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Ways to Improve Accessibility in your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in our homes. They not only provide a space to get ready or to prepare for bed, but they also give us a place to relax in. Ensuring that your bathroom is easily accessible not only increases comfort but will allow your bathroom suite to be practical now and many years down the line.

Having an easy access bathroom is also imperative if you or someone you are living with is elderly or disabled. In these cases, having a bathroom that cannot be accessed without a struggle or is ill-equipped can be a real source of stress. In today’s article, we will be discussing a few points that can help you improve the accessibility of your bathroom.

Using space effectively

This point is probably the first idea that would come to anyone’s mind. The more open space there is to work with, the more accessible everything will be. Most bathrooms, however, do not have a lot of space to work with so opening up your bathroom will require a bit of planning. A simple way to achieve a more open space in your bathroom is to remove bulky fixtures and clutter from the equation.

One way to free up space and remove the clutter from your bathroom is to install intelligently designed, space-saving bathroom furniture. At Bathshack, we supply a wide range of stunning and practical bathroom furniture. In particular, we recommend looking at wall-mounted furniture. The reason for this is because they are not mounted to the floor, wall hung units do not occupy precious floor space.  Additionally, wall hung bathroom fixtures can be mounted at any height. This means it can be fitted to suit the height and comfort of its user.

Our recommendations

VitrA S20 Vanity Unit (Golden Cherry)

This vanity unit offers ample storage space for any of your bathroom essentials. It combines two fixtures into one saving space and providing excellent functionality. The unit features soft close doors so that there won’t be any loud noise or trapped fingers as they are closing. The entire unit will arrive at your door fully assembled which will save time and money on installation.

Hudson Reed Apollo Wall Hung Tall Bathroom Unit

Perfect for a neutral paint scheme, the Hudson Reed Apollo Wall Hung 300mm Tall Unit in gloss grey showcases a stunning look that would fit seamlessly in a contemporary bathroom suite. This unit comes with spacious internal shelves. This unit comes with chrome strap handles and a soft close door which provides a smoother, quieter closing action. Showcasing a high-quality build, this unit has been built with care in Britain. For peace of mind, this wall-hung unit comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Milan Wall Hung Vanity Unit

This wall hung unit helps to keep all bathroom essentials to hand while doubling up as an attractive basin unit which subtly hides any pipework. The Milan unit is the ideal choice if you’re trying to create a more spacious bathroom. This vanity unit finished in gloss white offers plentiful storage space and features a smooth soft close mechanism. The fitted 1 tap hole basin has been made from durable ceramic and fits seamlessly with the rest of the unit.

Walk-in showers and baths

A bath or shower is one of the largest additions to be added to a bathroom. With that in mind, choosing the right fixture is very important. The best type of bath to improve accessibility would be an easy access bath. These baths typically have an integrated seat and a door that allows the user to get in and out of the bath with ease. A lot of easy access baths can be turned into shower baths too. All of the easy access baths that we supply have subtle designs that allow users to maintain their independence, without having to use something that looks clinical and uninviting.

When selecting a shower, walk-in showers are a strong option. If the shower tray is slimline/ low-profile it is very easy to enter. Additionally, they are usually supplied with a screen so that water will not splash over your bathroom floor eliminating a potential trip hazard. 

Our recommendations

Bathe Easy Comfort Easy Access Bath

This bath can be easily accessed through its low threshold door. This door is made from 10MM tempered glass, is manually locked, and opened without a struggle. This makes this bath ideal for those who struggle to get in and out of conventional baths. The surface of the bath has anti-slip properties which will reduce the chance of the user slipping. This bath also features an integrated seat for extra comfort. 

Synergy Vodas Square Walk-In Shower

The walk-in shower has a frameless design adding a feeling of openness and a walk-in shower experience that’s perfect in any modern, accessible bathroom suite. Beautifully made from superior-quality materials, this shower features a single clear glass panel with chrome detailing. It is easy to get in and out of and you can also install a shower seat within this walk-in shower. This can help someone who is not able to stand up for too long. 

