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Master Bathroom Ideas

Summary: These master bathroom ideas will help you to decorate or renovate your master bathroom. Discover some inspiration for your master bathroom to make it beautiful.

When you want to decorate your master bathroom, you can often have a lot of space to fill. It means you can be creative with your decorating but it might also make it tricky to use the space wisely. Even if your master bathroom isn't that big, it's the main bathroom in your home and deserves to have some attention paid to it. It's a space where you can relax and get some time to yourself, as well as take care of some essential tasks every day.

Which One's the Master Bathroom?

Some homes only have one bathroom, which is shared by family and guests alike. However, if you're lucky enough to have more than one, there will sometimes be a master bathroom. This is usually the adjoining or ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom - the largest bedroom in the house. There are no set rules on how big a master bathroom might be, but it will usually have a toilet, sink and bath/shower or perhaps just a large shower. A master bathroom can be your sanctuary, where children and guests are not allowed to go.

Decorating the Large Space of a Master Bathroom

Master bathrooms often have more space to decorate than other bathrooms. On the one hand, this is great, but it can also be difficult to use the space wisely. You might not want it to look like the bathroom is too empty, but you don't want it to be too cluttered, either. You need to use the space so it's still light and airy but doesn't look empty. If you have plenty of space to use, you have more freedom in choosing the key features of your bathroom, including bath tub, cabinets and other storage, and maybe even a separate shower cubicle.

Making Use of Texture and Pattern

When you're filling the space of a master bathroom, you might want to consider how to use texture and patterns. Using different patterns and textures helps to fill it a space and make it feel warmer. It's also a great way to add luxurious touches to your bathroom. You can start by choosing tile for your bathroom, which is available in different materials, colours and patterns. For a natural look that also has a touch of luxury, you could go for a stone-look ceramic tile. The shape of the tile can make a difference too. You could go for a contemporary hexagonal tile if you want to make an interesting pattern. Or you might pick an interesting patterned tile to give even more detail to your bathroom. Mixing up different tiles can also be a great way to decorate.

As well as tiling, you can think about the other materials that you use. You can use anything from wood to ceramic and different metals, such as copper or brass. Some luxury materials such as marble can give you a grand bathroom and make use of texture too.

Install a Large Bath or Shower (or Both)

When you have a lot of space to use in your master bathroom, it gives you a chance to have the bath or shower of your dreams. There are many things you could do, from clawfoot tubs to a spa bath or a huge shower cubicle. If there's space, you might even want to have a bath and a shower separately. If not, it's convenient to have a shower over the bath so you can choose whether you want to have a shower or bath.

Let There Be Light

You will find that many master bathrooms are full of light. While some might make use of darker colours, they're unlikely to be dark and gloomy. Using plenty of light in your master bathroom makes it a relaxing place to be, whether you're getting up on a dark winter morning or getting ready to go to bed at night. Using light and neutral colours will help to make the room bright, and you can also combine both natural light and lighting to brighten up the room. A light and airy bathroom can even look large, even if your master bathroom is a little on the small side.

Make your master bathroom as beautiful as can be by using the space in a smart way. You can make it the most relaxing room in your home and the best looking one too.