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Transform your bathroom with shower-baths

If you’re undecided about whether to install a shower or a bath in your bathroom – or you have conflicting opinions about this within your household – then there’s a straightforward solution to keep everyone happy. Step forward the shower-bath.

Whether you enjoy a relaxing soak of an evening or are more of a morning (or evening) shower person, the shower-bath will keep you covered either way. Perfect for a quick freshen-up or for a more indulgent experience, shower-baths are practical, space-saving and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so can be used in spaces large and small.

If you’d like to learn more about what shower-baths are and why they might be a good choice for your bathroom, then read to the end of the blog for all the key details – and for some shower-bath inspiration …

Shower-baths can take the form of freestanding designs, like the Balmoral Freestanding Right-hand Shower-bath with Black Claw and Ball Feet above.

What are shower-baths?

Before we take a look at the various options available, it’s good to firstly define what exactly a shower-bath is. In short, this is a bath with a shower screen fitted at one side (fixed or hinged), with the bath often shaped wider at one end to accommodate someone standing there to shower. The shower kit itself is then fixed to the wall at that end of the bath, so you can stand inside the bathtub and enjoy your shower.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to have a soak in the tub, then you can also simply use the bath as normal. It’s worth noting that, due to the shower kit being at one end of the bath, this means that you can usually only sit at one end of it when bathing.

Shower-bath benefits

There are many advantages to installing a shower-bath, with space-saving being one of the main benefits for many people. However, there are multiple reasons why you might choose a shower-bath for your home:

  • It gives the best of both worlds – a shower plus a bath. Why not enjoy the choice of a long, relaxing soak in the tub and a luxurious shower? If you’re in a rush, then you still have the quicker option of jumping into the shower as well.
  • The bath can be freestanding or fitted, so you’re not limited in terms of design.
  • It suits most spaces, so offers more flexibility. Great for smaller spaces.
  • Shower-baths can be a more affordable option.
  • Standard shower-baths have a classic style with a minimalist look while freestanding shower-baths can be more stylish and aesthetically-pleasing, so you can choose your preferred look.

The Balmoral Freestanding Left-hand Shower-bath with Claw and Ball White Feet and a French-grey finish.

There are various options when it comes to choosing the shape of your shower-bath, including squared shower-baths, as well as P and L-shaped versions. The ‘handing’ of the bath also needs to be considered, which simply means thinking about which way you want it to be installed.

For example, do you want the shower at the left or right-hand side of the bath? If left, then you’ll need a left-hand shower-bath and if right, then a right-hand shower-bath is what you need.

Selecting the handing of your shower-bath will depend on the layout of your room and where you want – and are able – to position the bath within this. It can also come down to personal preference, if these factors are all fairly flexible.

The Balmoral Freestanding Left-hand Shower-bath with Claw and Ball White Feet and a French-grey finish is a stylish freestanding bath designed for left-hand fitting, so the shower is at the left side. With a dove-grey body and contrasting white roll-top edges, interior and claw and ball feet, this bath has a distinctive aesthetic and combines both classic and contemporary elements.

The shower screen, taps and waste are sold separately, so you can choose your preferred products to complete the look.

If you prefer a straight, squared shower-bath, however, then the Bathe Easy Style Easy Access Shower-bath with Screen and Panels is another option. With a more accessible entry point in a low-threshold door, this straight bath has a classic rectangular shape and comes supplied with its own hinged shower screen and bath panels. There’s also a cushioned headrest, foldable seat and pop-up waste.

The Bathe Easy Style Access Shower-bath with Screen and Panels.

Another shower-bath style is the P-shaped version, which has one squared end for bathing and then a rounded shape at the other end, where the shower space is. A curved shower screen is then fitted to this P-shaped section of the bath.

The Ari Shower-bath, Panel and Screen (left-hand) is a P-shaped bath with a hinged bath screen and is ideal for smaller spaces. The front bath panel is also provided, while the taps and waste should be purchased separately, so you can select your preferred style.

With a white gloss finish, this shower-bath has a classic look and will complement all sorts of décor, while the size and shape of the tub means it will fit into compact spaces, so it’s great for smaller rooms.

The Ari Shower-bath, panel and screen is ideal for smaller spaces.

L-shaped baths, meanwhile, have a rectangular shape with one widened end for the shower – a more square-shaped section compared to the curved P-shape bath. Again, you can choose a left or right-handed design, depending on which way you want to fit the bath.

For example, the Linea L-Shape Shower-bath, Front Panel and Screen is a modern straight bath with a white finish which comes supplied with a hinged shower screen and a bath panel. It’s great if you’re short on space in your bathroom and has both left and right-hand fitting options.

With the distinctive L-shape look, the bath still provides plenty of room for showering, with the extended end.

The Linea L-shape Shower-bath, Front Panel and Screen.

Are shower-baths pre-drilled with tapholes?

Many baths these days aren’t predrilled for tapholes so if this is something you require, then it’s always best to check the details of the shower-bath you have in mind. A tradesperson will be able to drill the required tapholes for you, however and not having them predrilled also gives you the option of customising your shower-bath with the type of taps you want.

For example, you could opt for two or three tapholes, depending on what type of tap you want to fit to the bath. A three-taphole aesthetic has separate holes drilled for each tap lever as well as the spout, while a double taphole requires only two. The taps can then be deck or wall-mounted, so it’s good to clarify which style you want when you’re choosing your bath.

