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Water Pressure Guide

Before you make any changes to your bathroom, it’s important to know what type of water system you have. Taps and showers are designed to be used with specific water pressure ranges, so determining what type of system you have and whether you have high or low-pressure water will enable you to select appropriate fixtures and fittings for your bathrooms.

Do I need high or low-pressure taps?

You’ll need high or low-pressure taps depending on what type of water system you have. Water pressure is measured in bars, with 1.0 bar and above being considered high pressure and 0.3 bar and below being designated as low pressure.

As you can see, these two classifications do leave a ‘middle ground’ of between 0.3-1 bar. Although this could technically be termed medium pressure, fixtures and fittings rarely refer to this pressure range. That’s because water systems are usually either low pressure and gravity-fed or high pressure, which negates the need for anything in between.

The most common reason for having medium pressure water is if your system runs solely from a combi boiler. If this applies to you, look out for medium pressure taps and shower mixers that will usually be suitable for water pressure ranging from 0.5-1 bar. However, some combi boiler-powered systems are high pressure, so be sure to check your system before you purchase any fixtures and fittings.

What water system do I have?

You can usually check what type of water system you have by checking the water pressure on your boiler. The most common types of water systems used in the UK include:

·   Gravity-fed hot and cold water systems

·   Gravity-fed pumped hot water and mains cold water systems

·   Mains cold water and pumped hot water to the bathroom or whole house

·   Combination boiler

·   Unvented water cylinder

·   Fortec cylinder

In general, however, gravity-fed systems, which feature a cold water tank at the top of your property and a hot water cylinder (often in an airing cupboard) are low pressure, while a combi-powered system will either be medium or high pressure. Alternatively, an unvented water cylinder system, sometimes known as a system boiler, is usually high pressure.

What is a high-pressure kitchen tap?

As you might expect, high-pressure taps are designed for use with high-pressure water systems. They’re able to cope with the flow of water in a high-pressure system and provide a steady and safe flow of water. High-pressure taps, like the Eliseo Ricci Alfa Basin Mixer or the Eliseo Ricci Traditional English Balmoral Taps, can be used in bathrooms where the water pressure exceeds 1 bar. By restricting the flow, high-pressure taps prevent excess water from being used and can also stop water spluttering or splashing when you run the tap.

How does a low-pressure tap work?

Water runs through the pipes of a low-pressure system at a much slower rate, which means it doesn’t need to be restricted by the tap. In fact, you don’t want to restrict the water at all when you have a low pressure water system, as this could lead to an excessively slow flow of water coming out of your taps or shower.

On low-pressure taps, the mixer outlet remains open, which allows water to flow into the boiler and push the hot water to the top. This makes it instantly accessible and enables you to enjoy hot water from your taps whenever it’s needed.

What is a low-pressure kitchen tap?

A low-pressure kitchen tap, like the Eliseo Ricci Metro Bason Mixer, is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms if your property features a low-pressure water system. By not restricting the flow of water, low-pressure taps and mixers will enable you to maximise the water pressure and enjoy a steady flow of water.

Are there taps for all water pressures?

Absolutely. No matter what type of water system you have, you’ll find a wide range of taps, mixers and showerheads to suit your needs. What’s more – you’ll find that some fixtures and fittings work across a wide range of pressures. For example, the Eliseo Ricci L-Series Tall Mono Basin Mixer Tap is capable of operating on systems ranging from 0.2-6 bar, which makes it suitable for use with most water systems.


The taps and showerhead you choose can elevate your design and put the finishing touches on your bathroom, but it’s important to choose the right fixtures and fittings. Using a low-pressure tap on a high-pressure system, or vice versa will impede performance and could cause damage to your boiler or plumbing system. By confirming what type of water system you have and choosing taps and showerheads according, you can boost the performance of your fixtures and fittings and enjoy optimal water pressure.


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