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Bluetooth Mirrors – Everything you need to know before you buy

Bluetooth mirrors represent the next evolutionary step in bathroom audio technology. Gone are the days of shower radios with less than worse reception and audio quality, even the Bluetooth shower speaker can be kissed goodbye. The Bluetooth bathroom mirror is a multi-purpose product that allows your favourite music to be streamed straight into the bathroom, whilst also providing the usual helpfulness that a legacy mirror does.

Combining a ‘regular’ bathroom accessory with an audio solution saves on space but it also removes the need for the installation of a new system – something that is ultimately far too costly, especially if you are already so deep into a renovation project that installing another system means taking a few steps backwards.

What does a Bluetooth mirror do?

In terms of being a mirror, a Bluetooth mirror does everything that you would expect from any mirror plus a few nifty extras. Being a bathroom mirror, a few of these ‘extras’ naturally include:

  • Built-in de-mister
  • LED lighting

All of the Bluetooth mirrors that we stock, for instance, include the above (as do all modern bathroom mirrors,  Bluetooth or otherwise) but being Bluetooth mirrors there are other extras too that can vary depending on the manufacturer, the make and the model.

A digital clock, for example, can be found on some Bluetooth mirrors such as the Hudson Reed Prisma LED Bluetooth Mirror. This mirror in itself is an excellent example of what could be called a 'pure' Bluetooth mirror experience in that it focuses on doing exactly what you want from both types of products – stereo sound, and a crisp clean modern bathroom mirror.

There are other mirrors that provide a little more of course, but because of space-saving factors they often leave something else out – not many Bluetooth mirrors offer stereo output and other extras at the same time, for example.

Are Bluetooth mirrors any good?

Objectively, yes. Whether a particular type of product is any good or not is a very personal thing – what may be extremely useful for one person, may well be a waste of time for somebody else. Extra functionality can sometimes make the difference between genuinely useful and an unnecessary extravagance. For those with items that require an outlet for charging, the bathroom is not the ideal place – water and steam don't get along with power sockets.

For example, an electric shaver or toothbrush need special sockets if they are to be charged in a bathroom setting. If your bathroom is not equipped, or you didn't account for this in the bathroom design, then you are out of luck if you want to charge them in the bathroom.

Luckily there are Bluetooth mirrors that come fully equipped with their own outlets so you can plug in your shaver or toothbrush. These types of mirror suddenly become much more useful than the regular type of Bluetooth mirror.

Two Bluetooth mirrors that do come equipped in this way are:

Both of these options are as good as each other in terms of functionality, and the differences between them are more aesthetic than anything else so it's very much a design choice between the two. In terms of them 'being good', again that is very subjective but by the way of form and function? The answer would have to be yes, they and Bluetooth mirrors, in general, are very good indeed.

To conclude then

The regular tried and trusted bathroom mirror is slowly but surely making way for the new and shiny Bluetooth mirror. You shouldn't lament it's passing though, not when these new young bucks are just so bloody good at what they do. Forget about getting that new and expensive mobile phone getting wet just so you can listen to Ed Sheeran while you soak in the bath or relax under a shower.

Being able to have your music streamed straight into the bathroom (almost) without any extra devices is no longer a thing of the imagination. Setting things up couldn't be any easier either. You simply touch the power button on the Bluetooth mirror, then on your phone, or other Bluetooth enabled device you are streaming from, select the mirror from the Bluetooth device list. What the name on the list is will of course depend on the mirror, but the name for your mirror (possibly some as simple as 'Bluetooth mirror' will be mentioned in the documentation.

And there you have it. Everything that you need to know before buying. Why not drop us a message if you have any questions, or just want to say hi.

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