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Whirlpool Bath Buying Guide

In our previous blog, we hoped to show you how beneficial whirlpool bathtubs can be and maybe sway you into treating yourselves. Before we get ahead of ourselves, we understand that buying any bath is a very big investment. Now that you know the benefits, we want to provide you with more information about whirlpool baths. You need to know if it is practical for your bathroom, how it is installed, amongst many other things. In this article, we will be discussing the most important things you’ll need to consider.

How do whirlpool baths differ from regular baths?

Whirlpool tubs are more advanced than regular bath tubs. They use a mixture of water and air for a relaxing experience. Often, these jets can be controlled and can provide a high-pressure stream of water for a powerful massage or a more gentle, soothing experience. Where the jets are placed can differ between different whirlpool models but each jet should always provide the benefits listed in our previous blog.

Extra features

Whirlpool baths are not considered luxurious with no reason. They are equipped with features to make their user feel as comfortable as possible. In recent years chromatherapy has gained a lot of attention. The use of lights can be used to relax a person and when this is combined with the hydrotherapy offered by whirlpool baths soothing effects are guaranteed. We supply a set of 7 coloured lights that can be used with a whirlpool bath. You can choose to fix on one colour or rotate through them all. Click here to view the Phoenix Colour Kinetic Light kit.

Additionally, water in a tub can lose heat surprisingly fast, especially when the tub is equipped with air jets. In-line water heaters resolve this issue. The Phoenix Inline Heater for Whirlpool Systems is designed to help keep your bath water warm for longer.

Whirlpool baths are very safe to use. Especially with an addition such as the Phoenix Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker which is a safety device used in electrical installations that detects small stray voltages and will interrupt the circuit if there is a danger that the user may be shocked.

Our recommendations

Phoenix Rectangularo double Ended Whirlpool Bath

This bath from Phoenix is a beautiful single ended bath that will look great in any bathroom. All Phoenix jets are made from low profile chrome plated solid brass.  These are durable and are also equipped with a non-return valve which minimises water flow back into the pipes.

This bath is versatile and can be tuned to suit your preferences. With the variable three-speed air blowers, you can switch from a soothing spray to a more invigorating blast. An inline heater can be added to help maintain your water during the use of your whirlpool system.

Phoenix Ibiza 1800 Amanzonite Whirlpool bath 

All Phoenix whirlpool systems are made to order in a leading manufacturing facility in the UK.  Once manufactured all systems are water tested to ensure that you receive the best possible product. Phoenix has spent over three decades working with customers to develop their whirlpool systems and create a bath that you will love.  This bath is made of high-quality materials and can withstand the tests of time.

Phoenix Qube Shower Bath with Whirlpool System

View this stylish square bath tub with increased space for showering. This shower is perfect for smaller bathrooms where space can be tight as it combines two fixtures together. Shop with confidence knowing that all Phoenix baths are quality tested for at least 12 hours before they leave the manufacturing factory. This bath can be equipped with luxury colour kinetic lights for a truly unique and relaxing bathing experience.

Installation of the Tub

Installing a whirlpool tub should be left to the professionals. All sorts of problems may arise from installing it without the necessary experience. When whirlpool baths are fitted their electrical components need to be considered too. You may also want to fit some of the added extras we have listed above to your bath. Although these extras can be added after you have installed a bath, it is a lot easier to install everything in one go.

Once you’ve chosen a bath, get the specifications from the manufacturer's website or inquire at your local showroom. Make sure to give your contractor this information as it will be important for them to know. They will inform you if they may be any issues with the installation as well as any other purchase you may need to make.

Care and cleaning whirlpool bath tubs

It is important to take care of any bath. In terms of cleaning a whirlpool model, abrasive cleaners should never be used as they can damage the tubs surface. Most of the whirlpool tubs we offer are made of acrylic which is hardwearing but it still needs to be cared for correctly. With whirlpool baths you will also need to clean the jets.

How to clean a whirlpool bath

  • If you wash your tub regularly, try using only dish soap, water, and a sponge or soft nylon scrubber.
  •  For water deposits, try a diluted vinegar solution.
  • For stubborn stains, work gently at the stain using a soft nylon scrubber and a paste of baking soda and water. Try to clean often, perhaps every other day, to avoid these sorts of stains becoming a frequent occurrence.
  •  To clean the whirlpool jets, fill the tub just enough for them to be covered by water, add some dish soap, and run the pump for a few minutes before draining and rinsing the tub down.

We hope that today’s blog post has given you a bit more insight on whirlpool baths and what they have to offer. If you’re interested in buying your own whirlpool bath be sure to take a look at our range. We have whirlpool baths suitable for all budgets and bathrooms. For more information on whirlpool baths be sure to check out our previous blog post. Follow our blog to keep up to date with the latest tips about bathrooms.