The Eliseo Ricci Freefall Bath-shower Mixer Tap in Chrome.

The Vema Timea Three-hole Deck-mounted Bath-shower Mixer in Matt Black.

For example, the Eliseo Ricci Freefall Bath-shower Mixer Tap in Chrome is a two taphole option which can be deck-mounted onto the bath. With a classic polished chrome finish and easy to use lever-style handles, this bath-shower mixer has a waterfall spout which will give a luxurious cascade of water during operation. A sleek and stylish choice, this is ideal for completing your shower-bath look.

Another option is the Vema Timea Thee-hole Deck-mounted Bath-Shower Mixer in Matt Black, which has that modern matt black finish and requires three tapholes for fitting.

Stylish shower over bath décor ideas

When it comes to decorating your shower-bath area, you can create a bold statement look with your choice of tiles, making a feature area of the space. It’s a great opportunity to add visual interest to your bathroom by contrasting styles and tones, although you can of course also create a cohesive look by using the same tiles throughout the room.

The Cool Blue Brick Effect Wall Tile is a high-quality Spanish tile with a gloss finish which will add instant allure to your shower. Perfect for a standalone wall to create that focal point in your bathroom, this small square tile has an ocean-blue tone which mixes darker and lighter hues, creating an undulating effect across the tiles.

The Cool-blue Brick-effect Wall Tile.

If you prefer something more neutral and with a modern matt finish, however, then the Mercury Matt Rectified Porcelain Tile is a large-format rectangular tile which will bring classic style to your shower-bath area. The natural colour palette, which mixes in light grey to create a concrete effect, will complement a wide range of décor, so it’s easily matched with other products and bathroom furniture.

A hard-wearing porcelain tile suitable for using on both the walls and floor, the Mercury Matt Tile also has rectified edges, so it requires minimal grouting and will therefore look more seamless when laid. The overall effect is one which will subsequently add elegance and a touch of luxury to your interior.

The Mercury Matt Rectified Porcelain Tile.

For a brighter aesthetic, meanwhile, the Aqua Flat Verde Bottle-green Metro Tile will bring a pop of colour to your shower-bath – again, great for creating a feature area or for tiling the full space. The popular metro tile style can be laid in a variety of ways – brick-style, horizontal, vertical or in a chevron pattern – so it offers flexibility in this way. The gloss finish of the Aqua Flat Verde Tile is also very easy to clean and maintain, while the bold green colour is very on-trend and can be set off by white grouting to add extra drama.

The Aqua Flat Verde Bottle-green Metro Tile has a bold look.

The best shower baths for small spaces

If you have a more compact bathroom, then a straight shower-bath design might be best, although it all depends on the measurements of your specific space. With a more minimalist shape, however, the straight, rectangular bath will fit easily along a wall, without the protrusion of the L or P-shaped shower-baths.

In theory, any bath could be used as a shower-bath, but it’s always best to choose one which is specifically designed for this purpose. You also need to bear in mind that a shower screen will have to be fitted to the bath as well and some standard designs won’t have a wide enough ledge to accommodate this.

If you need added accessibility, then choosing a shower-bath which also incorporates a low-threshold door is a good idea, as this will allow easy entry and exit to the bath. For example, the Bathe Easy Bath range has this feature and a variety of different bath styles to choose from.

Shower screens for baths

While some shower-baths come supplied with bath screens, not all do – and you may also want to choose something different if you prefer another style. At Bathshack, we supply a range of screens for showers, wet rooms and baths.

For example, the Merlyn Three-panel Folding Hinged Bath Screen in Chrome is reversible, so can be fitted to a left or right-hand shower-bath. The 8mm reinforced glass also provides a more rigid and robust screen, which will stand the test of time. Meanwhile, the folding hinged design means that it will fold neatly away if you want to have a bath and you can then extend the screen when the shower is in use.

The Merlyn Three-panel Folding Hinges Bath Screen in Chrome.

Shower kits for baths

If you’re installing a shower-bath then it stands to reason that you’ll also require a shower kit to provide the showering experience. With a wide range of designs available, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to choosing this, including rainfall showerheads, thermostatic showers and power showers.

A popular choice is the rainhead shower – like the Mira Azora Dual Electric Shower. This electric shower will guarantee an immersive experience with the rainfall-effect water flow, while the water will also be heated on demand, thanks to the electric operation.

Easy to use and supplied with a handset as well as the main showerhead, the Mira Azora Dual Electric Shower has a stylish design with a frosted-glass finish and polished chrome fittings. Perfect for the contemporary bathroom, it combines practicality with an attractive aesthetic and will be a great addition to your shower space.

The Mia Azora Dual Electric Shower.

Find your perfect shower-bath at Bathshack

Whether you’re looking for a shower-bath to fit that small space or want one with a distinctive P-shape design, we supply a range of high-quality options at Bathshack. With designer freestanding baths which combine classic claw and ball feet and a luxury look, to the more standard straight shower-bath, we have something to suit all tastes and budgets.

We also supply a full range of shower kits, bath and shower screens and much more so, if you’re fitting out your bathroom then we have you covered. Just chat to our friendly team if you need any help and check out our products online or in-store for more inspiration.

To view our full range of shower-baths, visit Alternatively, if you have any questions, just email our team at, call us on (028) 9077 0188 or use our online chat.