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What Are The Best Bathroom Bundles To Go For

What Are The Best Bathroom Bundles To Go For - Bathroom Tips

Everyone desires a calm and appealing bathroom look.

  • Cascade Shower Bath Deal
  • Cascade Shower Bath & Vanity Deal
  • Linea Noir Shower Bath & Vanity Deal - Right Hand
  • Ashton 1200mm Vanity Deal
  • Linea Toilet, Basin & Tap Deal
  • Happi Anthracite Vanity Unit & Toilet Deal

Even though the bathroom may not be the first room you think of when revamping your house, you must search for quality fittings for your bathroom. Be keen to imprint your style and class in your bathroom for comfort and proper functionality. 

Understand the pros and cons of each style to ensure you choose the right bathroom deal. You should also consider the size of your bathroom and the financial implications. Please do not choose your bundle without adequate research and consultation. 

Cascade Shower Bath Deal

The basin, shower, pan, cistern, seat, and curved bath screens of the cascade shower bath deal are affordable and give you value for money. The customized designs and easy to work material are perfect for your bathroom. The endless designs and installations for your small or big bathroom. 

You need not worry about the cistern and bath supplies' functionality and designs. You can easily manipulate them into different designs at any point, thus giving a refreshing bathroom look periodically. The technology and mechanisms like the quarter-turn mechanism and eco-technology make it a suitable and efficient deal for you. 

Cascade Shower Bath & Vanity Deal

This cascade shower bath and vanity deal is almost like the cascade shower deal with an additional vanity unit. The safety, customization, technology, mechanisms, and materials rhyme with that of the cascade bath deal. Its different installation options make it a viable option for you if you prefer frequent change and makeovers. 

The vanity unit consists of a fully assembled gloss white unit, soft close doors, and black handles. This vanity unit responsible for the additional 100 gives you value for money as you will extra storage as a bonus with the lever-operated tap. Its matt black finish with few chrome-plated finishes gives this unit a classy and quality feel. 

Linea Noir Shower Bath & Vanity Deal - Right Hand

The Linea Noir Shower Bath Deal - Right-Hand consists of various superb features that will give your bathroom a perfect look and finishing touch. If you are into a quality and appealing look, you should check out this deal. The shower bath, which bears the latest and modern trends, can be uniquely installed in your bathroom together with the matt shower screen. 

Even though it is quite expensive, its components, including the back-to-wall pan, minimizes the space used in your bathroom. The inclusion of a vanity unit stresses the importance of using space appropriately. The aesthetic finishes and additions of this deal make it the best deal for larger bathrooms due to the added fixtures.

Ashton 1200mm Vanity Deal

From the name's elegance, the Ashton vanity deal is perfect for bigger bathrooms that house families. It has two basic mixers and wastes and a twin vanity unit that is perfect for couples and families. With the two vanity units, you get additional storage facilities that go with the twin basins. 

You can install new technologies and LED lightings that will improve the bathroom's style. It is essential for you to financially prepare yourself if this is your bathroom deal of choice. 

Linea Toilet, Basin & Tap Deal

As the name suggests, the linear toilet, basin, and tap deal consist of the mentioned components. These components, though affordable, come with a timeless design that maintains their class in the market. The white finish and additional mechanisms that ensure the toilet's functionality and aesthetics are what stand out in this deal. 

The different materials (brassware with thick chrome-plating, glass, ceramic) in this deal combine effectively to maintain its sturdiness and aesthetic style. The simplicity yet beauty of this deal makes it perfect for any small or large bedroom.

Happi Anthracite Vanity Unit & Toilet Deal

The features that stand out in this deal are the stylish curved basin, two-drawer vanity storage, and the Anthracite finish. The elegance that accompanies this finish will give you the perfect bathroom outlook. The toilet uses the Enzo close, which is neatly designed and installed for the perfect bathroom finish. 

To add a personal finishing touch, you can install the Ariel mirrors that will enhance the bathroom's mood and feel. This LED mirror also comes with additional features that will promote the technological aspect of this deal. 

Whichever deal you choose, ensure it is the right deal for you financially, aesthetical, and functionality. 

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