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Creating a winter-inspired bathroom

If the thought of your bathroom this winter doesn’t quite appeal, or you simply want to make it a little bit merrier as the festive season approaches, there are various ways to cultivate a winter-inspired bathroom.

Whether you want that cosy, hygge vibe, or would like to create a luxury ‘Enchanted Christmas’ look that can last beyond the festive season, there are a whole host of ways to get your perfect winter-inspired bathroom. We’re here to guide you through the different ways in which you can achieve the look you want – so read on to find out how to get a wonderful winter-inspired interior that will transform your bathroom …

Bring some hygge into your home

Ambient lighting can help set the mood in your bathroom. For example, the Lunar LED Round Mirror has a choice of cool and warm white lighting.

Centred around creating a cosy, welcoming space which enhances mood and general wellbeing, the art of hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) is always popular, particularly in the colder months. When it comes to incorporating it into your bathroom, then you don’t necessarily have to go big – the beauty of hygge is in the small comforts, so this is definitely a style you can achieve on a budget.

On the other hand, if you want to indulge in more big-ticket items, then you can do this as well – it’s all about doing what works for you, your budget and your bathroom.

At the heart of hygge is a relaxing ambience, so setting the mood is key – and you can do this in a number of ways:

  • Lighting: The choice of lighting in your bathroom is key to setting the mood and can be crafted in multiple ways, through a main bathroom light, wall lights or lighting in-built into an LED mirror or mirrored cabinet. Using mirrors to make the most of your bathroom’s natural light will also enhance the mood and open up the space to give it an airier and more calming ambience.
  • Textiles: Creating a layered look in your bathroom by having soft, fluffy towels, bathmats, rugs and underfloor heating will all help to make your bathroom a warm and welcoming place to be.
  • Bath: A core element of the hygge bathroom, the bath might not be everyone’s choice, but if you like to enjoy a relaxing soak, then you might want to invest in a feature tub. The freestanding bath is the ultimate in luxury bathing and you can indulge in this style for less than you might think, with smaller slipper baths ideal if you have less space – and with prices that might just surprise you.
  • A freestanding slipper bath, a bath caddy and bathmats can all bring hygge into your bathroom.

    However, you don’t need a fancy tub to have that hygge feeling – just use your favourite bath foam, essential oils or bath bomb, light a few candles, set up your bath caddy with a book, beverage or iPad and you’re good to go.

  • Shower: The soothing effect of a rainfall showerhead can bring hygge straight into your bathroom, stimulating the senses with its rainfall-inspired water flow and setting you up for the day, or helping you wind down at night. This is another way to improve your wellbeing, with showers being proven to enhance our mental health, relaxing our muscles and reducing tension.
  • Nature-inspired décor: Introducing the calming tones of the outdoors into your bathroom can instantly lift your mood and cultivate that calming space, as again, nature and being outdoors is proven to boost wellbeing. Whether it’s incorporating greens and woody tones in tiles, paint or flooring, or adding in accessories like a wooden bath caddy, rug or even plants, nature always soothes.

Rainfall showers like the Hudson Reed Destiny Shower Kit help stimulate the senses and elevate your mood.

  • Cosy scents: Drawing on all our senses, hygge can be achieved through the use of scent in your bathroom – think bath products, candles, potpourri, reed diffusers or even what you use to clean your bathroom. It all helps to create a welcoming and pleasant ambience, ultimately elevating the mood.

Adding luxury style to your bathroom this winter

Adding plants, drawing on a rustic style and having a freestanding bath can all help to create a winter-inspired look in your bathroom.

Hygge can create a sense of luxury but is more focused on taking a simpler approach to creating that cosy ambience. If you want to indulge in something more opulent, however, then a luxury enchanted look is another way to get that winter-inspired bathroom of your dreams.

Taking the festive season as inspiration, this look draws on the traditional Christmas look and is all about nostalgia, incorporating a sophisticated rustic charm. For this style, darker colour palettes work well and create a sense of mystery, so dark blues, greys and blacks can be woven into your interior to create a more dramatic look.

Meanwhile, incorporating luxury elements like a rolltop freestanding bath, classic-style taps such as crosshead designs and brass accessories can all help to create that nostalgic, vintage-inspired style.

The great thing about all these colours and designs is that they’ll work just as well throughout the year, as gold and brushed brass finishes complement a range of décor and add a warming elegance. Unless you’re going for all-out festive green and red, which might not work so well once Christmas is past, then working with a darker color palette and incorporating features which are versatile enough to work beyond the festive season will give you longevity.

Baths can have luxury copperleaf or silver finishes for an extra-opulent look, or you can go for a gloss black to add a little more drama.

You can also add a touch of winter magic with LED and Bluetooth mirrors, which come with a range of ambient lighting and designs – both framed and frameless – to add further luxury.

Incorporating rich natural tones, along with dark blues and gold can create a luxury winter look, along with a feature vanity unit.

A feature vanity unit can further work that luxury enchanted winter look, with marble-effect countertops and majestic-looking floorstanding vanities all cultivating opulence.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to go for brass, then matt black can add a noir twist to taps and has a timeless elegance which also feeds into that idea of magic and mystery which accompanies the winter period.

If you’re renovating and want to carry on the vintage look with your toilet, meanwhile, then a high-level style is ideal, as it evokes the traditional toilet type with a high cistern and long pull-chain.

Black taps, like the Eliseo Ricci Vesu Basin Mixer, can add classic style to your bathroom.

A high-level toilet, like the Henbury Traditional High-Toilet, will add a classic charm to your bathroom and can help you achieve a more traditional aesthetic.

Whatever way you want to achieve the look, creating a winter-inspired bathroom can draw on everything from cultivating cosiness away from the cold, to crafting a bathroom which draws on traditional décor to create a luxury enchanted winter interior. At Bathshack, we have great selection of bathroom-ware which will help you create the look you want, so just chat to our team if you need any inspiration.

For more ideas on how to transform your bathroom into a winter-inspired space, visit our website at Alternatively, if you have any questions, just email our team at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.