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What are the Best Things to Consider when Buying Tiles



Tile is one of the most popular materials to use in a bathroom or a kitchen. It is often seen on walls and floors and is available in almost every colour, finish, size, and style that you can imagine. Because there is such variety, it can be quite tricky to find something that’s right for you. However, choosing tile doesn’t need to be overwhelming. In today’s article, we will be discussing the main things you should consider when it comes to choosing tile that will hopefully narrow down your options.  


Choose the right tile size  


There are many sizes of tile that you can choose from. Choosing your tile size is very important and can make or break the look of your bathroom or kitchen design. For example, it may sound counterintuitive to use large scale tiles in a smaller bathroom or kitchen, however, it can make the whole space feel a lot larger when used as flooring. They create fewer grout lines, which is beneficial as an area such as a bathroom floor will look like one surface rather than something divided by multiple tiles. That is not to say that smaller tiles cannot be used. Smaller tiles create a charming look, especially on bathroom and kitchen walls. Additionally, mosaic tiles tend to be made in a smaller format so they really stand out against other tiles. Look at your bathroom as a whole and select a tile size that enhances your bathroom.  

Choosing a colour scheme  

We have mentioned in numerous blogs how important choosing the right colour scheme is. Selecting your tile colour scheme is no exception. If you are undecided after viewing many tile options, a neutral colour palette is a good choice. A neutral colour palette is “safe” but it is also timeless, stunning, and suitable for bathrooms and kitchens of all sizes. Try to find one tile that you love and build the colour scheme around it. It might be a simple tile with a simple colour or something bolder that will become more of an accent tile. An accent tile is the perfect way to inject a bold colour in your bathroom without going overboard. Keep to one bold tile, this will help it to really stand out and that way it won’t be competing with other colours in your bathroom. At the end of the day, the choice of colours depends on your individual preferences.  

Choosing the tile material  


An important decision you will need to make when choosing bathroom tile is what material your tile will be made out of. There are quite a few options to choose from. The best options for a bathroom are stone, porcelain, glass, vinyl, and ceramic tiles.   


Materials explained 


Stone: A natural stone floor provides a hard wearing, durable floor covering. It can add value to your property but is initially more expensive than alternatives. It will also require more maintenance in the long-run.  


Porcelain:  Porcelain tile is highly resistant to wear and they are simple to maintain. They don’t require any special sealing like some other tiles do. One of the huge porcelain tile benefits is the way that the material looks. It’s made from high-quality components and has a luxurious finish.  


Ceramic: Ceramic tiles are often confused with porcelain. They are similar but ceramic tiles are easier to cut and are often the more affordable option. Despite the lower price, ceramic tiles are durable and can be extremely stylish.  


Glass: Glass tiles are not usually used across the entirety of a bathroom wall or floor. Instead they are used as “accents” (something we mentioned above). They usually boast stunning designs that really help to elevate your bathroom décor.  


Vinyl: Vinyl is great for bathroom and kitchens as it has a soft, warm feeling that is also waterproof. They are also another affordable option.  


Purchase more tile than what you need 


We recommend purchasing 10% more tiles than what you actually need to complete your bathroom. This is not a way to make you spend more. Picture this, you’re installing your tiles, everything is running smoothly and then suddenly one of your tiles is dropped. The loss of this tile will mean that you will be left short on tile. You need to allow for breakages, cutting waste, and future repairs to be on the safe side. 


Our tile recommendations  


Vintage Modern Negro Ceramic Wall Tile 


This tile features a stunning and unique look. It is made from hardwearing ceramic and can be used to create a striking feature all or used as an accent tile.  


Kalos Rel Grey Wall Tile 


Offering a textured look, the Kalos Rel Grey Wall Tile is interesting and would look exceptional in a modern kitchen or bathroom design.  


Alberto Cedar Wood Effect Floor Tile 


These floor tiles have been designed to emulate real wooden planks and look fantastic.  Alberto Cedar is a mid to dark wood colour. It features details such as wood grain structure and has a mixture of darker brown and black tones to create a natural look.  


Pergo Premium Click Vinyl Black Scivaro Slate 


This option from the Pergo range captures everything that slate is admired for. It has unique patterns and adds an element of luxury to kitchens and bathrooms. The tile design is perfect for rooms where you want the look of ceramic tiles, but the warmth and softness of vinyl. Pergo is waterproof and stain resistant making it the ideal choice for family homes.  

Choosing your grout  


Once you’ve chosen your tiles, it is time to consider grout. Grout is the spreadable mixture that is applied to the crevices between each tile ensuring that they are impervious to water. When choosing grout, you will need to pick something that can be maintained – tiles and grout require your attention. However, that isn’t to say you can’t have fun with it. Grout comes in a variety of colours and has recently become a way to mix up your bathroom design. Coloured grout is a great option if you have chosen colourful tiles. For example, if you have a dark tile, white grout may be a bit too sharp. Whereas, a grout that has a similar tone could be more desirable. If you do want a sharp pop of colour, white and other colours are always an option for darker tiles. A trend that we’ve been loving recently is the use of neutral metro tiles paired with brightly coloured grout. It creates a fun and interesting look.  


We hope that today’s article has been insightful and helps you to choose tiles that are perfect for you. If you still aren’t sure about what tiles you would like pop down to one of our showrooms. We have many tiles on display that are suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens. Alternatively, click here to browse our online range