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How To Give Your Bathroom A Romantic Makeover For Valentines Day

How To Give Your Bathroom A Romantic Makeover For Valentines Day - Blog

This year, Valentine's Day is going to be even more special than before. Since we have all been in a prolonged lockdown, we’ve become closer to each other. As married partners or couples, we have learned a lot about each other and what makes us tick. If you didn’t already know, you have found out, what makes your partner worried about the future and what kinds of things they look forward to now. Having an intimate Valentine’s Day can be done in many ways but most of the time, it involves some kind of close physical bonding. Your bathroom could be one such place, where you can express your love for one another. If it’s not romantic enough, we have a few ideas to help you start by changing it.

Create a spa

Just for the day, you can create a luxury spa date. Select an aromatic bubble bath, and or some salts that will energize the water. You can place some candles in the corner of the room. The candles should balance the bubble bath aroma, so try not to buy a candle set that is overpowering. You want the gentle scent of lavender, roses, or cedarwood to waft through the room in good time. You can put some flower petals in the bathwater and bathe in the essential oils that secrete from them too. 

What kind of music goes well with this? Usually, we recommend ambient music. Music with lyrics just makes it harder to hear each other while in the bathtub. So a nice cool ambient string melody would be just what you need. Why not place a steel bucket of ice and some champagne on the stool next to you, so you can help yourselves whenever you wish?

A style change

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to change your bathroom style. Bathrooms Valentine's designs are often seen as something that is a flash in the pan. However, these geometric Aquilla ceiling lights will set the tone for many years to come. They have chrome and frosted glass finishes, which allows all four of the ceiling lights to boost their light across the room effortlessly. Rated for IP44 they can handle the steamiest situations which you might be cooking up for Valentine’s Day soak. And at just 10.5cm x 28cm, they can fit just about anywhere; even if you have a small bathroom.

Oil massages

You don’t need to have magic hands to provide your lover with a great massage. Get some oil along with some seaweed or smooth hot sauna stones, and watch a few videos on the best massage techniques. In the ambiance of the bathroom, you could relive each other’s stress and relax your muscles with calm, long, purposeful strokes. 

Mirror on the wall

The bathroom mirror is one of the most prized possessions of any household. But it should be one that is unlike any other in the home. It should be easily adjustable to the mood you’re in, easy to set to a light level that makes a dark corner vibrant and modern. All three of these things are in this type of bathroom mirror bluetooth. It's built using energy-efficient LED lighting that is in a one-piece acrylic diffuser. It's a steam free mirror with a heated demister pad. It has an infrared sensor so it can switch on just by motion, great for when you’re going for a midnight tinkle and don’t want to switch the lights on. The soft design makes it merge into the background, not pronouncing itself as a large mirror. Oh, and its bluetooth connecting, with a range of 10 meters. 

Enjoying the show

You know, sometimes you just don’t want to leave the bathroom. Whether it's because you’re cuddling in each other’s arms or you’re just too tired to get up yet, it's common to give in and stay a while longer. But soaking in the warm water by itself can be supplemented with a bathroom TV. It's a full HD 19” LED LG panel, with a heated screen to prevent it from misting up. It's rated at IP65 and supports built-in HD Freeview. Switch on your favorite romantic film and get lost in the story together. Enjoying the bubble bath and candles with each other, it's a great way to finish your Valentine’s Day together. 

If you have any further questions about how you can transform your bathroom into a Valentine’s Day dream, just give us a shout and we’ll be happy to answer any questions via our inquiry form 

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