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The Ultimate Bathroom Gift Guide

Christmas and bathrooms are not commonly associated with each other. When it comes to Christmas shopping, our minds naturally think of products like perfumes, clothes, and games. However, sometimes the more practical gifts are the ones that turn out to be the most appreciated. Bathroom-related gifts are absolutely perfect for those that are either moving into a new home or renovating their bathroom. Factoring in style preferences, budget, and space, we've picked an array of products certain to go down well with your loved ones.


Mirrors are no longer only used for vanity, they have evolved to include luxury features that are designed to make using a bathroom much easier, e.g. LED backlit mirrors. LED lights found on selected bathroom mirrors create less glare than standard lighting. This will assist the user in activities such as applying makeup or shaving which would otherwise be a hassle with the overhead light they are putting up with whilst completing their bathroom. LED lights are also beneficial as they provide excellent illumination whilst reducing energy consumption.

Our recommendations

Here are just a handful of our favourite mirror designs that all come in under £100!

Lusso Backlit LED Mirror

This mirror offers a sleek, contemporary style with clean edges. If you’re buying for someone who loves a modern look, this mirror would be great for them. It is equipped with 16 energy saving LED lights operated by a pull on/off chord. These lights will offer brilliant illumination at any time of day.

Eliseo Ricci Jasmine LED Mirror

The Jasmine LED Mirror showcases an innovative touch sensitive design making it the perfect mirror to select for someone upgrading their bathroom.  Say goodbye to smears, this mirror features de-mister pads to help keep the surface of the mirror warm and prevent condensation.

Forum Apus Circular LED Magnifying Mirror

Magnifying mirrors are extremely useful when it comes to applying makeup or shaving. This mirror has a unique circular design that is certain to catch attention. As well as magnifying, this mirror also has an LED downlight and an adjustable hinge so anyone can use it comfortably.

Bathroom technology

So, what do you purchase for someone who is tech savvy on Christmas? Rather than buying them a novelty gift, look into something they will be able to use in their everyday life.

Our recommendation

Grohe Phillips Aquatunes Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

For music lovers, this is an excellent gift. Now they can listen to music in the bathroom too! This amazing bathroom Bluetooth speaker will allow its user to play music as they shower. It can be simply attached to your shower rail and can be removed with ease. The 8-hour power life of this speaker means its user can enjoy high quality audio with interruption.

Bathroom heating

Purchasing a heated towel rail may be a long way down on the list of things to get during a renovation. However, the person you’re buying for will probably regret not investing in one especially when winter hits. Not only are towel rails a more practical solution than standard radiators in terms of size but they also make a stylish addition to any bathroom. Bear in mind, towel rails tend to be the preferred option in contemporary bathroom but can be used in traditional suites too.

Make sure that the person you are buying for has plenty of free wall space for a towel rail. But, even if space is sparse, many towel rails are designed to take up very little space. Regardless of size, heated towel rails will provide enough heat to warm the bathroom and will of course keep the users towels nice and warm.

Our recommendations

We have selected some stunning heated towel rail designs, all under £100!

Eliseo Ricci ER25 Straight Chrome Heated Towel Rail

This heated towel rail has a versatile look that would look great in a wide variety of bathroom designs. It has been built to the highest standards ensuring great performance and a long-life span. This heated towel rail is suitable for all heating systems so you won’t have to worry about asking your recipient and possibly spoiling the surprise of this gift!

Eliseo Ricci Curved Towel Rail

The Eliseo Ricci Curved Towel Rail delivers superb heating as well as a striking design. It has been constructed from robust steel and sports a polished chrome finish to compliment other bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom storage

A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house, however, it is typically the smallest. With such high usage it is surprising how quickly clutter can mount. If a member of family or a friend is renovating or moving into their home, finding storage will be a load off their minds. There is a multitude of bathroom furniture available to buy so what should you go for?


Installing a bathroom cabinet can help to clear clutter. Additionally, they will provide you with a place to store essential toiletries close to hand.

Our recommendations

We’ve selected a couple of standout storage units for under £200!

Baltimore Black Wall Storage Cabinet Unit

The Baltimore unit it perfect for storing all essentials. It has a high-quality angular build and is best suited for more contemporary bathroom suites. It features soft close doors making it family friendly.

Paris White Gloss 3 Drawer Unit

Offering plentiful storage, you can’t go wrong with the Paris 3 Drawer Unit. This unit has a simplistic design suitable for both contemporary and traditional bathroom suites.

Vanity units

Vanity units are perfect for those looking to save space and make the most out of bathroom storage. As well as offering additional countertop space, the cupboard underneath can be used to store bathroom essentials. We recommend vanity units for those who have smaller spaces such as a cloakroom suite.

Our recommendations

These vanity units are priced under £180!

Verona Vanity Unit and Basin

Combining a surprising amount of storage with a stunning basin, the Verona unit will enhance any bathroom suite. It is supplied fully assembled so the recipient of your gift does not need to worry about DIY work.

Milan Vanity Unit and Basin

The Milan is perfect for a modern bathroom suite. The basin has a stunning ceramic construction and was designed to enhance your bathroom suite for many years.

Eden Black Ash Freestanding Vanity Unit

This vanity unit boasts a minimalistic appeal with sharp lines and a glossy finish. It also hides away any unsightly pipework! You can find this unit in a grey variant too.

The finishing touch

Artwork shouldn’t just be used in a bedroom or living area as it is an excellent way to lift and add character to a bathroom décor too. At Bathshack, we have a selection of art work that you can choose from. When buying for someone else remember that they may not have the same style taste as you. Put yourself in your recipient’s shoes and select something they will want to put up straight away.

Gift vouchers

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