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Shower Heads & Accessories


1 - 24 of 122 Products


1 - 24 of 122 Products

Shower Heads and Accessories

Selecting a showerhead can prove to be a difficult task as there are so many options available. Other than the shower itself, the showerhead is perhaps the second most important component you will need to think about. Every different model will offer individual spray settings that can completely transform your showering experience for the better.

Common types

Fixed showerhead:

This is one of the most common types of showerhead. It is fixed to the wall and the spray is directed down at a fixed angle. There are still a wide variety of styles to choose from with this kind of showerhead. Our models showcase contemporary functions such as adjustable spray patterns and flow strength.

Rail kits:

This showerhead fits into a bracket fixed to the wall of your shower. You can change the placement of head according to the height of the person who is showering. You can also detach this model to use the shower spray to easily clean up the bath or shower.

Combination showerhead:

This type of showerhead provides the best of both worlds. A showerhead and hand shower combo kit is equipped with the traditional wall mounted showerhead along with a handheld showerhead. Depending on how you feel you will be able to switch from the targeted spray of the shower nozzle to the more general spray of the fixed head. This is a great option for those with families!

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