Bathe Easy Serenity Easy Access Deep Bath

The Bath Easy Serenity bath offers is a good option for areas where a full-size bath cannot be installed. Its compact form still provides plenty of room to have a deep, relaxing soak in. This bath features a strong and wide 800MM door that can be easily opened and closed.  It also includes a ramped seat which is beneficial for wheelchair users. 

Install Grab Bars

Installing grab rails can significantly increase the accessibility of your bathroom. Grab bars are usually installed on a bath or near a shower area where surfaces can become slippery. Grab bars make it easier for those with restricted mobility to move and support themselves properly. They can be installed anywhere in the bathroom and are versatile in the way that they can be installed vertically or horizontally. 

Our recommendations

Mobility Straight Grab Rail (Blue)

For those who find bathing and showering difficult and require assistance, this grab rail will create a sense of security and stability for the user. This grab rail also provides a pop of colour with its dark blue finish.

Chrome Straight Grab Bar with Grey Rubber Grip

These grab rails are designed with rubber grips are durable and strong. Simply hold onto the grab rails for support and balance when using the shower, bath, toilet, or even just moving around the room. These grab rails have been created with the aim of reducing the risk of falls in the bathroom. They have a chrome finish so they can fit in well with existing bathroom fittings.

Toilet Accessibility

A toilet is likely to be used regularly throughout the day. As a result, you want to make sure that that your toilet area is easily accessible. This means having enough space to be comfortable and having enough area for accessibility. But, how do you achieve this? The toilet area is another place where you can include grab bars, depending on your circumstances. Grab bars on either side of your toilet are great for a handicap bathroom or for overall comfort. Additionally, there are toilets that are more suited to for easy access bathrooms. Take a look at our easy access toilet collection for an overview. 

Our recommendations

Vitra S50 Comfort Height Back to Wall WC Pan.

This toilet has a stunning, modern design but offers so many more benefits than just aesthetics. It is perfect for those with mobility issues as its raised height provides a more comfortable seating position. This toilet is closed coupled which means that no pipework will be on display for a neat look.

Objekt Comfort Height WC Toilet Pan, Cistern, and Soft Close Seat

This toilet fits perfectly into contemporary bathroom suites. It is stylish and is designed for comfort and easy access. As the toilet pan is 460MM, this toilet puts less strain on the knees and back in comparison to a standard toilet. It is equipped with a dual flush cistern that helps to lower water consumption. 

Stainless Steel Luxury Folding Support Arm with Paper Holder

These folding support arms are a good alternative to grab bars. They are easy to install and feature an in-built toilet roll holder. They have been created using high-quality stainless steel and are supplied with a 5-year guarantee to give you confidence as you buy.


Lighting is key to ensuring that you have an accessible bathroom. Make sure that all parts of your bathroom are sufficiently lighted so that finding items and moving around is much easier. Try using all types of lighting to help you achieve this. We have produced a lighting guide which provides more detailed information about the installation of lights, how they can be layered for improved functionality, and more.  

Our recommendations

Hudson Reed Shower Light Fitting

These lights have been specially made for bathroom use, each shower light can be used within a shower cubicle or over a bath. This light will help to illuminate these areas making them safer to use when it is dark.

Forum Crux Bathroom Ceiling Fitting 

In order to create a functional bathroom, you will need a main light. We suggest this elegant Crux 3 light ceiling fitting that has been finished in satin chrome and features 3 angled tubular shaped arms with decorative glass tube shades.

We’ve listed just some of the ways you can improve the accessibility of your bathroom. We hope to have shown you that by making little changes, you can make your bathroom more comfortable to use in the long run. If you like this article, be sure to stay up to date with our blog for more information related to bathrooms! Despite trying to include as many easy access products in this blog as possible, we couldn’t fit all items in. Visit our website to view more easy access bathroom products.