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Electric shower buying guide

Showers are often almost an afterthought when designing a bathroom, but considering that this room is one of the places where you expect or hope to relax then it really does warrant a little more thought than that. If you have been giving the issue some thought however, and you are looking for the best option for your home – you are in the right place. Now, you have probably heard of electric showers before and thought “aren’t they much of a muchness?”. Well, yes and no. they are much of a muchness in the same way that a car is the same as any other car. They will both get you where you need to be, but one may get you there in style and comfort and the other may be an absolute bone rattler. Which would you go for? Electric showers are a popular option in many homes today, but you need to pick the one that is right for you. There are a lot of options and considerations out there, so how do you choose? Well, we’re glad you asked. This short guide is designed to help you buy the shower that you need, while imparting some knowledge at the same time. Everyone loves a good hot shower, but which shower should you buy? There is the question of personal taste but depending on your home, you might need an electric shower as opposed to a mixer shower. Do you  need one? If yours is a new home then there’s a good chance that you don’t actually know which is required. Let us help you find out, and also help you decide which shower unit is right for you.

How do electric showers work?

This may well not be your first question when choosing a shower, but it is an important one. Some homes do not have a hot water feed, relying instead on electric heating for hot water. If your home does not have a hot water tank then a mixer shower is not going to work in your home, you need an electric shower. But how does  it work? Put simply, an electric shower works by heating the water very quickly as it passes through or around an element. Kind of the way a kettle boils water, but an electric shower does it much faster. Even with homes that do have a hot water tank, people will sometimes still prefer an electric shower. For instance, some homes may well have a small hot water tank that doesn’t serve a shower very well. A great work around is an electric shower and the Triton T80z is ideal for this type of situation.

Choosing the right shower

Of course it all kind of depends on your bathroom style too and your design choices, after all you will want a shower that fits with the existing aesthetics. There are a lot of options in that area, and you will quickly find that you are spoiled for choice – but that’s a good thing, right? There’s no such thing as having too many choices when it comes to personal comfort and functionality. Speaking of functionality, the silent option is sometimes the best. Enter, the Triton t90sr. There are of course other options, but sometimes you just know. You know? Form over function is never a good idea, not when it comes to the essentials. Function should always come first, it doesn’t really matter what the item actually is – you have to be certain that it is going to perform the exact way that you expect or what is the point? Looking good should always be a secondary consideration when it comes to appliances. While function over form is correct, what if it looks great and performs perfectly? Ideal, right? That is where the Triton Aspirante comes in. The Aspirante is the perfect example of form and function working together brilliantly. It doesn’t just look amazing, it also has some killer functions. Choosing the right shower doesn’t have to be a complicated task, there are some excellent options here at the Bath Shack. The biggest question that you have to answer really is whether or not the shower in question is going to fit in with the existing décor or not. Whatever your style choice, you are in the right place – we have styles for every taste. The bathroom is a place to relax in after a long, hard day so getting the right fixtures is important. Welcome to Bath Shack, and some of the best electric showers you find anywhere.