreated, relatively easily, in any home. 

Why have pattern tiles become so popular in the bathroom?

Pattern tiles offer something totally different in the bathroom style stakes than the plain white or coloured bathroom tiles that most of us have become used to. Intricate designs have always caught the eye, they create an air of creativity and uniqueness that we are used to seeing in other parts of the home. The question really should not be “why have pattern tiles become so popular?” but, “what took so long?”.

This type of tile works just as well in a traditional or a more contemporary setting. Whatever your personal tastes, there is going to be a tile design that suits your style.

Another great thing about pattern tiles is the fact that they are versatile enough to be used on either the walls or the floor (underfloor bathroom heating love tiled floors). This is another reason why pattern tiles have become so popular for the bathroom; they add a certain designer look to the room without the added cost that is usually associated with ‘designer’.

When it comes to tiles, there’s more choice than ever before and incredibly lifelike imitations of wood, natural stone and marble are currently extremely popular.

Making your bathroom exceptionally stylish

When it comes to making the bathroom really standout, there is nothing that comes close to the patterned tile. There is this misconception that standing out means ostentatious or brash and bold, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all. You can be standout stylish and still be understated and subtle.

More muted designs can be every bit as eye catching, while still being classy. Our Hydraulic Rose pattern tile is the perfect example of this – wonderfully designed and yet muted enough to work well in any bathroom.

Exceptional design adds so much more to a bathroom than just a splash of colour. It also helps to define the space and makes a design statement that colour alone just can’t. Take a look through our range and just think of how much more the humble bathroom floor could be with the right pattern tile.

Besides, as already mentioned, tiles aren’t just for the floor… let your design imagination go wild.

Using pattern tiles in the bathroom

Patterned bathroom tiles are often used on the floor of the room, while the walls are normally kept relatively simple so as not to make the overall style too ‘busy’. A very popular look recently is white tiled walls with a decoratively tiled floor to create a dramatic and stylish ‘footprint’. This is all personal preference though and you should go with whatever moves you.

Another great idea is to use your newly acquired pattern tiles in certain areas of your bathroom, such as next to the bath or within a shower enclosure. This still allows you to put your own creative stamp on the bathroom while keeping things understated and subtle.

Which tiles work best in the bathroom?

It is sometimes best to use these types of tile sparingly in the bathroom depending on the size of the room, existing decor and your personal tastes. With that firmly in mind, it is always best to keep an eye on the types of tile that is going to work well with the pattern that you like.

Many people opt for a plain textured tile when looking for a patterned finish, more than one styling for a tile can be a little bit much for the senses.

To conclude

As people become more used to the idea of the bathroom being a place of relaxation and unwinding, the more popular pattern tiles are going to become. It really isn’t a huge mystery as to why this style has become more popular recently. Tastes change over time and people are more aware of the fact that relaxation is important, and our surroundings have an effect on that.

Pattern tiles have been around for thousands of years, it’s about time they made a comeback!