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How Much Will a New Bathroom Cost In 2019


If you’re due for a new bathroom soon then one of the biggest concerns on your mind will likely be the cost of the renovation. The average cost of a new bathroom is difficult to determine considering there are so many variables that can change. But to help you out, we’ve put together this article to help you get a rough estimate while also informing you of the many options available to you.


Installations will likely take up a large chunk of your budget, especially if an existing bathroom needs to be stripped out first. If you’re only replacing something small such as a toilet or sink then you can expect to pay around £100. This cost is for the installation alone and doesn’t include the cost of the product. For something larger, such as a tiling job that requires the contractor to first remove existing bathroom products, then you could be looking at upwards of £1,000. If you want to go from your old bathroom to a completely different one, then you could spend anywhere from £2,000 to £5,000 for the entire thing including product costs and installation fees.

To lighten some of the cost of a full bathroom replacement, it’s important to look at bathroom suites which can offer huge discounts when purchasing an entire set. For instance, a basic modern basin and toilet suite can cost around £115 which is excellent for additional toilets around the home. Together with the installation cost, you’ll be looking at around £200 in total which is a very respectable price. On the other hand, you could have a complete bathroom set that includes a toilet, basin, bath and the fixtures for just £200. When factoring in installation costs, it shouldn’t be more than £500 to purchase and install a bathroom suite into an empty bathroom.

In short, getting a new bathroom will vary greatly in terms of cost. Whether it’s the cost of the products you purchase, the installation fees for your area or even the size of the job, there are many factors that need to be considered and you’ll want to shop around for affordable products and also reliable contractors to help you install it professionally. If you shop smart, you could be looking at as little as £1,500 for a complete bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Products

Now let’s take a look at the cost of individual products and how much you can expect to pay for them.

If you live in a relatively spacious house with several bathrooms or extra toilets then you may be interested in purchasing a high-quality toilet such as a Cancun Fully Back to Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat. Currently at a sale price of £139, this is not a cheap toilet by any means but offers robust ceramic construction, push button flush and a beautiful design that is sure to finish off any bathroom or toilet room in your home. If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, then the Roca Debba Rimless Wall Hung WC & Frame Bundle is a great choice that looks stunning and is currently on sale at just £349 for the bundle that includes a Debba Rimless WC Pan, soft-close toilet seat, Duplo WC Wall Hung Frame and a Plate L2 chrome operating panel.

For baths and showers, you have many more unique choices to pick based on your design specifications or space constraints. If you have a lot of floor space to work with, then a modern free-standing bath starts at just £388 and gives your bathroom a unique modern look. If you’re constrained in terms of space then you may be interested in a shower bath for extra functionality or a corner bath to maximize space. In terms of showers, you have a lot of options depending on the space available and the design you’re after. A shower tower can be had for around £300 and offers a very stylish and modern look for your bathroom, but a more traditional concealed shower can be had for under half the same price.

Moving on to basins, you once again have a lot of choice in terms of style and design to pick something that matches your decor arrangement. For instance, vanity basins are a good choice when you already have a countertop and only want to swap out the basin for aesthetic purposes. This will cost anywhere from £60 for a basic one, but you also have corner options if you’re trying to make the most of your bathroom space. Pedestal basins are also popular thanks to their low price starting at just £36.

For sink and bath taps, you also have a lot of different choices that could change the functionality of your bathroom. For instance, traditional bath and shower mixer taps start at just £39 and are a great option if you’re looking for a multi-functional bathtub. However, if you already have a dedicated shower then modern filler taps start at just £45 and are a great addition to any bathtub you might already have.

Next, we should talk about heating elements such as radiators and heated towel radiators. These can both start at low prices such as £40 for a towel radiator and they’ve become a rather common sight in modern bathrooms, especially during the winter when they can help to keep us warm even after our shower or bath. You may also want to consider underfloor heating, but this needs to be installed even before the flooring or tiling stage.

Lastly, we can think about adding some finishing touches such as bathroom mirrors and storage options. Many bathroom mirrors can also double as cabinets and start at just £49. This is a very respectable price for the functionality you get. You can also consider purchasing lights at this stage if you haven’t done so already. Regular LED lamps designed for bathroom use cost around £15 but the housings will generally depend on what’s currently installed and if they need to be replaced at all.

Tiles and Flooring

Now that we’ve covered the products, it’s time to look at the tile and flooring options available and what you can expect to pay.

When it comes to flooring, there’s the option of laminate flooring that starts at £18 for 2.22 sqm or floor tiles that start at £14 for 1.4sqm. There are countless options for both but tiles can be a lot more expressive albeit a little difficult to install. Just keep in mind that the flooring should be handled as soon as possible during the early stages of your new bathroom installation because it’s the foundation that everything else is built on.

wall tiles, you can use the same tiles as the floor but it’s often a good idea to use something different to make it easier on the eyes. You also have options for differently-shaped tiles or coloured tiles to add a unique spin to your bathroom. These should also be installed at the beginning of your new bathroom installation, much like the floor tiles.


In short, it’s difficult to determine just how much a bathroom will cost because it depends on many different factors, but we hope that explaining the costs of installation and individual bathroom products has helped you get a better understanding of the total cost you should expect. While bathroom suites are straightforward and offer great discounts, it’s not as flexible if you have space constraints or very specific decor requirements.