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Convert Your Cloakroom Space With These 5 Ideas

If you're lucky enough to have a cloakroom bathroom, other people won't understand your frustration. You can use it when the upstairs water closet is busy and don't have to fight with family members to get a turn. Still, it's probably the smallest room in the house. Plus, your cloakroom may not be up to scratch decor-wise.

Are you looking for inspiration on how to convert your cloakroom? Excellent, because it's a fantastic place to get creative and try new things while supplementing the main facilities. Take a look at these ideas for practical yet stylish renovation tips.

Use Tiles On The Floors And Walls

There is a logical reason behind this tip - it's the way tiles enhance the appearance of a cloakroom. Typically, a room such as this isn't massive, and you won't have lots of space to play with regarding decorating. Tiles help to make it seem as if there is more space thanks to their size and style. Large, plain tiles on the walls and floor don't only offer a clean, shiny surface - they reduce clutter too.

At Bath Shack, we provide Oran Grey Rectified and Trazos Graphite Matt Glazed tiles for these very reasons. At 1.44sqm and 8.5mm thickness for the former, the Oran will cover a large area without the need for lumpy grouting lines. The Trazos, on the other hand, is easy to maintain and clean.

Take Advantage Of Multipurpose Fixtures

Without much space in which to manoeuvre, you must use the little you have to excellent effect. By investing in multi-functional fittings and fixtures, it's a straightforward and hassle-free process. A vanity unit should present a stylish bathroom fixture while providing storage space at the same time, and that's precisely what the Slimline Black Ash Back to Wall Suite does. Keep all of your toiletries to hand without cluttering an already packed room.

You can take it to a new level with our Phoenix i-Basin Back to Wall Suite. Like the Slimline Wall Suite, it makes use of cabinets and drawers for storage purposes. However, it also includes a toilet so that you don't have to waste space with a standalone one.

Don't Be Tempted By A Focal Point

A focal point is a huge trend nowadays, and it's easy to see why. Using an overgrown piece of furniture to grab attention and take away from less impressive areas of your home is clever. Unfortunately, it isn't as useful in a tiny space as it dominates too much and has an adverse effect. With this in mind, stay away from big features when you convert your cloakroom and opt for minimalism.

Small furniture is as charming as it has a novelty value. Plus, a corner sink or toilet uses hard-to-reach space and leaves more floor space for activities. If you need more personality, you can add a lick of paint.

Be Smart

Space is at a premium, so you should try and save it wherever possible. Vanity cabinets and mirrors are fantastic options, but you need to delve deeper. Removing the pipes, as well as the features that come with modern toilets, a cistern, for example, can transform a cloakroom into something special. After all, the smallest changes make the biggest impact. Where can you find one? On our website, of course!

The Moods Amyris shows no pipework between the pan and cistern for a clean and compact style. Whenever you can negate the small surface area of your cloakroom without taking away its functionality, you should try.

Try Something New

The worst feature of a cloakroom bathroom - the size - is also a silver lining. As the secondary W.C, nobody is going to spend a lot of time in it doing their business. As such, it's an excellent room for trying new styles and trends and experimenting where you wouldn't otherwise. A popular hack is to be bold with colour as the right hue is vivid and stands out instantly. Of course, you can always paint over it if you hate the shade.

For those who love tradition, you can achieve this with a 'mantlepiece' and a neutral colour scheme. Our Cancun Fully Back to Wall Toilet is perfect as it's available in various shapes and sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloakrooms aren't overly common, so here are some FAQs for anybody with questions and queries.

What Is A House Cloakroom?

In short, it's a room that contains a toilet or toilets. A cloakroom bathroom is perfect for homeowners who are sick and tired and waiting in line to go to the loo or take a shower.

How Big Should A Cloakroom Be?

People also ask, 'how small can a downstairs cloakroom be?' They're pretty much the same question, and the answer is - there isn't a one-size-fits-all policy. In general, it should be big enough to house a toilet, sink, and cabinets and drawers. Usually, this means a space that measures 80cm x 140cm. Remember that you can always play around with space by adding reflective mirrors and keeping it free of clutter.

Can I Put A Toilet Under My Stairs?

It depends on the surface area and the location of the water pipes. If there is enough room, the stairs are often a popular spot as the pipework runs nearby, so it doesn't cost too much money to install one. Also, there isn't much stress involved, either.

Does It Add Value?

Aside from functionality, homeowners convert a cloakroom to add value to their property. Buyers love two-bathroom homes as they ease the pressure on the upstairs toilet. Plus, it's flexible as it isn't tough to convert into something else, such as an office or bedroom. Experts reckon a cloakroom bathroom increases the value of a house by as much as 5%.


Converting your cloakroom is worth it to make your home more comfortable and profitable. To do it, you need to think about maximising space by focusing on the little things and making a statement. Once you install everything you need, don't be afraid to take a chance and adopt a new style.