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Understanding Different Types of Basin Wastes

Basin wastes are something that can often be overlooked when your bathroom is being completely redone. However, is imperative that you not only fit one but also choose the correct type. If you fit the wrong type of waste it will lead to unnecessary issues. Choosing the right type of waste for your basin can be quite tricky, especially if you haven’t dabbled with DIY work before. But don’t worry; we will be discussing everything you need to know when choosing a basin waste in this article.

What is a basin waste?

The waste allows you to fill your basin with water and drains all of the used water.

Slotted or unslotted basin waste?

This is the first question you will be presented with when searching for a basin waste. So, what is the difference between a slotted and unslotted waste? A slotted basin waste has a slot that allows any overflowing water to run safely into the main waste.

Slotted basin waste

Minimalistic Slotted Press Top Basin Waste

Showcasing a contemporary design, this basin waste is easy to use and ensures that your basin not only looks good but functions exceptionally well too.

You will need to understand what an overflow is in order to select the correct type of waste. An overflow is a small hole on the inside of the basin that allows excess water to be drained while the tap is running. A general rule of thumb is that if your basin has an overflow, you’ll need a slotted waste. If it doesn’t have an overflow, you’ll need an unslotted waste.

Unslotted basin waste

Eliseo Ricci Round Unslotted Basin Waste

This basin waste is made from high-quality brass and is finished beautifully with chrome. It has a modern design and is designed to draw the best performance from your basin. An added benefit of this waste is that it is very easy to both install and maintain.


It’s important to make sure you choose the right type of waste, as fitting the wrong one can result in your overflow not working as it should.

Plug and chain

A plug and chain is one of the most well-known and popular types of basin wastes to this day. Whilst it is often associated with traditional designs, plug and chain wastes now come in vintage and contemporary styles. If you are ever stuck on what kind of waste to use then we recommend this type. They are very affordable and the simple design that they offer is extremely reliable.

Traditional English Balmoral Basin Waste with Plug and Chain

As the name suggests, the plug and chain basin waste has an elegant look that is perfect for traditional bathrooms. This waste has a solid brass construction that is finished in scratch resistant chrome.

Pop-up waste

The pop-up waste continues to grow in popularity. This type of waste operates with the use of a lever operation. The lever is pulled up to lower the waste stopper, or pushed down to act as a barrier that will enable you to fill your basin with water. Usually, lever is normally located at the rear of your tap but this can differ.

Push button waste

Push button wastes are a contemporary choice. These are operated by a central button that you simply push down to allow your vessel to fill up, and then you push again when you are ready to drain the water away. This is quite popular with the modern minimalistic bathrooms being easy and simple to use.

The push button waste can also be referred to as a click-clack waste or sprung plug.

Grohe Basin Waste with Pressure Plug

This basin waste from Grohe showcases outstanding quality and an intricate overall design. It is suitable for wash basins with an overflow and the plug is removable.

Eliseo Ricci Easy Clean Press Top Waste

This round, slotted pop-up waste is made of a sturdy, rust proof brass and zinc alloy ensuring its reliability.  The central sprung lifts out for easy cleaning.

Macdee Wirquin Nano Quick Clac All-in-One Basin Waste

This basin waste is specially designed to be easy to install thereby reducing installation time. With a compact height of only 6.7cm it takes up a lot less space than a standard waste. The trap is accessible from above for quick and easy cleaning and the waterless membrane trap guarantees that the system smells fresh at all times.

Flip top waste

The flip top basin waste is another style that is popular for modern bathroom suites. They are controlled through revolving a stopper. The stopper can be left flat to hold water and then rotated to allow for water drainage.

Bottle traps

This is an essential part of your basin plumbing that will help to keep everything hygienic and odourless. The bottle trap blocks any bad odours from resurfacing after water has passed through drainage which makes a trap just as important as a waste.

Eliseo Ricci Minimalist Round Bottle Trap

This bottle trap showcases a sleek Italian design that looks great and functions effectively. It has a solid brass construction providing you with the reassurance this bottle trap is built to the highest standards.

Square Bottle Trap

This bottle trap is chrome plated and whilst it may not be the first thing that is noticed in a bathroom, it definitely helps to tie the look of your bathroom together. This bottle trap is supplied with a 10-year guarantee.

All basins require a suitable waste. So, as you select yours, ensure you choose the one that has been designed for your particular type of basin. It is worth noting that some taps come as a complete package with a waste. At bathshack, all of our basin wastes are listed at affordable prices without compromising the quality of the product. Click here to view our entire basin and basin waste collection.