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6 Ways to Achieve an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Each day we will make decisions that will affect the environment in one way or another. A lot of us are starting to make positive decisions such as recycling more, however, the impact you make on the environment can be made anywhere. This includes the choices you make in your home, including your bathroom.  All aspects of your bathroom can have an impact on the environment from flushing your toilet to showering.  In today’s article, we are showing you a few ways you can enhance your bathroom without draining the earth’s resources in the process.

What does it mean to have an eco-friendly bathroom?

Going green does not mean that you have to disconnect with your current bathroom luxuries or modern technology. Instead, it means being more conscious about your choices and determine whether they could have an adverse impact on the environment. The list below looks at both ways to improve efficiency in the bathroom and good habits you can adopt to conserve water and energy. Have a look through our suggestions and see which options are the best fit for your home and budget!

Creating an eco-friendly bathroom

1) Fix and prevent

Running toilets and leaky faucets are more than just an annoyance. But did you know that leaking taps can actually waste gallons of water? If you have a leak or suspect one, get a plumber in as soon as you can to repair it or try taking on the task yourself if you know how to do it. There are ways that you can prevent your taps from leaking in the future too. We suggest looking into taps that have ceramic cartridges/discs. Older taps are usually equipped with rubber washers. The problem with rubber washers is that they tend to wear out quite quickly in comparison to taps equipped with ceramic discs. Once a washer wears down the tap will begin to drip amongst other problems that surface. 

Our recommendations

ERᐩ Kensington Basin Pillar Taps (Black/Chrome)

These taps sport an elegant design that would look great in any traditional or eclectic bathroom design. These taps may showcase a vintage look but in terms of functionality, they surpass modern standards. These taps are equipped with ceramic discs for smooth operation and durability. 

Eliseo Ricci Sapphire Mono Basin Mixer 

This tap has a single lever design that oozes contemporary appeal. It has been made from high-quality brass and has a stunning chrome finish. This tap also has ceramic discs meaning that a steady flow of water will leave the spout with just a gentle touch of the lever. 

2) Select a dual flush toilet

Dual flush toilets, like their name implies, have two flushing options. This option allows you to flush water on a high or low volume. The low volume water flush is meant for liquid waste, the high volume is intended for solid waste. A mechanism such as this gives you the opportunity to make a decision as to how much water you will use each time you use the toilet. As you won’t always be needing a second flush this type of toilet will help you save water and in turn preserve the environment.

Our recommendations

Rubix Close Coupled Toilet Pan, Seat, and Cistern 

This toilet has a contemporary design complete with a soft close seat. This product is featuring a dual flush cistern for improved water consumption. This toilet has a smooth, impervious surface, which is resistant to all standard household chemicals. 

Objekt Comfort Height WC Toilet Pan, Cistern, and Soft Close Seat

Presenting a toilet that is a stylish, versatile and looks good in any bathroom suite. This toilet has been specially designed with comfort and ease of access in mind. Featuring a tall 460mm pan, this toilet puts less strain on the knees and back than a standard toilet. It has a rounded appearance and due to its more compact dimensions, it can be used in small bathrooms. With a soft close seat and all cistern fittings included, this toilet a great choice if you’re looking for a dual flush toilet.

ER smart Shower Toilet Seat

Check out the futuristic ER smart shower toilet seat. This seat showcases modern technology and when it is used toilet paper is not required. Therefore, it is a great eco-friendly addition to your bathroom. This type of seat is widely used throughout Japan and now we are bringing it to you. Benefit from features such as an adjustable heated seat, LED lighting (for both day and night time), deodorising capability, multiple air dryer temperature levels, automated cleaning functions, and much more! This installation of this seat is simple too. It can be attached to nearly every standard toilet.

Grohe Sensia Arena Shower Toilet

If you’re installing a new toilet, we recommend taking a look at the Grohe Sensia Arena Shower Toilet. This advanced toilet features two separate self-cleaning spray heads that you can adjust for position, pressure, and temperature. It also includes various spray options and a warm air dryer function. This means that toilet paper is not required.  We think you will agree with us when we say that this toilet excels in all areas. It is easy to clean, easy to use, and improves hygiene. Team this toilet with the Grohe Rapid SL Wall Hung Frame for Shower Toilets.

