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Nail the trend: Seamless shower screens

A continuing trend for bathrooms, the seamless shower screen is one which shows no signs of slowing down and it remains a popular choice for wet rooms and shower enclosures. Also referred to as frameless screens, seamless shower screens are just that – they offer a seamless aesthetic because they don’t have a frame like traditional shower doors.

The resulting look is one which will add a contemporary style to your interior and which will enhance your bathroom in a variety of ways.

Seamless shower and wet room screens help to make interiors appear more spacious.

Benefits of frameless shower panels

If you’re considering a seamless or frameless shower screen – or are unsure as to why you might want to get one – then it’s good to know their key features and what they can add to your home.

  • Sturdier screens: Made entirely from glass and without a surrounding frame, seamless shower screens might seem as if they would be less robust than their frameless cousins, but they are, in fact, very sturdy. Indeed, being made from specially tempered and reinforced safety glass, seamless screens are thicker than traditional screens to make up for the fact that they don’t have that supporting frame.
    At Bathshack, our frameless shower and wet room screens are generally 8mm thick, while ordinary framed screens are usually around 6mm thick. As a result, they’re able to withstand daily use and general wear and tear, as well as being ideal for using with high-pressure power showers.
  • Easy to clean: Without the addition of a frame, seamless shower screens are much easier to clean and most of our range is treated with AquaShield Glass Coating, which forms a protective barrier on the glass. This prevents dirt and residue from adhering to the surface, keeping the glass clearer for longer and reducing the frequency of cleaning.
  • Spacious look: Installing a seamless shower screen will immediately open up your interior, making it appear bigger than it actually is. With light allowed to flow uninterrupted through the room, this creates the illusion of more space, making it appear airier and more open.
  • Highlights key features: With seamless shower and wet room screens giving your bathroom a more spacious vibe, they also make it more visible in its entirety, so you can enjoy the full effects of your décor without anything obscuring the view. This also has the effect of emphasising other key features within your bathroom. For example, it might draw more attention to marble tiling, for example, or a vanity unit.
  • More motion: With framed screens, movement is more restricted, with the screen usually only opening outwards into the room. Seamless screens, however, can open as hinged pivot panels, swinging both inwards and outwards for a more flexible option.

Frameless shower screens can help draw attention to other key features within your bathroom, such as vanity units.

  • Flexible style: Because seamless screens have no frames to colour-match with or to consider within your overall interior design, this makes them immediately more flexible in terms of styling. You can subsequently add them to any bathroom without worrying that they’ll look out of place, so they’re extremely versatile.
  • Add style and glamour: Installing a seamless shower screen will instantly elevate your bathroom design, giving it a more stylish and glamourous look. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to add some sophisticated style to your interior, then this is a great way to do it.

Although seamless shower screens offer no privacy – which might be a sticking point for some people – if you want this type of screen but prefer a more obscured view, then fluted glass is a great compromise. Another currently on-trend style, fluted or textured glass distorts the view with the ripple effect created by its vertical columns. This not only creates visual interest as a stylish aesthetic but works well in obscuring the view while you shower, for enhanced privacy.

Fluted glass also diffuses light more efficiently across its surface which again helps to make the room appear lighter and more spacious, so it’s win-win situation.

Fluted glass is a great alternative for a seamless shower screen as the textured design distorts the view for enhanced privacy.

Seamless and fluted glass shower screens at Bathshack

The Hudson Reed Wet Room Screen and Support Bar in Brushed Brass.

If you’d like to add a seamless shower screen to your wet room or bathroom – or are interested in the fluted screens, then we have a high-quality range of these products available at Bathshack for great-value prices.

The Hudson Reed Wet Room Screen and Support Bar in Brushed Brass is made from 8mm toughened safety glass and comes with an elegant brushed brass support bar. It also has ‘Shower Shied’ protection, which repels dirt and grime, so your glass screen stays clean and clear for longer. This keeps it looking pristine while also reducing how often you need to clean it.

Another example of our frameless screens is the Kiimat Aqua Wetroom Panel which again comes with that toughened safety glass, the 8mm thickness making this a more robust screen which is suitable for use with power showers. It also has AquaShield Glass Treatment which, again, forms a protective barrier on the glass that prevents dirt and residue from adhering to the surface, thereby keeping it cleaner for longer. The chrome support arm is also included.

The Kiimat Aqua Wet Room Panel has 8mm toughened safety glass.

If fluted screens sound more like your style, however, then consider the Nuie Fluted Wet Room Screen and Support Bar in Brushed Brass, which will add instant elegance to your bathroom. Available with a choice of brushed brass, chrome or black matt support bar, this seamless screen will give you all the sophistication of that frameless style while also providing an element of privacy that you won’t get with non-fluted glass.

The texture of the fluted glass will add depth and character to your interior and will also distort the light to help create an airier room which appears more spacious.

The Nuie Fluted Wet Room and Support Bar in Brushed Brass.

Whether you’re installing a dedicated wet room or simply want to create a stylish shower area, then seamless screens are an inspired choice. Our expert team is always on hand to help with any questions you might have, so if you’d like to find out more about these popular products, just pop into one of our showrooms and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’d like to find out more about our seamless shower screens, email our team at or call (028) 9077 0188. Alternatively, our online chat is available if you have any queries.