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6 Advantages of a Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms across the world. They boast many benefits compared to a conventional toilet which we will discuss in today’s article. There are a number of considerations to make before buying one for your bathroom suite. Read on to find out more.

What is a wall hung toilet?

Wall hung toilets have been given this name as the toilet pan hangs off the wall, leaving space underneath.

So, what are the benefits of wall hung toilets?

Cleaning Accessibility

This is possibly the biggest benefit that a wall mounted toilet showcases. The toilet pan is elevated from the floor which allows you to clean around and underneath the toilet with ease. When compared to a traditional toilet, there are no tight spaces where dust and dirt can build up. This means that you will not need to bend down and can instead simply use a mop. Additionally, there is no sealant securing the toilet to the ground that could discolour over time. A wall hung toilet can stand the tests of time with minimal effort.

Save space

Wall mounted toilet pans are an excellent option for cloakroom and small en-suite bathrooms. As they do not have a bulky cistern, they do not occupy too much space. They can be place near to other bathroom fixtures without the space feeling too cramped. Wall mounted toilets also provide the illusion of space as they make use of an empty space on the wall rather than the floor.  However, you will need to find a good spot to install it in as there has to be room to conceal the hidden cistern and frame. With the use of stud walls and compact designs they are still your best bet for small spaces.


Wall hung toilets are often seen as futuristic and stylish. We can see why they are looked to as a great addition to contemporary bathroom designs. Wall hung toilets have a unique look and when they are teamed with a beautiful bathroom design they do not fail to impress.

Suitable for all ages

A wall hung toilet pan can be height adjusted to suit your needs. This means that wall-hung toilets are perfect when designing a bathroom for someone with limited mobility or someone who perhaps can’t bend down as low.


At Bathshack our wall hung toilets start from just £159. The hidden frame and cistern required to support the toilet then adds another £150. The overall cost of this type of toilet may work out as slightly more expensive than conventional toilets, but certainly not out of reach for those looking to invest in their bathroom design and install a fixture that will both look good and operate well for years to come.

Here are some of our recommendations, we have included bundles so that you don’t have to spend time buying both a frame and toilet separately.

Wall hung toilets are an increasingly common sight in Britain's bathrooms. Wall hung toilet are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms across the world. They boast many benefits compared to a conventional toilet which we will discuss in today’s article. There are a number of considerations to make before buying one for your bathroom suite. Read on to find out more.

Citero Rimless Wall Mounted WC & Soft Close Seat 

The simple design of this toilet would look great in any suite. It has been built to the highest standards and features hygienic rimless technology. 

Rio Wall Hung Bundle 

This bundle will provide you with everything you will need for a perfect wall mounted toilet installation. The wall pan exhibits a sleek, contemporary look. 

Marbella Rimless Wall Hung WC Pan and Soft Close Seat 

With a striking square design and gloss white finish this toilet pan oozes style. It features dual flush functionality so you are able to save water in the long run.

Roca Debba Rimless Wall Hung WC and Frame Bundle

This bundle features a stunning toilet pan that is easy to install and has a soft close seat. It has been created at one of the world’s leading bathroom manufacturing factories so you can buy with confidence. 

Don't forget to take into account the extra cost of installation. Do not dabble in a spot of DIY if you have no previous experience. If you want to install a wall hung toilet, it is better to find a good bathroom fitter who has experience installing these toilets. 

Amore Rimless Wall Hung WC Pan

We love the Amore WC pan! This attractive WC pan features an ultra-slim, contemporary design. It features an energy saving and hygienic rimless pan. 

They’re sturdy

A frequently asked question of ours is if a wall hung toilet can hold a person's weight. A properly installed frame and toilet combination should comfortably support 200kg. We don’t recommend purposely applying too much force to it but we have yet to come across a wall hung toilet that has been broken off the wall. In commercial environments such as shopping centres you will find that many of the public bathrooms have wall mounted toilets installed in them. This is not just because they look good. A properly installed wall mounted toilet is built to be sturdy. 

As we have previously stated, ensure you find a bathroom fitter than you can rely on. An experienced plumber will know exactly how to install the toilet so that you have nothing to worry about. 

How do I access the hidden cistern if anything goes wrong?

What happens if you encounter an issue with your toilet? In most cases, you can lift the cisterns and access the internals through there. However, with a wall hung toilet things are a bit different. A wall mounted toilet needs to be installed with flush plate. These plates very simply lift off and provide all the access you will ever need to the concealed cistern behind. 

If you were considering a wall-mounted toilet we hope that this article has provided you with all the information you need to make your choice. If you want to view more wall hung options then take a look at our wide selection of wall hung toilets. We stock many styles as well as bundles to make the shopping process simpler.