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Kitchen Tap Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right taps is the key to having a functional kitchen space. They may not be the largest fixture but they certainly catch attention. As we often say, it is usually the smallest fixtures that can make the biggest difference, so it is worth giving them consideration. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss your options so you can find the perfect taps for your kitchen.

Understanding water pressure

Understanding your home’s water pressure is imperative as it will help you find a suitable tap. If you choose an incompatible tap it may seem as though your tap is faulty. However, it isn’t the tap that isn’t performing, it just operates effectively with a different water system.

Low pressure systems - if you have a cold-water tank and a hot water cylinder in your home it is likely that you have a low-pressure system. If you have a low-pressure water system, then you will need to choose a tap that is designed to work at a low pressure to ensure a steady flow of water.

High pressure vented system - take a look in your kitchen; does it have a combination boiler? If so, you probably have a high pressure vented system. These boilers are fed directly with mains pressure cold water, which is quickly heated and pumped around your home. You can choose any type of tap for this system.

High pressure unvented system - this is where you will only have a hot water tank. Water is held at mains pressure and then heated by immersion heaters. These are located at the side of the tank or boiler. Most kitchen taps can be used with this system.

Different types of kitchen taps

Pull out kitchen taps

There is a good reason why pull out kitchen taps are used in professional settings such as in restaurants. A pull-out kitchen spray tap features a spout on a flexible hose that can be removed from its bracket, which means you can clean dishes or fresh produce with ease. The Grohe Eurosmart Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray is an affordable kitchen tap that is designed with many user-friendly features. In busy family kitchens, everything that is installed needs to be easy to use and able to simplify tasks. Grohe's technology ensures temperature control of lead and nickel-free drinking water. Additionally, the easy dock system allows the tap to retract neatly once it has been used. The finish is also scratch-resistant for an attractive appearance that can endure daily wear and tear.


Boiling water taps

Boiling water taps provide boiling hot water on demand and are a fantastic option for busy households. Waiting for a kettle to boil is no longer necessary; everyone can enjoy their drink of choice at the touch of a button. Instant hot water taps are able to dispense boiling water that can be used to fill pans for cooking to making drinks. Sunk into the countertop with the water boiler they are discreetly hidden underneath the worktop for a seamless look. View the Eliseo Ricci Instant Boiling Water Tap that features 360° swivel spout, a child-safe spring lock and more. This tap makes for a stunning addition to any kitchen.

Mixer taps

Mixer taps do exactly what their name suggests, they combine hot and cold water which makes the temperature far easier to control. Mixer taps combine a flow of water before it exits the spout. The water can be controlled by one or two levers. Mixer taps are extremely popular which means there are a wide variety of styles are available.

Our recommendations

Prima + Professional Single Lever Mixer Tap

With a single, easy to use lever, the Prisma mixer tap is an exceptional choice for modern kitchens. This tap has been designed to flow seamlessly with your kitchen basin for an elegant look.

ER Twin Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap 

The gorgeous ER Twin Lever Kitchen Mixer is an excellent choice for traditional and modern kitchen designs. The elegant spout is framed by two taps that turn with ease.

Prima + Professional Black Spray Mixer Tap

This tap delivers kettle-hot boiling water instantly. This tap showcases various modern functions including a full 360° swivel, a child-safe spring lock and even a touch screen digital display! As an added bonus, it has a black finish that is very on trend right now.

Kitchen Kensington Bridge Mixer Tap

The Kensington is the perfect kitchen tap for traditional kitchens. With an elegant, timeless build this tap is certain to elevate your design.

Filter taps

The only way you can certain that your water contains no impurities is with a filtration system. Water filter taps remove all the impurities that can decontaminate tap water. Not only do they offer great tasting water, but they also offer convenience as they save you from having to reach for bottled water all the time.  This means that by installing a filter tap you can also help the environment by reducing plastic waste. They are an undoubtedly great investment for kitchen spaces.

The Grohe Blue Minta Lever Filter Tap combines the functionalities of a conventional sink mixer with those of a water filter. Activated using a separate handle, the filter removes impurities and fresh water.  Finished in a hard-wearing chrome coating, your tap will always retain a shining appearance.


The finish of your tap depends entirely on the style of your kitchen as a whole. Kitchen fixtures are often finished in chrome or stainless-steel finishes. However, more quirky finishes have risen in popularity recently as rose gold and matt black taps have dominated in kitchen interior design. If you want to set your kitchen apart from others, these are the finishes you should look into.

We hope that today’s article has shown you the many options you have when selecting kitchen taps. Remember to think carefully about what type will serve your lifestyle the best. For more tap inspiration, view our collection. We have a fantastic selection of kitchen taps to suit all design and practical preferences.