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How Much Will a New Bathroom Cost in 2021? 

How Much Will a New Bathroom Cost in 2021?  - Blog

At this point in time, we’re all a bit tired of looking at the inside walls of our homes. A bathroom renovation is one of the most popular ways to spruce up your space with a bright freshness and a new lease of life, but how much does it cost to have a new bathroom installed in 2021? Although it will be difficult to give a definitive answer, we hope to give an idea of the costs that are behind putting together a beautiful new bathroom.  


The pricing of a new bathroom can be divided into three factors: 

  • The first cost to consider is the price of installation, which will all depend on the size of the job, how much man-power it will require and how much time it will take. This will also depend on how extensive the work will be. If your bathroom refurb requires replacing just one or two fixtures, the replacement of one fixture is likely to cost around £130 to install. Or will your bathroom refurb more extensive work: will the whole bathroom suite be replaced, or are you completing a large-scale project that requires the whole suite replaced along with extras that require contractors such as plastering, painting, tiling, flooring, ceiling and electrics? The price will also vary slightly depending on your area. The average cost of a bathroom installation is likely to be around £800 to £3,00, and is typically upwards of £1,000. If you want a more precise estimate, many trade companies offer free quotes online, just enter a few details on your installation and you will be contacted with a quote specific to your refurb project and your location. 
  • The next consideration is the cost of removing your old bathroom, which can include the removal of the bathroom fixtures that are to be replaced, along with additional items such as tiling, taps, towel rails and sealant. Once again, this will vary depending on the size of your refurb project, but it can be estimated that it will cost around £600 - £2,400. If you are tempted to try and work around the costs of a bathroom installation and fixture removal, we would advise against trying to cut costs with a DIY job. Making mistakes in any part of a bathroom fixture can result in damage and thus much more costs down the line. We thus always advise hiring professionals to guarantee a full-proof bathroom installation. 
  • The most important pricing to consider is the up-front cost of the products themselves. This includes the products that will be going into your bathroom and will all depend on what you want out of your space. For example, are you creating a bathroom within a smaller space that has a focus on space-optimising practicality, or are you prioritising designer aesthetics and achieving a wow-factor finish? 


At Bath Shack, we pride ourselves in tailoring for whatever your project may be, from a luxury bathroom makeover to a refurb on a budget; there’s a price to suit all needs. For the main bathroom fixtures, our prices start at £129 for baths, £96 for toilets, £44 for basins and £114 for showers. Creating a bathroom suite on a budget will generally cost around £500, but can decrease or increase depending on your bathroom size. With our products, affordable pricing doesn’t mean compromising on quality; whatever the price, our bathroom fixtures feature a seamless combination of style and quality, so that you can enjoy a beautiful new bathroom without breaking the bank account. A standard bathroom suite, which typically includes a bath, shower, toilet and vanity unit, would generally cost from £1,800 to £2,500. If your bathroom is going beyond the basics and includes a heavy focus on luxury aesthetics and decorative features, this can cost from £5,000 - £6,000, and sometimes even further beyond this. 


What products should go into my bathroom installation? 

In terms of specific products that would be a beautiful addition to a 2021 new bathroom fitting, we love this beautiful Gene Double Ended Freestanding Bath in a glossy white finish. Freestanding baths are the perfect choice for those who are after an extra bit of glamour and luxury –their stand-alone presence will easily elevate your bath to the centrepiece of the room. If saving space and convenience are priorities, a shower bath is a great choice. This Linea Square Shower Bath combines a shower and a bath into the one unit for excellent space optimising effects and includes a splash-preventing screen with an on-trend touch of black. In choosing a basin, counter top basins are growing in popularity, and are known for adding an extra touch of effortlessly glamour and sleekness; this Objekt Ceramica Counter Top Basin in Matt White is perfect for adding an essence of sleek yet elegant style to your space. For a look that focuses more on providing a beautiful simplicity, this Ari Full Pedestal Basin features a sleek compact look, topped off with a shining gloss white finish. For the ultimate experience of showering luxury, this Insignia Premium Quadrant Steam Shower promises complete relaxation with its plethora of showering features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, body jets and a steam generator. Another popular showering choice is the Eliseo Ricci Monsoon Waterfall Shower Towel, which promises the luxury of an immersive waterfall-like showering experience, and at an affordable price too. 


Take the guesswork out of your bathroom installation with one of our bathroom suites 

Choosing all the different components that go into kitting out your new bathroom can be a time-consuming and often daunting experience. Our team have specifically curated a range of bathroom suites to make your new bathroom project a much more manageable feat –and more affordable too. This Complete Shower Bath Suite has a fantastic range of products and promises excellent value for money. This Porto Eco Complete Suite is another great option for getting your beautiful new bathroom installation underway and for a brilliantly affordable price too. If you’re after the sleek style and luxury of a freestanding bath, this Freestanding Bath Deal makes glamour an affordable asset. 

Although it can be difficult to establish specific costs of bathroom renovations, we hope this has allowed for a rough idea. Here at Bath Shack, what we can promise, however, is all the help that is needed during the often-daunting process of getting your beautiful new bathroom installation up and running.