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The Best Bathroom Routine for Children

Starting to use the bathroom is a very important part of a child's development. Teaching them the ropes on using the bathroom and establishing a routine is essential. It will help them to understand things like timings, self-disciple, and basic hygiene. However, teaching young ones to be tidy and controlled in a bathroom can be difficult at times. Read on to learn more about establishing your child's bathroom routine.

Getting timings right not only benefits you but also your child. Try your best to make the times you’ve set in your routine stick. If you work and struggle with time, start your routine with them in the morning. Brush your teeth at the same time as they do, wash your face before or at the same time as they do, etc. If your child sees you do something, they are more likely to follow your example. The Alpina Double Vanity Unit offers plenty of space for you and your child to get ready at the same time but you may need to invest in a stool.

Try to make things as simple as possible for your child. For the first few weeks, create a checklist and attach it to your mirror (this can be removed as soon as your child is getting the hang of things) so your child can see the steps that they have and haven’t done. For example, go to the potty/toilet, wash hands, brush teeth, wash face, start getting dressed for school. A reminder will help your child and ensure they don’t forget everything.

Helpful distractions

First things first, adhering to a routine will not be on the forefront of your child’s mind from the get-go. Children have the tendency to rush going to the bathroom to clean themselves up so that they can to get back to playing games or watching TV. It may help to give them a challenge whilst they are using the bathroom. It is recommended that we all spend at least 2 minutes brushing our teeth in the morning and at night. Using this as an example, tell your child to listen to a short song as they brush. Playing a song that they like is bound to make the task less of a chore in their eyes. Use something like the Grohe Phillips Aquatunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker to play the songs. One of the perks to using something like this is that it can be attached in a place only adult hands can get to.

Bath time routine

If your bathing your child at the start of the day you will want to ensure that they are having fun. Otherwise, this process can turn into a hassle. Try to incorporate it into your child’s playtime as they will begin to associate bath time with fun activities. Try filling a bathtub with bubbles and by adding some toys that they will like. Remember to switch out toys occasionally so your child doesn’t get bored of playing with the same ones.

Another thing to consider is making sure that your child is getting enough sleep. If your child isn’t sleeping properly not only will they not be able to focus in school it will also be much harder for them to follow a morning routine. There are various ways that you can help to improve their sleeping routine and one method involves bathing at night. As we have mentioned in a couple of our previous blog posts, our body naturally begins to cool down a short while before we sleep. A warm bath can help to induce sleep by warming up your body ready for the cooling process. Try moving your child’s bath time to the night time to help them get to sleep easier. This is particularly useful if your child isn’t showing signs of coming off school holiday mode.

If you haven’t got a bath we recommend the Moods Granada Single Ended Bath that is both relaxing and practical for family use. This bath provides extra comfort and safety with the addition of two metal grips for ease of access. This bath also has an anti-slip surface that makes it even safer for children to get in and out in a safe manner. Another great option would be the Moods Steel Single Ended Bath this bath presents a high-quality build that can be relied upon for years to come. It provides a spacious bathing area which will allow children to have some toys as they bathe.

Cleaning up as they go

You can teach kids to clean up after themselves as part of their routine. Teach your child to flush a toilet after they use it, mop up any dregs of toothpaste that remain in the sink whilst brushing their teeth and so on. Once they have ticked off some of their routine show them that there are designated spots for their toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, dirty clothes, and hair products. As you’re teaching them how to use everything, teach them to put it away directly afterwards.

Create a family friendly bathroom

Helping your child cement their bathroom routine will also require you to have a child-friendly bathroom. If you have everything you will need for the bathroom it makes everything a lot easier to structure a routine.

Saving space is a must in family bathrooms. If your bathroom is on the smaller size you will need to think of items that both maximise your space and will perform well as your little one grows. Choose fixtures like the Roma Fully Back to Wall Close Coupled Toilet and Soft Close Seat which offers a clean look and has a compact form. Another alternative would be the Arc Fully BTW Rimless WC Pan, Cistern and Seat which will save you a lot of space. Both toilets are equipped with a push button waste. If you have ever taken your child onto a bus you may be familiar with their love of pushing buttons!

Keeping your bathroom clean is also a priority but with a child, bathroom maintenance may be hard to manage. Install easy clean flooring such as the options seen in our Pergo collection. This range features flooring durable enough to handle everyday challenges. Every plank of Pergo flooring consists of up to 5 layers delivering improved scratch, wear, and stain resistance.

We hope today’s article has shown you how your bathroom can be adapted and used to help create a bathroom routine for your little one. If you would like more inspiration for your child’s routine, we recommend taking a look at our dedicated Pinterest board.  These boards will provide some more ideas that you can try out for yourself.