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How to save energy in your bathroom

Whether it’s adopting new behaviours in the bathroom or installing fixtures which are more eco-friendly, there are lots of ways in which you can save energy and reduce your bills as well as being better for the environment.

We’ve subsequently put together a brief guide on how to do this so, if you need some inspiration for your home, then read to the end to find out what we suggest …

Illuminate your bathroom with eco-friendly LED lighting

A key way to save energy in your bathroom is to switch out traditional bulbs for more efficient LED lights, either as separate fixtures or incorporated within mirrors for extra convenience. Using less wattage (energy) to produce the same quantity of lumens (light) as traditional bulbs, LED lighting lasts longer and is more eco-friendly, so it will reduce your energy bills as well as delivering great lighting.

You can also enjoy LED lighting in-built into mirrored cabinets, so it’s very easy to incorporate it into your bathroom.

If you want an LED mirror then there are lots of finishes and styles available, such as the Rose Oval Backlit LED Mirror with Demister. This attractive oval-shaped mirror has a frameless design and features LED lighting as well as an in-built demister pad, so it won’t steam up while you shower or bathe. With a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, it will complement a wide range of décor, so is very versatile and will fit into any bathroom quite easily.

The Rose Oval Backlit LED Mirror with Demister.

Efficient toilet ideas

You can match your dual-flush button to your bathroom décor.

Moving away from lighting, another way to save energy in the bathroom is to watch water usage – and you can do this in multiple ways.

Choosing a dual-flush toilet like the Enzo2 Close-coupled Fully Back-to-wall Toilet and Soft-close Seat will help to save water, as you can select which flush function you want to use – either a full or half-flush. This means the toilet will be more conservative in the amount of water used to flush the toilet properly, using only what’s needed. This can vastly reduce water usage, so is much more energy-efficient.

Keeping with toilets, a rimless design can also save water in the bathroom and, combined with a dual-flush mechanism, is an inspired choice for the eco-conscious. This is due to the direct flush system used by rimless toilets – which sees the water directed around the toilet pan in a circular motion rather than being redistributed around the bowl as with more traditional rimed toilets. This uses less water and is ultimately much more efficient.

Rimless toilets are also easier to clean and don’t harbour as many germs, as there’s no rim for bacteria and dirt to gather underneath.

The Marbella Rimless Wall-hung Toilet and Soft-close Seat has both the dual-flush feature, as well as that rimless design, so is a great choice for a more environmentally-friendly bathroom.

Choosing a dual-flush toilet like the popular Enzo2 Close-coupled Fully Back-to-wall Toilet will save water in your bathroom.

The Marbella Rimless Wall-hung Toilet and Soft-close Seat.

Our final toilet idea for saving energy is the Duo 2 in 1 Toilet and Basin Combo, which integrates a basin within the toilet design. Located on top of the cistern, the basin recycles the water you use for washing your hands, redirecting it into the cistern for flushing the toilet. This is also a great space-saving toilet, so is ideal if you have a smaller bathroom or a cloakroom space.

The Duo 2 in 1 Toilet and Basin Combo incorporates a basin on top of the cistern and recycles the water for flushing.

Shake up your shower style

Most people enjoy a daily shower so it’s also worth considering a more energy-efficient one if you want to save energy in your bathroom. From Smart showerheads which use less water, to thermostatic control which heats the water more efficiently, you can combine the latest technology with taking shorter showers to reduce your energy wastage.

are also great, as they don’t operate off the main home central heating system, so only use the energy needed for your shower and can then be turned off again.

The Eliseo Ricci Pro Round Thermostatic Rain Shower will save energy.

Thermostatic showers are also great at reducing energy consumption and the Eliseo Ricci Pro Round Thermostatic Rain Shower has this feature. Automatically adjusting the flow of hot and cold water to maintain a consistent temperature, this results in saving water, as it reduces the amount wasted while waiting for it to reach the desired temperature. By maintaining the water temperature, this subsequently conserves both water and energy.

Cut costs with efficient bathroom heating

Proper ventilation and heating in your bathroom will also save energy, so installing efficient radiators, heated towel rails or underfloor heating will help with this.

If you decide to go for a heated towel rail, then this can either operate off your home heating system or you can install an electric-only version. An electric heated towel rail can be switched on and off as you need it and works independently of the hot water system, so is more efficient because of this.

The Lazzarini Silea Straight Heated Towel Rail is a dual-fuel rail which can be installed as electric-operated product. With an elegant, brushed brass finish, it will be a stylish as well as a practical addition to any bathroom and will save energy by not relying on the boiler system.

The Lazzarini Silea Straight Heated Towel Rail can be installed as electric-only.

These are just a few ideas of how you can save energy in your bathroom – this winter and beyond. Fixing dripping showerheads and leaking taps quickly is another recommendation, while you can also choose lever-operated taps which turn water on and off more efficiently, allowing you to control the water flow and temperature more easily and subsequently reducing wastage and saving energy.

At Bathshack, we have a range of bathroom products which will help you save energy in your home while still delivering on practicality and style. From shower kits, taps and heating, to LED mirrors, cabinets and more, we have a great-value selection of products, with something to suit all tastes.

To browse our range of bathroom products, visit our website at Alternatively, if you have any questions, just email our team at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.