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4 Great Ways to Add Colour To Your Bathroom

The following are some reasons why you should decorate your home:

  • To increase your home value
  • To increase the hospitality nature of your home, especially if you are social and you often receive visitors
  • To declutter your house
  • To enhance your home’s energy efficiency
  • To make your home appear more personalized and give it a unique appearance
  • To hide some design flaws that may be present in your house
  • To repurpose your house space
  • To enhance the functionality of the exterior and the interior space of your home
  • To motivate the occupants present at your home

When choosing your bathroom colors, it is essential to do it safely and satisfactorily. Monochrome tends to be somehow common, especially cream or grey colors may be satisfying to many people. However, you should always avoid being so extreme or colorful.

However, the emergence of some trends creates beautiful, bold, and colorful bathrooms. The following are some ways you can create a color splash into your bathroom.


Play with paint


Painting your bathroom is an affordable and easy method for adding color punch into it. Since your bathroom can be treated as a retreat, an avenue of relaxing, or a place to refresh or begin the day, it is crucial to consider the colors you use and the mood you intend to create.

If you want to create a tranquil feeling, consider using calming pale greens, blues, and greys colors. You can also consider painting the full room, including the ceiling, to create an excellent pamper space.

If you intend to get some warmth, sunny yellows are so effective, and if you intend to create a feeling of drama, consider dark or bright types to create a focal point.


Colour knowledge


You can select your colors and play around with the hues and tones. Consider testing some samples on the walls. They should be placed three feet minimally from each other to prevent them from blending.

Use paint samples on a card and place them in different parts of the room, for example, in a dark space or near a window. It is essential to note that the same color can change based on where you place it.

Bright and light-colored are more reflective and can make a small area appear airy and open; however, vibrant types can be playful and fun. Avoid the perception that a bathroom is just a bathroom; it is like any other room in the house.

Therefore, you can add some print, pattern, and colors with wallpaper, fabric, paint, tiles, paint, fittings, and fixtures, among many others.

Paint is an easy way of adding grey into your bathroom, and it can transform the space instantly. If you want to make the colors more outstanding, consider painting the walls in a dark grey. If you do not want a fancy painting on all the bathroom walls, limit the grey paint to a single wall.

You can also consider applying the colors independently through the tiles on the shower, floors, walls, or paint colors. Then you can layer in rich wood tones, textural accents, and other warm colors to add interest and dimension. You can also consider various designs for a beige bathroom to establish your design.




A new fashion of adding color to your bathroom is updating the taps, basins, and tubs. You can consider adding new colored Rockwell feet to your bath or a pair of terracotta-colored crosshead taps. 

The other common style is painting the lower side of the freestanding bath with an intense color since it creates an effective color explosion to a neutral bathroom.



Equipping your bathroom with a few colorful accessories can have a significant effect. Succulents and lush green plants are easy, quick, and affordable methods of introducing color in your bathroom. You can replace the dull beige towels with something more appealing, like adding some bright wall art.

A colorful towel rail or radiator can promptly brighten your bathroom, or you can also use colorful tiles to create attention to a focal point like a splashback or a shower area.

Like any other room in your home, your bathroom is equally important. Therefore, coloring and ensuring it looks more appealing is an essential thing. Generally, homeowners opt for lighter colors since they create a feeling of more spaciousness. 

Mostly, the more monochronic a room is, the larger it seems. Consequently, if you paint your walls and floor with different colors, the smaller the room appears.

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