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10 creative shower room ideas

Whether you’re planning a new shower room or want to update your existing one, there are lots of ways to create a stylish and functional space that will elevate your showering experience.

A shower room generally differs from a bathroom in that it consists of only a shower, drainage and perhaps some shelf space for storing toiletries. It has a minimalist aesthetic and is very easy to maintain, which is why it’s become so popular with many homeowners. However, having a showering section within a main bathroom which is simply separated from the rest of the room by one or more panels and has its own drainage system, can also constitute a shower room. A wet room, meanwhile, is completely open plan, with waterproofed walls and flooring throughout.

In this blog we’ll be looking at ways in which you can design your shower room, as well as tips for styling it, looking at luxury takes on the concept as well as more standard ideas. So, whatever type of shower room you have or would like to acquire, read on for some inspiration about how to design and style the perfect showering space for your home …

A shower room generally features a shower, drainage and shelf space.

Stylish shower room designs

If you’ve decided to design a shower room, then the first thing to do is assess what space you have, as this will dictate the final design. Is it a space within a larger bathroom, or is the shower room a dedicated area away from the main bathroom? Do you have a narrow space or is there more width to play around with?

Other things to consider are whether you want the shower (if part of a main bathroom) to be the star of the show or if you’d prefer it to be in the background. You can still enjoy a luxury shower without making it into the central feature of the room, but knowing from the outset what you want to achieve will help you decide how to style the space.

The general ambience of the space should also be considered at the outset – do you want to create an obvious luxury look, something more minimalist or go big and bold with colours and textures?

Key things to consider for your shower room:

  • Shower kits
  • Shower screens and doors
  • Lighting
  • Storage
  • Shower trays
  • Tiling/panelling

Use contrasting tiling to create visual interest in your shower space.

Here are some ways you can create a stylish shower room space:

    1. Walk-in spa shower rooms

If you want a more enclosed space and have the capacity for a walk-in shower room within your main bathroom, then creating this separate area is a great way to bring spa vibes to your home. Choosing a low-profile or slimline shower tray which is flush to the floor and has a small lip – or opting for a recessed wet room tray which gives a seamless aesthetic without any lip – will help achieve the look.

Creating a spacious shower area will add to the luxury, spa-like aesthetic, so even if you have a smaller space, making the shower enclosure wider, even if it’s shallower, will also help.

    1. Alternate tiling for a zoned shower room

A stylish shower room can be achieved by choosing interesting tiles and mixing styles within the space. You can create a feature wall with a bolder tile and contrast this with more neutral tones or go all out and use contrasting bold colours and patterns for a really statement look.

    1. Luxurious shower room designs

If you want to transform your shower room into a truly luxurious space, then choosing rainfall-style showerheads, adding brushed brass detailing in the fixtures and using large-format marble-effect tiles, for example, can all create this effect. Tiles like the Onyx Turquoise Polished Rectified Tile will add instant opulence, with its eye-catching turquoise tone and bronze and white veining.

Large-format marble-effect tiling like the Onyx Turquoise Polished Rectified Tile will bring a luxury look to your shower space.

    1. Add charm with lighting

Good light is important in any interior, but you can further enhance your shower room by taking a more considered approach to the lighting you install here. Practically, these should be lights that are suitable for use in a high-humidity environment, especially if they’re within splashing distance of the showerhead. That aside, there are lots of options for interesting lighting which will illuminate your room and make it into a more welcoming space.

The Josef Martin Liffey Large LED Wall Light in Chrome is a mid-century-inspired wall light which will instantly elevate your shower room. This stylish energy-efficient LED light has a curved frosted glass front which, combined with the polished chrome finish bordering this and extending above and below the bulb, gives it an elegant style.

The type of lighting you choose can not only make your shower room appear more visually interesting but will also bring out the textures and tones of tiling and other details, such as brushed brass finishes, for example.

The Josef Martin Liffey Large LED Wall Light in Chrome has an elegant style.

Adding brass detailing and stylish lighting will enhance your shower room.

    1. Adopt a wet room aesthetic

You can also make your shower room more open plan by designing it in the style of a wet room. For example, if you have a dedicated section of a larger bathroom set aside for the shower and want a more open plan look without waterproofing the entire room, this is a good option. You can simply waterproof that specific area and use minimalist wet room screens to achieve a more spacious look.

Adopting more of a wet room aesthetic is another option for your shower room.

  • Add comfort with shower room seating

If you have space for a bench, then adding seating to your shower area can bring a little more comfort and luxury. You can also get creative with your shower room décor by tiling it differently from the rest of the space or make it more textured to enhance visual interest.

A great way to add practicality, along with comfort and style, seating can enhance your room and doesn’t have to be extensive to have a benefit. It’s also ideal for those with mobility issues, so is an inspired idea.

Adding seating to your shower room is one way to get creative with your design.

    1. Innovative shower room accessories

When it comes to accessorising your shower room, you can add a little innovation through things like Bluetooth showerheads, LED and Bluetooth mirrors and heated towel rails – all of which will add functionality and convenience.

With in-built demister pads also incorporated into many modern mirrors, you can also enjoy the benefits of clear glass which doesn’t get steamed-up while you shower. Meanwhile, Bluetooth showerheads and mirrors allow you to listen to your favourite music or podcasts while you wash, helping to create a more relaxing environment.

Shower room inspiration at Bathshack

Find all your shower room products at Bathshack.

No matter what way you want to design your shower room, when it comes to kitting it out with showerheads, trays, screens and anything else, you’ll find all you need at We supply a wide range of options for shower enclosures, including those which are ideal for smaller spaces as well as more sizeable rooms.

    1. Sliding shower screens

For instance, if you want that walk-in shower room area but only have a modest amount of space, then sliding shower doors are ideal for facilitating a spacious look.

Meanwhile, we have a great variety of shower kits, with everything from electric and digital showers to rainhead, power and tower shower styles. Concealed shower kits also help with the more minimalist look while our accessible showers are ideal for any shower room.

Choosing sliding shower doors and frameless styles can help create a sense of spaciousness.

With a fantastic array of tiling available to help you to create those feature walls – including non-slip tiles for the floor – we particularly recommend porcelain for your shower room. Highly durable, easy to clean and less porous than other materials, porcelain is ideal for showers and is available in a range of finishes, including marble-effect, wood-effect and more.

  • Try our free Bathroom Planner tool

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for your shower room and, if you’re considering a revamp or planning one for your new home, our tenth tip is to try our handy online 3D Bathroom Planner to help you get started. Perfect for letting you see how products will look in your home, you can use this innovative technology to choose products from our website which are then superimposed into your home, simply by using your phone.

If you need help with this or would like to discuss anything relating to your shower room design, then our friendly team is always happy to assist – online, in our showrooms or on the phone. The perfect shower room space is closer than you might think …

For more ideas on how to create your dream shower room, visit our website at Alternatively, if you have any questions, just email our team at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.