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5 Ways to use Metro Tiles in your Bathroom


Tiles are a fantastic way to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom.  Tiles tie together a bathroom design, acting as a canvas. Recently, we’ve seen a type of tile become even more popular. The tile we speak of is the metro tile, it has a simple, bevelled appearance that is suitable for both modern and traditional decors. Originally, metro tiles were used for practicality. They were easy to clean and the essential tile, not something that would be integrated into a bathroom “design”. 

However, the metro tiles are now used in exciting ways, ways that can lift a bathroom design. Their retro look now brings a hint of glamour that adds character. There are so many types of metro tile which boast a range of colours that it is impossible not to find something that doesn’t suit your design preferences. 

Perks of metro tiles 

They are a stunning option for small bathrooms

Metro tiles are highly attractive but also boast many benefits for your bathroom design. The first is that they are perfect for almost any size bathroom. Some tiles are more suitable to large bathroom but metro tiles can be fitted in a bathroom of any size. Metro tiles work beautifully in compact bathrooms, they often have a shiny surface that reflects natural or artificial lighting. So, if you’re revamping a small bathroom such as a cloakroom or an en-suite, consider metro tiles. 

They look great in kitchens 

Metro tiles can be used in any kitchen, from the traditional to the contemporary. Whatever kitchen design you have chosen, you can enhance it with the use of metro tiles. We adore seeing them used to create a feature wall or space in your kitchen. Metro tiles can also simply be used around areas that could be splashed such as near a tap or oven. 

They are simple but can have a unique look 

Metro tiles are usually simple and can help to create a minimalist vibe in your bathroom. However, you could make things a little more interesting with some grout. Did you know that there isn’t just white and black grout available to buy? There are now many grout colours that can really extenuate the look of your tiles. We love the look of blues, and pastel tones that provide a subtle amount of colour against white tiles. 

Take a look at these 5 creative ways you can arrange your metro tiles

1) Straight metro tiles

Consider laying your tiles straight (where all grout joints are lined up) for a classic look. This is one of the most common ways to use metro tiles. This style looks very neat and is suitable for almost any bathroom. 

(Image credit - Walls and Floors)

2) Vertical metro tiles

Whilst horizontal layouts are more traditional, a vertical arrangement of tiles can add a modern twist. We particularly recommend laying your tiles this way if you’re looking to highlight a shower enclosure or bathing area. 

(Image credit - Tile Flair)

3) Herringbone metro tiles

This pattern is slightly trickier to achieve than the previous options so if you aren’t a tiler, we do not recommend doing this on your own. Take rectangular metro tiles and ask your tiler for this style.  The effect of a herringbone tile layout is obvious. It is striking and will set your bathroom design apart from others. 


(Image credit - Walls and Floors)

4) Diagonal metro tiles

Plenty of cutting will be needed for this option! Metro tiles laid diagonally will need to be carefully planned out in order to achieve the desired look. We think the diagonal look is excellent, especially If you are mixing another coloured tile in. E.g. mix up black and white metro tile in this fashion for an outstanding monochromatic look. 


(Image credit - Saghar Roya)

5)  Mix of horizontal and vertical

If you seek a challenge then this option is for you. We can guarantee that not many people will have done this in their bathroom. However, a mix of horizontal and vertical tiles can truly elevate your bathroom design. Additionally, it also makes the space seem visually larger.  

Our recommendations 

Metro White Biselado Brillo Ceramic Tile

The Biselado is our range of glazed ceramic metro wall tiles. Once you install these stunning white tiles they will add a timeless look to any kitchen, hallway, bathroom or living room. The tiles have a classic bevelled edge, to revitalise tired bathrooms.

Metro Grey Biselado Brillo Ceramic Tile

Transform the wall of your bathroom with these contemporary metro ceramic grey tiles, part of the Biselado collection. The contemporary grey tone and glazed finish of these tiles exudes elegance.

Metro Cream Biselado Brillo Ceramic Wall Tile

These shiny cream metro tiles represent the height of modern design, oozing classic finesse thanks to their smooth, polished finish.

Metro Black Biselado Brillo Ceramic Wall Tile 

Perfect for any room in the house, the Metro Black tile is constructed from hardwearing ceramic. These tiles have an attention-catching black finish that can work well with both traditional and modern bathroom decor.

We hope that today’s article has shown you not only the benefits but also the endless design possibilities that metro tile has to offer. If you are looking for a different type of tile, be sure to browse our collection. At Bathshack, we have a stunning range of tiles and we are sure to have something that matches your tastes!