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4 Ideas for Remodelling a Small Bathroom


There are many reasons why you’re deciding to remodel your bathroom – the design doesn’t suit your lifestyle, it’s outdated, it’s cluttered; the list goes on. The good news is you don’t need to stress or break the bank in order to remodel your bathroom effectively. Functionality should be at the top of every bathroom remodel plan, especially if you’re designing for a smaller space. Read on to find out about our 4 ideas that will help you to remodel your bathroom.

Introduce colour

A fresh coat of paint and a few tiles could breathe a new lease of life into your bathroom. You could use both paint and tiles to create a feature wall. A feature wall is a great way to add a pop of colour to your space without going overboard. When working with a smaller space, we think if your feature wall showcases a splash of colour it is better to keep the rest of the space neutral. Another way to incorporate colour into a smaller space is to add coloured accessories such as towels and soap dispensers. You could also look into different finishes for fixtures such as taps, black and rose gold taps are particularly popular right now.

Install smaller bathroom fixtures

You may be thinking that you may not have room for certain fixtures in a small bathroom but it’s time to wash away those thoughts. Nowadays you can get baths, sinks, and toilets in a variety of shapes and sizes. This means that you don’t need to squeeze things into your space just to have what those with larger spaces do. Space saving fixtures can be pretty clever – combination units combine up to 3 fixtures which truly maximises space. Choosing fixtures with more compact dimensions can make a huge difference on how a space feels, giving you more freedom to move around your bathroom.

Our recommendations


Baths are often installed in large spaces as opposed to smaller suites such as an ensuite or cloakroom. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be added to a smaller suite too. Baths such as the Avocado Space Saving Bath give you the chance to both save a great deal of space in your bathroom and add of touch of elegance to your bathroom. The Avocado boasts an exceptional build quality and asymmetric design that makes it an especially good fit for smaller bathrooms.


Cloakroom basins are specially designed with small spaces in mind. There are many options available for both modern and traditional bathroom spaces. As well as styles, there are various types of basins available so you can be certain to find something that accommodates your style preferences.

Our recommendations

Moods Cedarwood Corner Cloakroom Basin

A cloakroom corner basin fits neatly into the corner of the room helping to make the best use of what could otherwise be wasted space. This cloakroom basin is designed with small dimensions and doesn’t take up a lot of precious floor space. They feature an easy to clean white finish and will help you to make the most of an area that may otherwise go unused.

Moods Shelbourne Cloakroom Basin

Wall hung basins visually enlarge your space by taking up no floor space whatsoever. A wall hung basin is fitted to the wall with no supporting pedestal underneath, meaning you can leave this space free or place storage there. The Moods basin is supplied with a bottle trap and conceals pipework from view.

Clara Corner Basin and Full Pedestal

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t a pedestal basin too much for a small space? The answer is no. There are pedestal basins that again have smaller dimensions than standard basins. Similar to the wall hung basin, the Clara Corner Basin sits on top of the pedestal and hides pipework.

Cloakroom toilets

Many toilets have also been designed with smaller, space saving dimensions too. The dimensions of the following toilets are only smaller in places such as the cistern and still provide a comfortable experience for the user.

Wall Hung Toilets

For the ultimate in space saving design choose a wall hung toilet - not only are they more compact but they create the illusion of extra space within your bathroom as the floor beneath is visible. This creates the look of a floating toilet which is again minimalist and very contemporary.

The Marbella Rimless Wall Hung Toilet is a very modern chic toilet that will really fit in to a variety of small bathrooms. This look won’t be to everyone’s taste but matched with a wall hung basin or vanity unit you can really create a feeling of spaciousness with this design in the smallest of bathroom.

Back to Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets offer a sleek look perfect for contemporary bathroom suites. The Moods Amyris Back to Wall WC Pan is a good example of a flush to wall finish that doesn’t occupy too much space. The cistern is hidden will also create an illusion of a more spacious room.

If your cloakroom doesn’t have enough room to install a separate basin and toilet, then take a look at some combination units. This combines a toilet and basin into one space saving design. A back to wall toilet is fitted to the unit with the cistern and pipework hidden.

Optical illusions

Having a small space may make things seem a little cramped. However, there are certain design tricks that you can implement to make your space seem visually larger.

Shower enclosures

Do away with a shower curtain and enhance your shower or bath with a glass panel or enclosure. The traditional shower curtain acts as a visual divide making the room appear smaller. On the other hand, glass allows light to travel around the room and provides a more open feeling. Shower enclosures such as the XL8 quadrant have a luxurious appeal with a space saving design which means it can be fitted into the smallest of bathroom spaces.


Mirrors are not only a vanity tool, they are also another surface light can bounce from. In a small bathroom mirrors can enhance light and space in a small room when placed strategically. Consider what it is going to reflect before attaching it to the wall as if you are placing it opposite another wall it may not have the desired effect.

Explore different storage options

Most of us will need an area to house bathroom essentials such as towels, cosmetics, loo rolls and cleaners in our bathroom. Opt for wall hung storage options and use areas that enable you to conduct your daily routine with ease. Alternatively, vanity units often have plenty of space for bits and bobs so that your bathroom remains clutter free.

We hope this has given you some inspiration on the things you can do to elevate your bathroom design during a remodel. Feel free to share this article with anyone you think it could help. For more bathroom related articles, be sure to visit our blog section.