3) Choose your shower wisely

Electric showers are different from other systems because they do not need a source of hot water to run effectively. They work by taking water from the mains cold water supply and passing it through an element inside the shower unit that heats water as it passes. The electric shower is economical and easy to install; however, we strongly advise that you check with your electrician as to the requirements you will need.

Electric shower systems are considered the best variety of shower systems to install in bathrooms for owners looking for an opportunity to save on energy and water bills. One of the most important benefits that an electric shower offers is that it reduces the electricity and water required for showering.

Our recommendations

Tech Three Function Eco Water Saving Shower Handset

This shower handset has an optional water saving device that reduces water usage by up to 50%! By reducing water volume but not water pressure, water usage is reduced without compromising on comfort. The water saving device can be placed between the hose and the handset during installation.

Grohe Euphoria 310 DUO Thermostatic Shower System

This shower offers more than an attractive design. This shower gives you the option to customise your showering experience by changing spray patterns and adjust the water volume at the push/turn of a button. This tap boasts GROHE’s revolutionary Eco Joy feature which reduces the amount of water used by up to 50%. Such a drastic reduction in water consumption may make you wary about how powerful the water flow is. However, do not worry. This shower will still produce strong water flow.

Grohe Euphoria System 180 Thermostatic Shower System

The GROHE Euphoria 180 shower system with a thermostat will create a designer feel in any bathroom it is installed in. As with all GROHE fixtures, this shower has been built to the highest standards and is equipped with many excellent features. Eco Joy is a feature that stands out to us as its cuts waste usage without compromising showering satisfaction. Additionally, GROHE Dream Spray ensures the flow of water from every nozzle is even. Because this shower is thermostatic, you can set the temperature of the water and it will not fluctuate unless it is manually changed.

4) Try LED lighting

LED lighting usually consume low amounts of power and last a lot longer than other lighting options. As they use less energy, LED lighting can produce big energy savings over time. LEDs lights are also known to be eco-friendly. Traditional lighting solutions such as mercury vapour lights need to be disposed of in a very certain way as they contain mercury. With LEDs, this is not a problem. 

Our recommendations

Lunar LED Mirror

The Lunar LED Mirror has a unique touch sensor switch to easily activate the energy efficient LEDs and demister pad. The ambient glow is perfect for creating mood lighting whilst relaxing at the end of the day!

LED Satin Chrome Shower Ceiling Downlighter

These LED lights are suited to shower areas. These lights have been designed to fit seamlessly with many bathroom designs. They boast a simple look with a brushed chrome finish.

5) Invest in an efficient water heater

Choosing an efficient water heater is very important. When you do things like have a shower, run a hot tap, you’re using your hot water heater. Heating water can equate to a substantial amount of your home's energy costs. Investing in a better heater or a tankless option are a great way to conserve energy. Tank water heaters tend to store water which means they are operating constantly to maintain the temperature of the water. Whereas, a tankless heater only starts up when hot water is needed.

6) Make better choices

There are many things that you can do in your bathroom to lessen damage to the environment. The first thing you can do is start to buy sustainable products. This includes items such as recycled toilet paper. Many people may feel put off by this concept but in reality, it saves many trees from being cut down and is totally clean Other things you can do is invest in bathroom fixtures that are designed to reduce water and power usage. 

Our recommendations

Grohe Essence Side Lever Basin Mixer with Pop Up Waste

This tap has a stunning modern look and has been made using high-quality brassware. The swivel spout allows you to free up the basin area and provides improved functionality. Using the integrated pop-up rod, the waste can be opened and closed with ease. Water volume and temperature are can be adjusted with ease too. This tap also features the GROHE Eco Joy feature, your water consumption will never exceed 6.6 litres per minute.

Grohe Eurostyle New Basin Mixer with Pop Up Waste and Loop Handle

The GROHE Eurostyle basin mixer tap is specifically designed for low-pressure open water systems. This single-lever tap is easy to operate making it the perfect choice for family homes. It has in-built water-saving technology too. As part of the Eurostyle range of bathroom taps, you will find this basin mixer effortlessly combines with other products enabling you to create a seamless look in your bathroom. GROHE pride themselves in engineering outstanding taps that will not impact the environment negatively. 

We hope that today’s article inspires you to make changes that will help the environment. A lot of water, energy, and resources are wasted every day and the list above is just a few ways you can help to reduce this. For more advice and bathroom-related articles, be sure to visit our blog. Alternatively, our Pinterest page is brimming with ideas and bathroom designs we think you’ll love!