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7 Room Brightening Tips for Any Bathroom 

Picture this: you drag yourself out of bed at 7:30am and make your way into your bathroom to start getting ready. The light flickers on and casts a dingy lighting over the room. Your eyes are heavy and your vision is blurry enough as it is; you’re practically getting ready in the shadows. You leave for work with toothpaste on your mouth. It’s one of life’s most agitating moments, and a gloomy bathroom affects more than just our morning routine.  

Is your windowless apartment bathroom feeling a bit dark and dingy? Do you have a washroom on the smaller side that’s lacking a bright airy feel? Luckily, you don’t need to drastically change the layout of your space to get a bit of extra light in your dark bathroom. We spend so much time in our bathrooms, perhaps more than we realise, and with bathrooms balancing style and practicality, a bright bathroom can transform the look of the space, along with making all the tasks we carry out in there a whole lot easier when we can properly see what we’re doing. Here at Bath Shack, we have a few decorating tips and ideas that will be sure to cast a new shine and brightness that will have you eager to get out of bed at 7:30 (or make it a bit easier to do so at least). 

Pause for reflection: is it time for a new mirror? 

With their bright surfaces and ability to bounce light throughout the room, a new mirror can be a quick and easy way to bring a new lease of life into your bathroom. We stock an extensive range of stylish bathroom mirrors. A large mirror in a focal point such as over the basin will create the illusion of a larger space, along with reflecting light across your entire bathroom. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall add some LED lights to be the fairest of them all. 

If you want to go a step further in casting your bathroom in a whole other source of brilliant light, then consider a LED mirror. This stunning Rondo Circular Mirror will provide a soft yet massively impactful source of light that will not only make that dreaded morning routine a whole lot easier but also transform your space with its beautiful lightening effect. This added brightness will also make that previously cramped bathroom look much more spacious and airy. 

Out with the dimness and yellowish hues: invest in some new lighting. 

This one is might be somewhat predictable but it’s worth mentioning, as many of us aren’t aware of how much our current lighting is letting us down: gloomy, dark, perhaps giving off a yellowish hue, so it’s time to consider undergoing the simple task of switching them out for a brilliant new source of lighting. We stock a range of lighting that will brighten up your space with bundles of style too. This Forum Spa 3 Light Spotlight will radiate a brilliant brightness over your whole space, along with adding a touch of sleek stylishness. And don’t feel like you need to completely avoid dark colours, adding lighting cased in black, like this Forum Coast Downlight can add that modern edge of increasingly popular black bathroom-ware, whilst still brightening any dark or windowless bathroom. 

An all in one: declutter a cramped space with a shining vanity unit. 

We hold a large portion of our lives in the bathroom; everything for our grooming routine, toys for bath-time, lotions and potions, so it can be difficult to keep it clutter-free. A messy space can really add to that cramped, dark feel in a bathroom so adding a stellar means of storage can work to creating a much more airy-feeling bathroom. This Happi Wall Mounted Vanity Unit & Basin is a perfect space-saving solution with its two soft-close doors providing ample space for all your bits and bobs, and its overall compactness means your space won’t be obstructed by a bulky presence. What’s more, its beautiful glossy white finish is a means of brightening in itself –the gleaming finish is sure to add another pop of light to your space. 

Venture into vivid colours for another dynamic of brightness. 

Brightening up your space doesn’t have to consist of opting for lighter colours within the colour scheme. Whites and creams have brilliant brightening effects but don’t shy from incorporating even brighter colours into your bathroom. Inject some colourful life into your dingy bathroom with this Yellow Wall Mounted Vanity Unit. Or go for the brightness of a beautiful shade of pink with this Wall Mounted 2 Drawer Vanity Unit & Basin –both from the stunning Josef Martin range.  

Brighten your whole space with the transformative power of new tiles. 

Consider what your current tiles are providing to your room. Are they outdated, worn out and not supplying any brightening effects? Then it might be time to kit your bathroom out with a new layer of tiles. These Metro Carrara Biselado Brillo White Ceramic Wall Tiles feature a stunning white marble finish that is sure to brighten up your space. The bright gleaming surface will work to bounce a reflective shine throughout the room and your space will be completely transformed with a new sense of brightness.  

Stray into the world of colour with a feature wall. 

Tiling your bathroom with mostly a neutral colour scheme will have the best brightening effects, but working a feature wall into your design can add its own pop of light. The vibrant patterning of these Hex Gilda Mosaic Sheet tiles features soft and bolder colours, along with a shining glass finish that would make it a beautiful feature wall in your space. 

Limited natural light doesn’t mean your windowless or cramped bathroom has to be left in the shadows and here at Bath Shack, we have a range of products to give your darkened bathroom that bright sparkle that it’s been missing out on.  

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