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Water Saving Products

Improve your carbon footprint with one of Bathshack's top of the range water saving products. Our stock allows you to reduce your water wastage and save significant sums on your utility bills.

With the help of our eco-friendly bathroom products, you can help the planet by reducing water consumption in the bathroom. Our water saving baths use intelligent and modern construction methods, to save on water. Their acrylic surfaces are fantastic insulators and are highly durable, ridding you of the need to add extra heat to the bathtub when it's gone cold.

In addition, our water saving toilets use less water to make a flush of equal effectiveness. Alternatively, our water saving showerheads not only significantly reduces water consumption it also provides a refreshing experience within your home. These also add to the functionality of your suite when fitted with appropriate valves.

Go green with our water saving products to help the planet at the best prices.