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What Colour Grout Should You Choose For Your Tile?

In the past, grout was known as just a material that we used to fill gaps between tiles. These days, designers are taking grout to the next level and incorporating it into the design process by making it different colours or even adding glitter to help it stand out. It’s no longer a dirty-looking material between our tiles–it’s taking on a life of its own!

What is grout made from?

Grout is made from a mixture from a mixture of water, cement and sand. Since it’s made up of rather simple compounds, it’s possible to colour the grout to help it complement your tiles. It’s also possible to add a glitter effect that adds even more style to your walls and tiles. When used correctly, coloured or glittering grout can add a beautiful touch to your tiles and help them stand out instead of just being a boring and plain necessity.

Choosing the right grout colour

Picking the colour of your grout is now just as important as picking the style of your tiles. It’s important to match colours based on different aspects of your room in order to give your bathroom or kitchen a fantastic finish. Here are some of the tips we have when it comes to choosing the right colours:

Neutral colours are great if the rest of your room is rather muted and not too bold or extravagant. Grout is typically a fairly dark brown colour which isn’t very neutral. Instead, you can choose a lighter grey or even white to help it look clean and minimalistic alongside your neutral and plain tiles. While it can look too boring for some, the minimal look of the tiles is fantastic for a simple and neutral-toned room. Neutral colours are also a great pick for anyone that doesn’t consider themselves very design-savvy as they tend to blend in with whatever tiles you choose. Neutral tones are also good for geometric shapes and patterns as it creates a muted and toned-down appearance that is great for any modern home with a minimal approach to decor.

Extravagant tiles should stand out, so it’s a good idea to match the colour of your grout with the tiles. For example, if you have a unique pattern across all of your tiles that resembles a picture or a decorative design, the grout should blend in with each of the tiles so that it’s less pronounced. If the lines stand out too much, it can ruin the feel of the tiles and take some of the attention away from the beautiful tiles you’ve picked.

Plain tiles can be a great pairing with glitter-style grout. This is because the focus goes on the grout and not so much the tiles. Since the tiles don’t have much to look at, the glitter grout steals the show and becomes the main focus. This is best if you have larger gaps between the tiles so the glitter effect stands out better. You should also try to use similar colours that match the tone or mood of your grout so that they complement each other.

Contrasting colours are a great way to bring attention to your tiles and grout. This could be using a light-coloured grout with dark tiles or vice versa. The contrast makes both the grout and the tiles stand out, so this is a good option to use glittering grout for an extra wow factor. While it can look quite distracting if the colours you pick are very bold and bright, it’s still a great way to add a bit of expression and style to your floor and wall tiles.

Clashing colours helps to draw focus to the overall composition of your tiles and grout. This is generally not a good idea as it can make your bathroom or floor look a little too extravagant and confusing. For instance, if you have blue tiles and red grout, it can look loud and distracting. However, if you can use clashing colours to your advantage, then it can be a unique and expressive piece of artwork on your walls. Again, this isn’t recommended unless you already have a design in mind.

Whatever style of tile you pick, there’s guaranteed to be a wonderful grout option that can complement it perfectly. If you need help installing grout or want to know more options that you can pick from, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to assist you.