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A Bathroom Guide for Self Builds

Whether you are completely renovating a bathroom or simply making improvements it is very important that you choose items that will enhance your space. If you're choosing bathroom fixtures and even participating in some of the renovation work yourself you will have to get to grips with a lot of things. Your bathroom is one of the places you'll use the most in your home, with that said, you'll have to ensure everything is correct for years to come. So, how do you go about creating your dream bathroom?

What Should Your Initial Considerations Be?

Buying a bathroom suite can seem pretty expensive, however, they should be a one-off purchase that will last you for many years.  There are many affordable suites or individual bathroom products here at Bathshack. Our complete suites start from €266.

Colour Scheme

Colour schemes can make or break a bathroom look. A popular design would be a white bathroom suite. But you do not have to choose your style based on popularity. Inject some colour into your bathroom, take a peek at black bathroom products, or mix in some warm wooden tones. It is important to have your colour scheme worked out before you start your bathroom revamp.

What are the benefits of purchasing an entire suite?

Well, if you need to completely redo your bathroom a suite will make the entire process easier. Of course, you don’t have to choose a bathroom suite at all – you can mix and match the fittings.  It can also be more cost effective to buy all of your matching bathroom fittings together as a package.

Spending hours online searching for the ideal bathroom fixtures can take up a lot of time - and may even result in choosing bathroom fittings you don’t particularly like just so you don’t end up falling behind schedule with your bathroom update. Choosing an entire bathroom suite will save you time, and more often than not there is a good chance it will cost less too. A bathroom is a very personal place where you should be able to relax and use with ease. At bathshack, we have a wide range of bathroom suites to choose from. You can choose from varying styles spanning traditional to contemporary styles.

Creating a Timeless Bathroom

We understand that once you’ve completed your bathroom suite you want it to not only function but look great for a long time. Designing a bathroom that is just based off current trends is often seen as a good option. However, there is always a small chance that the one trendy décor will look outdated before you’d expect. Our recommendations for a timeless bathroom would be to stick to natural colours e.g. black, brown, and other neutrals. In terms of fixtures you cannot go wrong with a striking freestanding bath such as the Viktor Benson Vichy Freestanding Bath or the Viktor Benson Taha Freestanding Double Ended Bath.

When it comes to decorating, specialist paints designed for a bathroom can refresh your space without the hassle and expense of retiling. Alternatively, consider waterproof panels that can be secured to the bathroom wall. Do not forget to put thought into choosing your bathroom flooring. Due to the likelihood that water will come into contact with your bathroom flooring you need to choose something that is waterproof and safe. The Pergo collection featured on our website offers a family friendly flooring solution. Not only is it impervious to water, it also comes in a wide range of faux finishes. 

If you’re looking to break the norm of a conventional shower or bath take a look at creating an open showering space. You can achieve this by installing a wetroom panel such as the Kiimat Noir Wetroom Panel. Wetroom panels provide a spacious, open showering area whilst protecting your other bathroom fixtures from water. These panels will also look great for years to come.

Make the Most of the Space

A common theme within modern homes is that they have a smaller bathroom or the bathroom has a unique shape. If you have a bathroom like this you will probably have to put a lot more thought into your bathroom design. In smaller bathrooms, it is beneficial to opt for fixtures and colours that enlarge the space visually and provide more room in general. We recommend combining fixtures such as a shower and bath together so that you don’t have to make sacrifices but still have plenty of choice. We also suggest looking into wall mounted fittings to free up floor space.

In a smaller bathroom it is also important to factor in lighting. Many small bathrooms do not have a window which can be a bit of a hassle. Not to worry, we supply a wide range of bathroom lighting from ceiling fittings to wall lights.  

If you want to add a large, eye catching bathroom fixture to your bathroom but are worried about it occupying too much space you can look into other small bathroom fixtures. What we mean by small is that they are specially designed to have more compact dimensions. By looking at more petite fixtures such as the Mer-Rad Single Panel Compact Radiator and the Roma Fully Back to Wall Close Coupled Toilet and Soft Close Seat  you can make room for your larger fixture.  

Kiimat Noir Wetroom Panel has been designed to enhance your showering area without taking up too much space. It is a product that will complete any modern bathroom. The sultry matt black finish gives a striking look along with its simple design and with easy glass makes it the ultimate, fuss-free enclosure. There are many options you can look into for a brand-new bathroom style. You do not have to be restricted by budget and space.

Position of the Bathroom Suite Items

Even though the title of this blog is “self-build” that doesn’t mean you have to start your bathroom from scratch. In fact, one of the most cost-effective ways to update your suite is to replace old fixtures with new ones. By doing this you won’t have to consider any plumbing problems by repositioning fittings. 

If you are totally redoing your bathroom you will need to consider where you want your fittings to go (our bathroom planner can help you with this). You need to factor in all items including bathroom accessories. Ask yourself questions like “will these doors open properly or infringe on my bathroom space?” and “can I install a light here or is it unsafe?”.

When attempting to find your ideal bathroom suite, you should talk to a professional who will be able discuss what is best for you. Once you’ve established a style and what functional necessities the room requires, you should be able to find fittings for your bathroom. For more bathroom tips, visit our blog. We have plenty of guides that will help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

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