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Bathroom Makeover for Valentines Day for under £100

The most romantic day of the year is coming up! Or is that the most high-pressure day of the year for those looking to make a big splash and surprise their loved ones? Coming up with a display of your affections can be tough, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. The bathroom is a room where plenty of romance can happen, and the following ideas can help you do it for under £100.

How do I decorate my bathroom for Valentine's day?

When it comes to decorating the bathroom itself, it might be a little cliche, but there are few things more romantic than candles and flower petals. You can get freeze-dried rose petals for under £12, ensuring you use the most romantic flowers of all, with a variety of colours available.

There are plenty of different candles you can use, of course, but some of the most romantic and relaxing candles available can cost you around £20. You want to make sure you get that spa-level quality of setting and scent to really help your lover sink into the tub with a happy sigh.

If you can, you want to keep the lighting low in the bathroom as best as possible so it creates the best possible mood for zenning out and relaxing. If you have a dimmer, make use of that. Otherwise, you might want to bring in a small lamp if you have one. Make sure, of course, that it’s plugged in well away from the bathroom. Your candles can help contribute to a lovely low lighting for the scene as well.

How do you decorate a romantic bathtub?

The bathtub itself should be a priority, of course. A few of the rose petals and some light tea light candles (available for as little as £1 at many stores and best kept away from where your lover’s head/hair will be) can be the perfect start.

The bath itself can be decorated with a bath bomb that both adds to the fragrance of the room, and also turns the bathwater bright with colour. Of course, pink bath bombs are the perfect choice for this and can cost less than £7. You can also get scentless bath bombs if you already have enough scented candles and don’t want to overpower them.

Geodes have been becoming a popular bathroom accessory for a while now. People like the sight of something natural and colourful, but one that doesn’t require quite as much maintenance as your average flower or potted plant. To that end, you can get some natural and beautiful pink geodes for as little as £16.

What are some ideas to do on Valentine's day?

If you want to let your lover lie in the tub with a relaxing book, a tablet with one of their favourite loved-up movies, or a drink of something fruity and fun, then a bath caddy and bath board can be the perfect addition. You can get some great bath boards for as little as under £40. Of course, these can be used time and time again after the day is over, so it can be a worthy investment.

You can further decorate this bath board with things like the aforementioned tea candles, geodes, or flower petals to make your lover feel truly pampered and cared for as they have a nice relaxing soak.

Of course, there’s nothing like a little physical attention to make Valentine’s day go perfect. A little massage oil to go with a deep and loving foot rub or shoulder rub can help ease away any stresses they have and help get them in the mood for the rest of your romantic evening together. Washing their hair can be a deeply intimate experience, as well. However, it’s recommended that you use a no-tears shampoo if possible so they can lie back and relax without any worries about it going in their eyes.

How do you make a romantic room for Valentine's day?

Hopefully, all of the tips and ideas above give you some good ideas on how to make a romantic bathroom for Valentine’s day for under £100. You can go over that, of course, if you want to get more of what’s mentioned above. Feel free to take a look through the range of accessories you can find at Bathshack, as well. There are tons to make bathing much more comfortable and relaxing, which can be just what your lover needs.

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