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Top 10 things people do on the toilet

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What do you do on the loo …?  

Aside from the obvious ablutions, it seems that people have a fair few other habits when they visit the throne room. From checking social media and writing work emails, to texting, talking and reading, our toilets get more action than you might think.  


  1. Use smartphones: It seems that we just can’t be separated from our phones, with a whopping 75% of people using them while they’re on the toilet. We text (59%), take calls (60%) and scroll social media – some of us even draft work emails (45%). 


  1. Use dating apps: Apparently one-in-four (23%) men use their toilet time to look for love, with dating apps a popular choice when it comes to keeping them occupied on the loo. On the flipside, only 11% of women do the same …   


  1. Read books and newspapers: Research shows that lots of people still read more traditional material on the toilet, with 63% opting for books, magazines and newspapers. 


  1. Stick your head down it: Kids get more creative when it comes to the toilet, with young children often putting their head into the toilet or potty. Apparently in the past three years the London Fire Brigade has had to remove 18 kids’ heads from loos and pottys … 


  1. Use social media: Statistics show that Facebook is the most popular platform for toilet-time scrolling, with 35% of people in the UK using it. Next up, is TikTok, which more women use than men (29% vs 15%), with Instagram coming in third at 14%. 


  1. Sitting: This might sound obvious, but 25% of men sit on the throne simply to free up their hands for using their phone!  


  1. Thinking: Just like being in the shower, taking time on the toilet can be a form of escapism and a chance for us to collect our thoughts and even get creative, without any distractions. 


  1. Toilet yoga: With a book on this topic having inspired some people to add the toilet yoga movement to their routine, you don’t have to attend a class to get those relaxing vibes … 


  1. Shopping: Lots of us fit in some retail therapy while we’re on the loo, picking up purchases from our favourite online brands. 


  1. Watch viral videos: Going to the toilet is often a chance for people to catch up on watching those viral videos they might have missed – or even a favourite TV show. Indeed, research shows that one-in-four people like to watch TV on the toilet. 


Another interesting toilet fact … 70% of people in the UK do not wash their hands properly after using the toilet (15% of men vs 7% of women) and of those who do, women are better at using soap (78% vs just 50% of men)!