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5 Cloakroom Ideas to Bring your bathroom to life this Autumn

The cloakroom, or small bathroom, can usually be found downstairs, very often tucked away under the stairs. While highly convenient, especially if upstairs as an en-suite, the cloakroom is often cluttered and short on space.

Because of space limitations, the cloakroom can be unloved and somewhat neglected – and it can become like this surprisingly quickly. What it needs is a makeover that you can be proud of. In this post we will explore 5 cloakroom ideas to really bring that bathroom to life this autumn.

1. Make the most of the space

In any busy home, bathroom time can become a premium commodity. This is why many people will consider fitting a cloakroom or small bathroom under the stairs, or anywhere else there is space going free. There are lots of bathroom items that can be purchased that are the ideal size, depending on how much space is actually available.

Simply have a good think about the layout and take a look all the space-saving bathroom products that could fit comfortably into the space.

An LED mirror can be the perfect solution if natural light, or the lack thereof, is a problem. If you getting a bath in there is imposible, then think again. As mentioned, it depends on the amount of available space that is actually there, but you may be pleasantly surprised. Take this Ravak Avocado corner tub for instance, it looks great and takes up very little space. If on the other hand you have a little more space, then how about this left hand, back to wall bath may suit better.

2. Go with a contemporary look

Keep your space looking chic this autumn with contemporary looking furniture and accessories. Items such as a wall hung vanity unit and basin are practical and look great, why wouldn’t you want something like this? The fact that it also helps save space is a bonus, too. Wall hung elements as easier to keep clean too.

Lighting needs to be given consideration also, since there isn’t likely going to be any natural light – depending on where in the home your small bathroom is. With keeping chic and contemporary in mind, spotlights such as the Forum Spa Scorpius could be an option worth considering.

3. Be smart with your storage

The cloakroom, or small bathroom, is often used for storage – and why wouldn’t it, being a bathroom and all? All manner of toiletries need to be found a home, but you also need to keep certain things in mind:

  • Space
  • Style
  • Practicality

There are lots of options when it comes to bathroom storage, with some being more suited to the smaller room than others. For instance, there is the Shelbourne Traditional VantiyUnit and Basin. As storage options go, it is a pretty good choice to go for and it looks amazing. For something a little more contemporary though, there is the this mirrored cabinet, which is also in the Shelbourne range..

4. Choose the right toilet for the space available

Who said toilets can’t look good? There are several options you can go for, and to save space you can opt for concealed cistern solutions too. Two great looking, modern units with a designer look are the Cilantro Rimless Back to Wall Toilet and the Ruby Back to Wall Pan & Standard Seat. Both are excellent choices, and because they are back to wall designs they take up less space and they are easier to clean.

5. Optional extras, or are they?

Let’s face it, there are little things that will make any small bathroom space that little more pleasing on the eye. There are also those little touches that take up little to no  space, that you may not be able to do without. We have already spoken about toiletry storage, but there are other things that will need putting away too.

For instance, where are you storing your towels? Having a towel storage shelf may not be the first thing that you think about but you may kick yourself later. The ER Noir Towel Shelf is ideal for this and has an added rail at the bottom to hang your damp towel.

Wall lights are another addition that may not immediately pop into your head, but as a lighting option it can be slightly easier on  the eye and adds that little extra feeling of chic to proceedings.

There are lots of things that can make your small bathroom more ‘user friendly’, practical and great  to look at. Hopefully, you’ll have some ideas now on how to proceed.

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