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Cloakroom tile inspiration

Cloakrooms are often where we really let loose our inner interior designer, as these smaller spaces are ideal for experimenting with tile designs, colours and shapes that we might not normally use. As a result, they can often take on a quirkier look than the main bathroom in the home, with lots of scope for playing around with ideas and trends – and for taking a chance on something new.

Here are three of the main things to consider when creating the cloakroom that works best for you.

Tile style for smaller spaces

As with any room, selecting the right type of tile will instantly elevate it. So, when it comes to cloakroom tiling, consider what look you want to achieve, alongside the size of the space, so you know what’s achievable from the outset.

For example, larger floor tiles can actually make a smaller space appear bigger than it is, so you don’t always need to choose small tiles just because the room itself is of minimal size. Indeed, smaller tiles in a tiny cloakroom can sometimes have the effect of making it seem even more cramped, so consider what will look best in your individual space.

Glossy finishes and glass tiles can also make cloakrooms appear bigger and brighter, as light bounces off the surfaces and creates the illusion of more space, while lighter tiles can have a similar effect. Dark tiles can also work well in a small space with good natural and other lighting, however, so again, it’s whatever you think will suit your space best.

Metro tiles, such as the Aqua Flat Verde Botttle Green style pictured above, can add classic style to your cloakroom.

Classic metro tiles

An ongoing popular type of tile is the metro variety, which is incredibly versatile and can be used in a range of ways, making it the ideal choice for cloakrooms and small downstairs or guest bathrooms. Metro tiles evoke a sense of simplicity and understated style – a contemporary choice which also has a timeless quality, so they won’t easily date and will last long into the future.

The metro tile can be laid vertically, like the Adaggio Calcatta Gold Bevel tile above, or horizontally.

Reminiscent of the New York subway system and London Underground, metro or subway tiles have an enduring appeal and can be laid in a variety of ways, so you can choose which will enhance your space best. For instance, you might decide on a parallel horizonal or vertical design for that clean, linear look, or perhaps you’d prefer an overlapping design such as a herringbone style.

Then you can opt for gloss or matt finishes, as well as experimenting with a range of colour palettes, with bottle green, black, white and other tones available. Gold can also be threaded throughout the tile for a touch of opulence, as seen in the Adaggio Calcatta Gold Bevel Metro Tile. You could also use two different tones, with a bolder border set around the room in contrast to the main colour of tile.

Picking patterns and shapes for your cloakroom tiles

If you want to experiment with your cloakroom and move away from the clean lines of metro tiles and try something a little different, then hexagonal tiles can add character and can be plain, patterned or again, have two designs alternated, according to your taste.

Once again, there are lots of fun options when it comes to choosing tones and finishes, with calming florals, bold prints and neutral colour palettes just some of the possibilities.

For example, the Hibiscus Oxide Matt Hexagon Tile features a striking hibiscus design which extends across the tiles, each one portraying a different element of the overall scene. The overall effect is one which fuses contemporary style with a classic, timeless elegance – perfect for creating tranquil vibes in your cloakroom space.

The Hibiscus Oxide Matt Hexagon Tile.

Meanwhile, the quirky hexagonal shape of the tiles is eye-catching and adds character to the space, while the colour palette is calming with those natural hues. The porcelain ceramic material also makes this a hard-wearing tile which is ideal for high-traffic rooms.

Hexagonal tiles can add character and create bold feature walls in your cloakroom.

If patterns appeal, then the Misuri Pattern Tile in Porcelain is also an inspired choice. Suitable as both a floor and wall tile, one styling option could be to run the tile from the floor up the wall, creating a splashback feature behind the basin.

By keeping the rest of the room in neutral tones, you can keep the attention on the tiles, contrasting their pattern and tone with the rest of the décor.

The popular Misuri Pattern Tile plays with patterns and a varied colour palette.

The Misuri tile is a popular choice with homeowners, thanks to its colourful design and pretty pattern combinations, which alternate over four sets of tiles and have a contemporary vibe.

They will add instant character to your cloakroom, either as a statement floor or on the wall. You can also pick out your preferred tone from these tiles for a complementary wall colour and bring the whole look together.

Whichever type of tile you go for in your cloakroom, it can be fun to try out new ideas and to really get creative with this smaller space. Why not go all-out luxury and choose rich tones and glossy finishes, or how about a country-style cloakroom with more rustic, natural tones and designs?

Alternatively, you can try out pattern combinations and experiment with bolder colours if you normally go for pastels. From classic and contemporary, to retro and everything in between, the possibilities really are endless.

If you’d like some advice on choosing cloakroom tiles, just drop into one of our showrooms and chat to our team. Alternatively, email us at or call (028) 9077 0188. We’re always happy to help!